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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 54

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and the story is set in Chandigarh 2012. He speaks about the college life and teenagers and the time when the people is carefree and have the passion and the same goes with Prince. He was passionate and he wanted to touch the sky and become a singing sensation but things changed for him after the entry of Srineeta in his life.

The story starts with girls watching Prince (Princejeet) latest video on their smart phones and later when he meets a girl a lot of his female fans chants at his name and girls are eager to put some friendship bands on him. Srineeta Nayar at her college speaks to her friend why she is so much in awe of prince. She replies to her that Prince is a prince charming guy and takes her to the canteen but cannot find him. She calls the agenda of her life to find Prince. She finds Prince’s ex-girlfriend and makes a taunt at her. Srineeta doesn’t agree to her friend and speaks that celeb life nobody knows well and even they don’t know as well. Sooner, prince comes there and Srineeta’s friend Radhika wants him to show the dance step which he did with Ayesha. He tries to do and at the same time one of his fan bites him on his neck which was not intended and he then runs away from there. In a hurry he sits an auto and tells the auto driver to speed the auto. Soon, he learns that a girl (Srineeta) is sitting beside him. He starts to argue with her and asks her whether she knows about his star power on the Internet. They both argue and then he receives a call from his media manager who informs him that his video of pushing the girl has been circulated and published online and people are making fun of his star status.

Prince is being advised to not go home since media people might be there and he then suggests the auto driver to listen to Srineeta and go to her home first. She speaks that celebs are so worried about their status and he learns that she has listened to his talk with his media manager. She even doesn’t let him pay the auto charge, and after he drops at her home he wants to go inside her home. He finds Srineeta belonging to Nair’s family and thinks that she is from South. Soon, she finds blood oozing out from his neck and informs him. He speaks on some rough behavior from his fans. Finally as he was wishing, she tells him to come inside her home if he wishes and he accepts that call. He comes inside and finds her Daadi and calls her as Bebe. He greets and speaks Punjabi with the Daadi. Srineeta speaks that her grandmother is from Punjabi while her grandfather is South Indian. Daadi speaks of having a love marriage and Prince speaks of feeling heartfelt after hearing her story. Srineeta speaks that Prince and herself are not friends  and he speaks that they are best of friends. He refers to her as Senorita after learning her name as Srineeta. Daadi gives him food and Ladoos. He speaks of remembering his mom and Dad after seeing Bebe. She speaks on the fakeness of a celebrity and he becomes a bit annoyed and asks her why she is speaking in such a way. Daadi showers him with more food and wants Srineeta to take care of him.

Srineeta tries to clean his neck scratch and blood and then he funnily speaks of going outside though in heart doesn’t want to go. He then waits for water. Soon, Srineeta receives a call from her friend Radhika who has strongly kissed prince resulting in a bite on his neck. She informs Srineeta that media is waiting outside Prince’s home. Radhika expects that prince has to tender apology to her so that she will be known by all. Srineeta learns that it was Radhika who kissed prince in such a way and got pushed. She informs him of not going to his home since fans and media are present in front of his home. She speaks that her sister is a fan of him that’s why she knew about it. He speaks that because of silly fans he is a star. Srineeta then tells him to come inside her room and then shows pics of Prince pasted inside an almirah. He speaks on the story behind every pic and the pic has smile though he might have pain inside. He speaks on the difference between fake and true. He thanks her for not being a fan for him since he is able to speak like a normal person. They dance together in the room on the song which Daadi was listening to.

Some time later, during media conversation he finds Srineeta’s face in a media journalist. He remembers about the dancing moments with her (Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays) and feels happy. He sends messages to Srineeta and they exchanged pics of things like water bottle and he suggests to having Daadi’s chocolate shake. She feels happy to see his message and at the college finds him who then sends a chit at her with some info. They meet together later and she gives him Daadi’s chocolate shake and both spend more time together and hangs out more often. He takes selfie with her and she offers him more Chocolate shake. He also teaches her how to play guitar and starts to come close and both shares eyelock. As she was leaving, he holds her and learns that she bunked some lectures so as to bring chocolate shake for him. She leaves from there and he drinks the shake and kisses the bottle. At her home, she thinks of loving him and looks at his pic inside the Almirah (cupboard).

Some other day, Prince is being informed by his media manager that he should spend more time with Ayesha who is his partner and in that way his female fans will feel jealous leading to more popularity for him. Prince’s media person also speaks that he is no longer an Internet sensation but have become much more a TV star. He also reminds him that he should have an image of one woman man and also suggests  of the dance reality show which is important for his career and this is a big chance for the showbiz. Prince is confused after hearing it and sooner gets a call from Srineeta. She speaks of meeting him but he in turn suggests her to delete all their photos from her mobile. Soon, they come each other there itself after he cuts the calls. He looks at her and speaks to himself that he took the decision to stop communicating with her because he has to present himself with Ayesha in front of all, and doesn’t want to hurt her in his fake world and apologizes. She speaks to herself and feels shameful since prince couldn’t love an ordinary girl like her while looking at him. As she leaves from there, he holds her hand and makes her stop and looks at her with much pain in his eyes. Radhika is also there but hidden and takes their photos and after finding the things between them wonders how come she is not being informed.

