Comedy Nights With Kapil 11th May 2014 on Colors – Written Update with Vinod Khanna and Sunil Shetty


Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the Show: Veteran Bollywood Actor Vinod Khanna; and Actor, Star Sunil Shetty (also a producer).


Kapil starts the show with a comedy prank centered on an Airline. Kapil speaks with Siddhu on opening an airlines and shows his airline attire and himself chosen to work as a pilot. Daadi says that whether the flight is national or international as she knows that good alcohol is available only in international flights. Kapil instructs them to go and work as Air-Hostess and helper respectively and behave in such a way that their fake airline looks real. After that, a man (Rajiv Thakur) comes on a musical song and wants a ticket for traveling to Delhi. Kapil cracks a joke on his face and says that he might have seen him begging on the road. He calls himself poet Uttam Kumar Delhi wala. Uttam kumar says that he repeats multiple times his Shayari (poetry) so as to get applause from audience.

After a while, a client (girl, played by actor Roshni Chopra) comes and asks about their airline – Booden Airlines and says that she wants to travel to Bangalore as it is her first show there. Kapil says it is his first flight and before he used to drive auto and with lots of struggle he became a pilot and if God will he will run for the country as well. The girl says that for sure he will succeed. The girl calls herself as Roshni Chopra and works as a model. Uttam kumar, the male passenger says that the airline is going to Delhi but the pilot Kapil says that they will drop the girl to Bangalore and it doesn’t matter the direction. Later, Bua comes as a passenger and Kapil welcomes her. Bua speaks flattery words about Kapil’s airlines and says that she is a regular passenger travelling multiple times per week. Bua is acting as a fake passenger to create an environment that the airlines has lots of genuine customers. Daadi as Dolly Air hostess speaks on the flight take-off. Roshni says that why is she working at such an old age and suggests her to play with her grand-daughters/sons. Upon hearing this, Daadi becomes furious on Roshni and even Bua who is a fake passenger also speaks to support Daadi and hugs Daadi. Daadi wants everybody to sit and relax and then gives the information about the plane and says that there is only one door. Bua says that once she kept the window open an eagle has entered the plane, and Kapil says that eagle is their friend now. Kapil the pilot funnily starts the ignition of plane and also makes the sound of take-off. Raju makes an entry as a vada pav seller and Uttam kumar says that how can a vada pav seller can come directly in a plane gearing for takeoff. The passengers starts doubting on plane’s movement in the sky but Kapil, Bua and Daadi convinces them the plane is flying normally. Kapil says that the engine is lost in Nasik and because of reputation the plane is still flying.. invoking a laughter,

Very soon, Roshni understands something is amiss and then tells that airline is still on the ground. The captain Kapil then says that he is very grounded (in nature) and Bua says that there is no problem. Kapil says that they are very down to earth even if there have 1000 airline. Sooner, Daadi Dolly as Airhostess tells that landing is complete and the passengers can leave. Bua speaks after the passengers has left that they have made good money and wants Kapil to give them their share. Roshni comes back and informs about meeting the same Auto driver that left her at Mumbai airport while the male passenger Uttam also comes there and informs that when he asked about Red Fort, he got a response that they can drop him to mental asylum. Roshni says that there are still in Mumbai. Both passengers argue with the captain Kapil. Kapil then informs her that once they perform cheating they run, and then runs away one by one.

Kapil comes back on stage and introduces two dynamic personalities who are coming on his show and welcomes very handsome stars – Vinod Khanna and Sunil Shetty who comes with short bouncers. Kapil cracks a line on the bouncers and in return gets a respect from them. Siddhu cracks a line on both guests and tells them they are the ones who makes history. Kapil speaks on the movies based on Coal mafia – Gunday, Gangs of Waseepur and says that recent movie which is in news is Koyelaanchal which has Sunil shetty and Vinod Khanna as star cast. Sunil shetty says that even before drug cartels, coal mafia was around since past 200 years and it is widespread because of not much accountability. Sunil shetty is fondly referred to as Anna (big brother in english) and thus Kapil calls him Anna. He says that Anna is playing the role of an IAS officer in the movie Koyelaanchal and then asks him about his potrayal of police officers in most of his movies. He asks him was it that he passed fitness exams during his police job training and failed his written exam so he got the passion to play the role of police officer in his movies. Kapil speaks on CCL (cricket league) where Anna is an active participant.

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Kapil asks about the entry of Anna (Sunil shetty) directly from the gym in movies and tells that others come film institutes, acting schools. Sunil shares his experience of his younger days when he used to stay in Nepean Sea Road while also seeing Vinod Khanna regularly who used to stay in Hanging gardens. The gym was also there in Hanging gardens and he used to frequently visit gym so as to make a body like Vinod sir. He got the passion to work out and make body from Vinod sir and Jackie Da. Kapil speaks about Vinod’s sir style of walking which has a special aura and was commonly seen in his movies. Anna speaks about Siddhu sitting in front of a dozen girls. Anna funnily refers Siddhu from a sixer hitting man to a sexy man. Kapil says that Anna was the last hero having hairs on his chest and Siddu says that Anil Kapoor was the first. Kapil speaks on a scene of Anna where he has pick up the car wheels by his bare hands and speaks very softly with the girl in that scene. Kapil asks Anna about his college days and how he used to interact with girls. Anna says that he was a shy person and hence choose to develop a body so that others will look at him.

