Shiv exposes Het Singh infront of the villagers in Colors’ Balika Vadhu


Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu have been showing elections in the show. Jagya stood in the elections as requested by the villagers. Dadisaa asks Anandi to come to Jaitsar and support Jagya in the campaign. Anandi talks to Shiv about it who asks her to go and support Jagya. Anandi reaches Jaitsar and campaigns for Jagya. She gets welcome by the villagers, but Het Singh’s son plays a dirty game inorder to secure the villagers votes for his father. He makes the poster of Anandi and Jagya hugging each other while enjoying in the ship. All the villagers believe Het Singh and think Anandi and Jagya must be having an affair.


Het Singh tries to take full advantage by washing his hands in someone else false dirty linen. He convinces the villagers that Anandi and Jagya are bad character people and a threat to the society. He goes on to speak that if Jagya wins the election then the villagers’ daughters are not safe. Shiv comes to clear his wife and Jagya’s name. He brings the criminal who have helped Het Singh’s son in making the fake posters. Het Singh is shocked to get exposed by Shiv.

Shiv tells the villagers that Het Singh played the game to frame Anandi and Jagya. He tells them that Anandi is a dutiful and obedient wife and she came to Jaitsar to support Jagya in the noble cause. All the villagers are stunned and shocked after the revelation of truth. They decide to vote for the right candidate and that is surely Jagya. Het Singh tries to speak against Anandi and gets a tight slap from Dadisaa. Will Het Singh accept his defeat and take his nomination back. Keep reading.


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