Raghav gives his final verdict to Pakhi; Raghav’s love only and only for Kalpi in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan







Raghav is back home, fine and still thinking about his love Kalpi. While Kalpi tries to know his welfare and wants to talks to him, Pakhi becomes the barrier and disconnects Kalpi’s calls. She keeps the phone away from Raghav and even switches it off. Later on, Kalpi calls on landline, and even then Pakhi cuts the call. Raghav hears it was Kalpi’s call and confronts her for this selfish move. Pakhi clarifies that she did not wish to disturb him that’s why did not tell him about Kalpi’s calls. Raghav sees Kalpi’s numerous missed calls and gets angry on Pakhi. He tells her how much Kalpi matters in his life. For Raghav, his love can be only for Kalpi and no one else. He scolds her asking how dare she do this, by which right. Pakhi says she is his wife, to which Raghav says his wife is only Kalpi, to whom he got married by his wish. While Raghav has only Kalpi in his heart, he tells Pakhi that he has filled Sindoor in Kalpi’s Maang infront of Bappa in the temple by all his heart and his soul craves only for Kalpi. He loves Kalpi a lot and only she will have the rights of a wife on him.

Pakhi is shattered hearing this and hides her anger in herself. She acts friendly to him and reminds him that they will be good friends. She behaves calm infront of him and later on, shows her real selfish ugly side, where she wants to take revenge from Kalpi for snatching Raghav. She fumes on Kamla Maa too as she has hidden this truth from her and thinks Kamla Maa is supporting Kalpi. She goes to confront Kamla and gives her this sindoor back asking her to keep it. Kamla shows her worry, but Pakhi is not in a mood to believe Kamla’s intentions are in her favor. Pakhi turns her down and throws the sindoor on the ground. Kamla is stunned seeing Pakhi do this. Kamla should understand the difference between Kalpi and Pakhi now. Pakhi plans to ruin Kalpi’s life. But we know, Raghav won’t let that happen. So the vamp is scorching high, its time to put her in freezer. So, RagNa is on. Keep reading.


  1. Lets see if the Cvs manage to ruin yet another chance to redeem themselves or grab this opportunity to get EMA back on a good n logical track….either way no Ragna no EMA for us fans….better keep it in mind you idiotic lot !!Thanks TR for this article….

  2. Well done Raghav. Stick to your promise and start doing it in action. Don’t let Pakhi take advantage of your kindness. She doesn’t deserve it. Bring Gauri into the scene.Will Kamala at least now get some sense . Remember blood is thicker than water. Hope she gets it in her brain and be more reasonable to both. Kalpana and Raghav the Great Romantic Couple of the Century. Because of Ragna this show has gone to the Aasman with flying colors. Don’t let it drop to the ground by seperating the Romantic couple. What a chemistry, their love speaks a lot in their eyes. Both their looks have attracted lot of fans whose blessings won’t go waste. I live in us . As soon as I wake up I watch Ema in my iPad. First I go through the written episode and if I find no scenes with Ragna , I don’t watch it. If the show has Ragna scenes I watch repeatedly..Both Raghav and Kalpi has cast a spell on me. I have taken Ragna so seriously that I am hurt if they are Hurt.some times I get so nervous to go through the next days episode .I watch all Ragnas old episodes at night and I am thrilled. They have so much impact on me . Love them so much.

  3. Love conquers all. Well done Kalpana. You came out of the shell. Keep it up. BRAVO. That is why Ragna is so popular. I only watched the last 10 min of Ragna. It was worth a milliondolor. Don’t back out from pakhi. Kalpi should become a big challenge for paki. Too good Kalpana.Raghav is yours and always will be. I watched the last 10 min of Ragna for 10 times. So beautiful both their expressions were.so adoring. Good luck guys.

  4. Mind blowing article…..thank you telly reviews…..looks like pur proptests are being heard …..i really hope the cvs give us our ragna back with dignity ..i know today trp will increase…and the trps will be solely because of RagNa scenes in hospital…i just want that Pakhi and Kamla die somewhere…can’t tolerate these two at all

  5. thank u tellyreviews for this positive article and writing in favor of us fans raghav really needs to wake up from his hibernation now and fight for his love not kalpi but raghav has to fight this time and prove

  6. Thank you guyz at least u r standing by viewers side…. Thank you so much for positive article
    we want our #RagNa back for which we r craving since 2months….
    Throw this girl out of RagNa’s life forevr

  7. Thanks for the article .. it is really very nice.. keep up the good work and support the fans because we make the serial famous … lol

    we really want to c a nice track n gud story instead of same old masala… may b v r expecting more from the cvs 🙂

  8. plzz raghav save kalpi maine aaj ka episode dekha and all this drama has been planned by gauri and pakhi they both r together to ruin raghav and kalpi life plzz raghav save your relationship and kalpi too she needs your support

  9. Nice to know that you guys at Telly reviews give credence to viewers opinion . Very commendable . Ema has gone from bad to worse . What a criminal waste of a shish n rachanas superb acting skills ! Ashish n rachana are the heart beats of ema n without them ema is dead ! No sane person can watch it now .

