New Leap (PicFiction): A big twist to mark Udaan Anjor Ki

Chakor and Anjor meet in Udaan

Gumaan wants to take revenge from Chakor. He holds Chakor responsible for his loss. He aims to ruin Chakor’s life. He plans a big twist in Suraj and Chakor’s life. Gumaan aims to separate Sukor. Gumaan and his mum come to the haveli during the celebrations of Saanvi’s birthday. Suraj and Chakor plan the celebrations for Saanvi and invite many people. Imli returns home with them. They forgive Imli on Vivaan’s request. Imli gets angry that she lost Vivaan because of Chakor once again. Suraj welcomes Gumaan and his mum happily, as they are his relatives. Suraj has no idea that Gumaan is an evil man. Gumaan happens to see Imli and falls for her beauty. Gumaan tries to talk to Imli and bond with her. Imli has turned into a widow again. Gumaan and Imli join hands.

Imli turns evil again and becomes Imli Devi to rule over Aazaadgunj again. Imli and Gumaan bring the new twist in the tale. They make a deadly combo and target Aazaazgunj to ruin everyone’s hopes and freedom dreams yet another time.

Udaan will get a big twist. There will be a leap in the show with SuKor’s timely separation. Gumaan will be ruining Chakor’s life, similarly the way Imli and Ranvijay had done in the past. Aazaadgunj will have the tradition of bonded labor. Chakor gets sorrowful seeing the Bandhuagiri back in the village, because of Gumaan and Imli’s evil rule. Chakor meets a little girl Anjor, who resembles her. The girl doesn’t get scared of Gumaan and Imli’s evil moves. She tells Chakor that she is the light ray who can shine and end the darkness. Chakor gets a new hope by Anjor. She wants to end the darkness of Aazaadgunj by Anjor’s innocence. Chakor and Anjor’s new journey to get freedom for Aazaadgunj will begin.

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