At her home, Radhika who is Srineeta’s sister comes there and confronts her and suggests how come she is going around with Prince ? Srineeta replies that Radhika has only obsession but she is not taking those words. Srineeta is seen in a teary face while Radhika is scolding her for competing for Prince. Radhika becomes more obsessive and uploads the pic of Prince and Srineeta. Some other day, Prince speaks to the media (after remembering media man’s words) that he has hold Srineeta’s hand because she was desperate and doesn’t want to disappoint. Srineeta sees the video and wonders how he is speaking in that way and becomes dejected.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that its difficult to judge who is right and wrong in the case of Srineeta and Prince. On one hand, Srineeta was sure to have her prince charming but Prince was yet not sure.

Prince gives more interview and the media person asks him what does he feel to become a household name from a teen sensation. He speaks of getting what he wanted and he has sacrificed a lot to reach that position. Srineeta watches the interview and remembers about his words on fake and true representation in his pic. She learns that Prince is not happy. Rithvik comes and speak with Prince and compliments about his TV launch, and he asks whether he is happy from inside and from heart. He calls his smile as fake and advices him to listen to his heart and leaves from there. Srineeta speaks to herself whether she is selfish and coming in the way of his career. Prince comes to her home as she was watering a plant, and holds her. As she was about to fall, he supports her and both share an intense eyelock. She speaks that it was good that he came there. He speaks of saying her something. She informs of being wrong and was selfish and was expecting a lot of things from him. She doesn’t want to come between his dreams and thinks he is right. He speaks of going to Mumbai tomorrow (from Chandigarh) as all his dreams are getting fulfilled but he is not happy.

He feels incomplete and the answer is her. He speaks of missing her and there comes Radhika who wants him to leave. Prince carries a teary face and is about to leave and walks like a robot. He gets a call from his media person about his flight to Mumbai. He comes to his office and doesn’t want to go to Mumbai and there he is informed by his media man that his pairing with Ayesha has become hit. Prince speaks of falling in love and doesn’t want to carry on with his work and pairing with Ayesha. The media guy suggests him that as he promised to his parents of making him big superstar so he cannot afford to see his stardom going away. Soon, he gets calls who speaks about Prince and Srineeta’s affair. The media guy dismisses all the claims made on the phone and ask prince what is the affair with Srineeta ? Prince becomes more annoyed and learns that Radhika has done the video leaks again to the media. He goes after Radhika. Radhika informs to media about Prince and Srineeta’s affair.

The media starts to ask question to Srineeta who also comes there, and Prince comes there and stands for Srineeta and speaks to the media that he was leading a fake life and was acting to be in love with Ayesha to become a star, fame and land a role on a TV serial. But not any more as he found a true love with Srineeta Nair and asks when one gets in a true love then they cannot hide their emotions and  show fake love. He apologizes to his producers and for publicity and fame he will not do cheap gimmicks and if they cast others he will be happy and can understand. He speaks that others might not forget him, and then goes on his knees and asks her to forgive him. He speaks of loving her always even if she doesn’t forgive him. She cries and accepts his proposal and both share a warm hug and realizes their mutual love. Srineeta was crying and he asks her for a real date and not as a celebrity but as a normal person. On that date, he will make first promises, to thank and know her. He promises to make her happy always in life and both hugs once again.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Prince always did for his career but one time he spoke from his heart and confessed about his love for Srineeta. His popularity shot up more with his honesty. Rithvik signs off by saying that people can share their feeback using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui @ Bindass TV. Yeh Hai Aashiqui has turned bi-weekly and will be aired on Friday (1st August) and Sunday (3rd August) @ 7 PM.

Additional Info

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Info on Cast
* Prince is played by actor and model Kunal Jaisingh
– Born in Mumbai and graduated from Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics (H.R. College of Commerce and Economics)
– Debut on Television with Star Plus’s show Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya playing the character of Saranga, a dumb person.
– Played the role of Ranveer Shergill – a wealthy casanova and playboy in Channel V’s show The Buddy project opposite actress Palak Jain.
Twitter page of Kunal and Instagram Page.
– Kunal’s pic from Instagram with his Buddy project buddies (Kiya, played by actor Bharti Kumar)

Family forever

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* Srineeta is played by actress Namita Dubey
– She is a new upcoming talent who has worked in MTV Webbed and Gumrah
– Avid reader of books and has interests in fashion and clothing.
– Namita’s Facebook page
Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 54 Shamita, Namita Dubey

Image credit: Namita’s image is from her Facebook page.

Full Episode Video: 1st August 2014
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