  10. Hello Friends, our Raghna lovers ; & dear all ; Hold on nn.!!
    Patience !! Patience !! Pl. Calm down & b cool n b positive for our & Bappa’s RaghNa to happen in this Kalyug’s PD creations’ 2014 Ramayan EMA !! ; & how the creativity twist for this modern Ramayan in its own style may run like these ; :-
    Dear All ;
    Pl. don’t worry now at all !! Because its good for RaghNa !! Twist to negative Gauri = 100% RaghNa !!
    I think now its the cheer up time for all of us,& for all RaghNa lovers. Because, now Bappa vl definitely make RaghNa & to get their Aasman and unite them in spite of several obstacles like Kaikeyi = Gauri,; Shurpanakhi = Kkheeii ; Manthara = Manda ; Ram & Seetha = Raghav & Kalpi ; Kamla = ? ? = Subhadra ?? ( any 1 can pl.correct , if wrong !!) ; EMA = 2014 Kalyug ka PD’s & DJ’s Creations Modern EMARAMAYAN ;
    Friends, Its true that History Repeats itself !! & v all r seeing it now in EMA ;
    The more the villians the faster the RaghNa to happen by Bappa ;
    Note : B4 Valmiki Maharshi wrote Ramayan in Threthayug , 1st in Sathya yug, Ganapathi Bappa originally wrote Ramayan ; same way now Bappa only vl lead this EMARAMAYAN n make RaghNa to unite ;
    ( though ek nautanki by kamla katham ho raha tha tho doosra nautanki Gauri chalu ho gayi Bappa !! Bappa , Deva , kaisay kaisay maa log rehthe hai a duniya may !! ) LEKIN & FIR BHI :
    Now Kamlamma’s roll vl b positive to RaghNa , as she already sce ted something fishy between Pakhi makki n Gauri n once she thinks she then carefully watches n does all good acts to save any mishaps that may happen now in RaghNa , same way how she saved n protected Gauri ; Above all , How in childhood of Raghav vth the blessings of Bappa, Raghav was saved ( & also by Kamla ) same way now vth the Bappa’s blessings, Kamla vl now protects n saves Bappa’s RaghNa n vl help then to overcome all troubles to b created by Gauri n Pakhi against RaghNa n Kamlamma vl make RaghNa to meet often n vl lead them ahead to unite Raghav & Kalpi n thus Kamlamma vl make both of them to have their own Aasman in EMA for ever ; Now by the side of Bappa lead roll vl b played by KamlaAyi n Kalpi to save Raghav from the deceitful & cheating clutches of Khiee makki n nautanki Gauri mom !!
    No wonder that the EMA History REPEATS itself !!
    Oh !! what a Mother of EMA Role of yours Kamlamma/ Aayiei, ; u r truely n simply Great !! , if you join hands vth Bappa n Vithobha to make RaghNa & if u lead along vth Bappa to unite Raghav & Kalpi together!! ; same way how u helped when they were in childhood !!
    No wonder, Time again Raghav will loose faith in his MOM when he vl realise that his own Mom has cheated him n joined hands vth Pakhi makkhi to break his marriage vth Kalpi n has played tricks to spoil his RaghNa ,( same way how n what he believed her when he was child though it was not true , but now he may believe it to b true as he lost his trust on her now !! ) & the day vl b soon when he hates his Mom !! Also , If Bappa so wishes, this gauri character may even die also in EMA n Raghav vl hv no worry for it at all !!
    In EMA Ramayan now , :-
    Bappa is vth this Ram & Seetha = R& K ; so RaghNa is bound to happen by Bappa in its own fashion n style. !! RaghNa vl cross all the barriers troubled bridges created by Khii, Gauri etc. Vth very ease by the grace n blessings of Bappa & Vithobha & vl hold its EMA & Raghav & Kalpi unite foe ever. Next episodes of EMARamayan Lead Runner = Bappa + Kamla + Kalpi for = Raghav + RaghNa & Raghna’s ema ;
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  11. muje kuch nehi khena hai EMA ke bareme
    coz bolne ki kuch bacha nehi hai..hamari comments ki koi value nehi hai….bus ragna Ko akh hote huve dekna chathi hon…agar ragna nehi Toh EMA Ko kon


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