Kapil speaks about Vinod Sir’s role of a dacoit which was actually looked lovable and funny. At this point, Laccha comes by wearing a dacoit dress and on a dummy horse and also making horse sounds as his horse is dumb. Kapil cracks a joke on Laccha and says that because of Laccha continuous use by sitting on the the horse has made it into a fox. Laccha says that his father is Sandy Badmaash and he has touched the feet of only his mother and father. Laccha says that Bittu is also a low-budget dacoit and wants to break Bittu’s monopoly with the help of Vinod ji. Laccha says that people are not afraid of him though he wore the same black clothes like the one Vinod ji used to dress in his movies, Bittu wants him to leave and Laccha then speaks with Vinod ji about improvements with her horse Manish. Laccha says that he is a normal Indian fan of Vinod ji and speaks the movies as Mera Gaon, Mera Desh and Bittu says that both those titles are only one movie – Mera Gaon Mera Desh. Laccha decides to become a dacoit and not police because of high salary and also glamour. Laccha then dances on the song Mahbooba o Mahbooba to entertain the guests. Laccha asks Vinod ji who organizes ladies at dacoit’s party. Bittu taunts Laccha and says that during his party female Bears will come to entertain him as he also belongs to the same bear family invoking a laughter. Laccha says that he thinks a sample murder will take place and maybe he will become dacoit later. Bittu cracks more jokes on Laccha’s neck size and then enacts a scene with Laccha as dacoit, Anna as police officer and Bittu as constable (assistant of police officer). Bittu wants Laccha to leave as he will be facing an encounter if he doesn’t.. Laccha says that he will come again with more preparation and will fight Bittu.

Kapil speaks with Anna on his fighting scene where he fights while chewing gum. Anna says that it helps to fight better as he gets the rhythm. Kapil then speaks with Vinod sir on his film Amar Akbar Anthony where there was a fight scene involving Sr. Bachchan inside a center full of Hens. In that scene later, Vinod sir comes out holding Sr. Bachchan on his shoulders. Vinod ji replies that the total fight scene was not shown in the movie due to the censorship in fights at that time.

Audience speaks:
says that he has seen all the movies of Vinod Khanna. He talks on a famous pose of Vinod ji from the movie Amar Akbar Anthony involving Sr. Bachchan and wants to try in enacting the same scene on stage in front of Vinod sir.

The man enacts the scene of Vinod sir and also removes his shirt to depict the scene exactly. He is a doctor by profession and a nephrologist (kidney specialist).. Kapil wants him to continue his lively nature which is a gift.

Audience: Asks a question to Sunil Shetty and asks him, how does he propose to his wife Manna ?
Anna: says that he used to drive Bullet motorcycle but then drove an automated bike to impress Manna but that first romantic experience was not great as he was not able to change gears causing the bike to jerk often leading to Manna think that he was acting cheesy. But, he was very sober and nice with her and still continue to remain the same.

Audience: Woman says that Vinod ji is very handsome and she is a fan of him. She says that she used to get lost in him when she used to hear his songs.. She then comes on the stage and dances with him,, (Chahiye Thoda pyaar.. Pyaar.. Pyaar song)..Everyone applauds them on their dance. Bua then comes on the stage and calls Bittu and wants to share a good news with him. He says that Lord Mountbatten was not leaving and only after Bua’s continuous stare towards him, he left with his family. Bua then welcomes both Vinod ji and Anna and says that one side is Khanna and on another side is Anna so who will fulfill her Tamanna (wish) invoking a laughter. Bittu wants Bua to have decency with guests and asks her to bring tea for Anna. She says that she wants to go on a candle-light date with Anna and says that from the time she came on stage she is only looking at his physique. Bua makes an announcement that she is going to work in khan and Bittu asks her which Khan has offered her the film. She says that she is not going to work in Khan movie but in a khaan (Coal) industry and her job is to supervise laborers there. She desires to keep an eye and supervise Anna as well if given a chance. Bua calls the earth as his mother and Bittu says that even Anna told the same dialogue in the movie Border (Dharti meri Maa hain).. Bua refers Sunil shetty as Anna ji and then laments on calling him as Anna ji and then changes the topic. She then talks on watching the movie Dayavaan and wants him to dance with her. Instead of Vinod sir, Anna agrees and dances with her on the song aaj phir tumse pyaar aaya hain.. Bua becomes excited and wants Anna to come to her room without knocking the door which is her trademark dialogue. Kapil thanks them for coming on the show and thus the show had fun moments as well as anecdotal with personal experiences of Vinod Khanna and Sunil Shetty.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Sunil shetty and all

Note: Both Sunil Shetty and Vinod Khanna have recently collaborated and worked together in a movie – Koyelaanchal which was released last Friday 9th May.

Next Week (17th or 18th May) Guest: Veteran Actor and Popular face on Television: Alok Nath.

Alok Nath ji who is popularly referred to as Babuji as he portrayed many times the role of a heroine’s (girl protagonist) father/uncle in movies or on Television. Recently, he became a trend on Twitter when one of his old movie – Hum Aapke Hain kaun was telecast on TV.

Alok Nath comes on the show with very sincere devotion of God as he walks down the stairs to meet Kapil on stage. Kapil greets him by lying down on the floor and trying to touch his feet. A girl from audience asks him, Does he remember when he became Babuji for the first time.

Alok Nath Ji: responds that his story took a 30-year old leap just after he was born making Daadi and Bittu amused as well as making them to burst into laughter.

Alok Nath Ji speaks with Daadi that because of becoming Babuji he has not seen Childhood, Teenage days, and even Ragini MMS invoking a laughter..Daadi requests Alok Nath Ji to sing a song for her.. Alok ji responds by chanting a devotion hymn (prayer song) – prabhu anand data bhagya ujjal kijeye chod de chal kapat maansik bal dejiye.. After this, Daadi showers a Kiss (Shagun ki Pappi) to Alok ji with which he begins to shake.

Images credit: Twitter pages of Colors TV and Kapil Sharma F.C.

Full Episode 11th May: Vinod Khanna and Sunil Shetty on CNWK
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