Halla Bol 2nd May 2014 Episode 10 Promo – Fight Against Unholy Godmen in all faiths


Halla Bol Bindass

Karan Tacker (the host): says that the story is about a 21 year-old girl Meghana from Delhi. In the promo, her parents are telling her to visit Babaji Ashram (Godmen’s hermitage) for 15 days and she is reluctant to go and also not happy in visiting him at the Ashram.


Karan says that believing somebody is fine but believing with superstition is not good. When she goes to Godmen’s Ashram, he forcibly touches and physically abuses her and says that her parents think him as God. Karan says that in the name of devotion if somebody takes undue advantage and abuse then it’s not right and unjustified. Meghana is then seen speaking to teach the Godmen a lesson for all the ills and abuse that he inflicted on her. Meghana fights back against the perpretrator and said Halla Bol. Stay tuned to Halla Bol this Friday on Bindass at 7 PM IST !

Halla Bol Episode 9

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  1. Although i agree Halla Bol keeps enlightening people about current topics but this is insane. I am very much un-happy with today’s episode’s concept :
    1 It raises a un-holy finger on every holy hindu saints.
    2 Also, it portrays only Hindu community as cheap and vile.
    3. There have been varied reports surfacing from different parts of India like how maulvi ji and fathers indulge in rape and sexual molestation of nun/children under their care but Halla Bol only targets hindus.
    4. Even, mainstream media remains tight-lipped on incidents of other faiths.
    5. No offence has been proved against even a single hindu godman till date. [yes, guys i remeber both Nithyanand Swamy and Asaram Bapu]
    6. In case of Nithyanand swamy, CEO of Sun TV confessed in court that video was morphed and publicity stunt for their channel. Sun TV regularly aired an apology to Nithyanand for 2 months every 2 hours.
    7. In case of Asaram B. , case is sub-judice. On 22 March, Medical Officer Dr. Shalija Verma attested before jury of Jodhpur Court that according to medical reports and tests on accuser girl, ZERO% evidence has been found in support of her FIR.

    I understand, that such incidents MAY happen but why target hindu saints alone ? Do, they have a definite proof upon which they marked their story-line ? No. I am stopping watching these episodes from now on.

  2. Hi,
    – Indeed there are some bad godmen in all faiths
    – sure, religious connotation does some typecasting
    – Today’s episode of Halla Bol brought some religious underpinnings, but it could well reflect the societal issues spread over all faiths
    – Channel starts with a disclaimer but they need to do more to not hurt any one faith.
    – Though the show wants to give some social message and encourage women empowerment but finding the right balance between the social message and a-religious tone is the key, its the same like to spread social message while remaining apolitical.


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