Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 5th July 2014 16th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 15th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku informs Kimaya of his passion to become an environmentalist, and she suggests that he can come to America for studies. She also informs him that she cannot talk with him for the next 2 days. Cheeku feels happy on the thought to be Kimaya in America. Kattu plans to propose next day and Sid also wants to propose to Devika, Cheek wonders how will he propose to Kimaya.


Cheeku speaks with kimaya that now he cannot live far away from her and soon she comes to his home. She gives him a red rose which he accepts and goes into other world and is seen wearing a suit. She asks him whether she has pluck the flower from outside, she speaks no and then informs him that the flower is not real. He speaks that the environment comes second to him. Cheeku informs her that she comes first to him and then both dances together elegantly  and looks at each other as well. [Nadaan Hain Paana.. Na Khona Bhi Hain.. Tumse Hi.. song plays]. As always, this was a dream and Cheeku wakes up and decides to speak today and thinks that many years later he will inform  his grandsons and grand daughters. He begins to chat with Kimaya as it was getting late. She speaks of informing him something about the weekend and Cheeku doesn’t want to listen to her and behaves like a child. He starts to speak and wants to say something which he has decided and its for both of them. He couldn’t tell about his love for her and at the same time he receives the call from his brother Sid.

Cheeku runs away by citing excuse that he has to go to meet his brothers. Kimaya becomes dejected with him once again. At school, Cheeku meets Kattu who asks him how does he got the scooter. She asks him whether he told his love to Kimaya. He speaks that he has now planned and will inform her soon. Kattu speaks of informing Dodo by evening. Kattu suggests him to just chill and not worry. Cheeku runs to meet Sid, and Sid speaks that this day is very important for him, and both go to do some preparations as Sid will propose to Devika. Dodo comes with Band people from marriage Baraat. Dodo brought them by proposing that if Devika and Sid marriage is realized then the same band will be used and be paid.  Sid informs about his plan where 8;15 PM she will enter the cafeteria, and at the same time the band plays, and soon she finds lot of girls, and after the girls move she will find Sid. He goes to her and while sitting on one knee proposes to her. Devika accepts his proposal and gives him a yes. Dodo after hearing Sid’s plan wants Sid to stay and live in Hollywood.

Sid is with Dodo and Cheeku and he is getting measured for suit. Dodo speaks of blackmailing Alok the one who is taking measurements of Sid and they will get the suit by 7:30 PM. Dodo speaks that he will be the bad brother of the king with Sid being the king. Dodo wants the suit to be perfect and informs the same to Alok. Cheeku speaks that Sid’s plan is solid but asks him whether the plan Devika will like it. Cheeku speaks that now he is a different guy and gives his fully support. Cheeku speaks of not plucking the flowers since the flowers are for Honey bees and they need them for pollination and after then we gets honey.

Dodo receives a call from Kattu and she wants him to come at the cafeteria as she will propose. He doesn’t want to come but she insists him to come so as to listen to her heart. Kattu goes to the cafeteria in a black detective/Agent and carries a telescope. She calls Agent Dodo and both exchange greetings. She asks whether their qualities are match and he replies yes. She speaks that all signs means that they should be boyfriend and girlfriend. Agent Dodo agrees to be the boyfriend of Agent Kattu. He speaks I love you and leaves from there. This was the dream of Kattu.

Dodo plans to not go to the cafeteria and he wants Cheeku to stay with Sid in the evening. Sid also blackmails Cheeku and after then he agrees to help Sid and will chat with Kimaya from cafeteria. Sid speaks of being nervous and is preparing his proposal for Devika. Cheeku chats with Kimaya, and she informs of speaking very important thing and asks him to understand. Cheeku again wants to speak first, and he calls her special since she is his first friend and he got lot of strength from her. At the same moment Hansraj comes there since there is a big problem as Sid is very worried. Cheeku wanted to say three golden words but again runs to help Sid.

Next Episode: Sid speaks to Devika that he likes her, and Dodo also meets Kattu gracefully. Cheeku wants to say three words to Kimaya


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