Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 85 starring Meenal Mogan, Kunal Jaisingh & Vikas Grover, 18th January 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 85 Meenal Mogan 18th January 2015 Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 85 Kunal JaisinghYeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 85 Vikas Grover

The story starts with Abhi learning car driving from the driver instructor Vikrant but couldn’t be able to execute the reverse gear. Vikrant and Abhi share cordial relations. Vikrant thinks Abhi is just doing time pass but he speaks of his dad who wants him to do something else. He gives up for the day and suggests on things being complicated and Vikrant thinks its a matter of love. Abhi speaks that his dad wants him to marry some other girl though he has a girl friend Tanya. Abhi informs that the girl’s name is Ruchi who is his father’s friend daughter and his dad gave a promise to Ruchi’s father and have engaged Abhi and Ruchi during their childhood. Vikrant leaves from there and he meets a girl who speaks of coming from Haryana just now. She requests him to drop her family to home and introduces herself as Ruchi. In no time, Vikrant understood that she is the same girl Ruchi which Abhi spoke a while back. Ruchi and her family comes with Vikrant in his car and she speaks on having her engagement with Abhi in her childhood but haven’t seen him since many years. Ruchi wants to do all the things which Abhi will like and thus took an admission for MBA studies same like Abhi. Vikrant asks Ruchi whether he knows car driving and she replies no. He informs her that girls in Mumbai drive their own car and if they don’t do the boys think the girls are dependent on them. He then offers to teach her car driving and she agrees and even gets family approval. Ruchi thanks Vikrant on that note.

Next day, Vikrant is teaching Abhi and after some time asks him to leave since new student will be coming soon. Abhi leaves and Ruchi comes to do the driving with Vikrant. He remembers on forgetting his gift in the car and runs to get it but in vain and worries about Tanya’s gift. He now thinks on giving 2 gifts to Tanya now. While driving, Ruchi speaks a lot and also plans to take Abhi for a ride. Later, he hands over the Abhi’s gift to her and she accepts it. Meanwhile, Abhi meets Tanya at the canteen and she shows her displeasure as he didn’t brought her the gifts. Ruchi comes to the same canteen where Abhi and Ruchi are also present. She opens the gift and finds a calendar with love notes theme. She is impressed with it and Abhi finds his gift with Ruchi and goes to confront her. She also acts angry and begins to hit him and informs the gift belongs to her. He leaves by calling her Behenji. Soon, she realizes that he is Abhi with whom she is going to get married and wonders what is the matter.


Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of being confused since Vikrant gave Abhi’s gift to Ruchi. Vikrant’s introduction as cupid or love hero in this love story is shown.

Abhi’s parents learn that Ruchi have joined their son’s college and speaks that he has to say yes to the relationship. Abhi gets the photo of Ruchi sent by his father and she also comes to see him in the class. He tries to escape but Ruchi introduces herself as his to-be wife. Tanya comes and tries to confront Ruchi but in vain. Tanya calls him Behen ji and Abhi doesn’t want to marry her. Ruchi speaks that Abhi is having an extra-marital affair but he calls her desperate. She then speaks of not marrying him even if he is the last person on the planet. Moreover, she speaks of coming to study in the college. Later, during driving lessons, both vents out their anger at each other. Abhi speaks bad things about Ruchi to his father while Ruchi spoke the same about Abhi to her father. Soon after, Abhi and Ruchi’s parents break their relationship and friendship. Ruchi completes her driving lesson with some time change and as she was leaving finds Abhi taking the next driving session. Abhi asks Vikrant why he has dropped Ruchi since her home is much far from there. Vikrant replies that its the girl’s problem and Abhi becomes surprised. Vikrant suggests if he wants they can drop the girl and Abhi decides to drop Ruchi and successfully takes the reverse gear to go near her. Ruchi doesn’t want to take Abhi’s help but he requests her and also apologizes for his earlier rude behavior. She comes inside and Vikrant speaks that they share many common elements like not knowing how to apply the reverse gear, 3rd gear and so forth. Abhi thinks he only knows to come first and soon they both started arguing. Ruchi learnt that Abhi has given her the lift after knowing she was alone in that street and far from her home. Ruchi is dropped to her home and she thanks him. She speaks to herself that Abhi is sraight on face but not bad.

Next day, Ruchi gets taunts by other students in the college who call her Dehati – rural girl and Abhi defends her and asks his friends to not say such thing. Tanya wonders why Abhi is reacting that way and he replies that the matter is now over since he is not getting married to Ruchi. He asks his friends and Tanya to not insult a girl and leaves. Abhi calls Ruchi’s name and she wonders whether he is calling. He takes her to some place and apologizes for insulting her last time. He speaks of wanting to end the relationship after getting much pressurized by his dad. She also wants to apologize as well. He speaks of working with NGO for women empowerment and she speaks on doing the same and trains girls in Karate for self-defense at her place in Haryana. Soon, he gets a call from Tanya who informs him that her 200 dollars lipstick is stolen and asks him to take efforts in finding it. But Abhi asks her to look into the matter by herself since she was not careful. Ruchi begins to leave and Abhi asks her to tell more and offers his friendship. She accepts it after some thought. They talk more and get to know each other more via mobile chats followed by video chats. They are having good time. Ruchi thinks that Abhi is smart and also respects women but the problem is now he loves Tanya. At Abhi’s end, he looks at old childhood photos of Ruchi and himself and thinks he looks happy in those pics. Sooner then, he gets a call from Tanya who is drunk and she asks him to come at the club. He speaks of not having mood and she replies on going with someone else and another boy gives her support. She informs Abhi that he is boring and wants to have a break-up with him. Abhi speaks of now realizing about love and relationship after she took a decision on break-up just because he doesn’t agree to come at the club.

The story moves by 1 week and Abhi meets Ruchi at the college and she is annoyed because he didn’t reply to her messages since one week. She doesn’t want to talk to him and he asks her to listen. She hits at him with Karate punch and he falls down. She asks him to not play with her feelings. He replies on taking one week to realize that he wants to spend the entire life with her and also thinks that their parents were right. He proposes to her straight away and asks whether she wants to marry him. She thinks he is just joking. He then reveals about his break-up with Tanya and he took one week to inform her so she doesn’t think herself as rebound. He then confesses his love to her – I love you message and Ruchi is amazed and she confesses her love with I love you message and moreover she speaks of loving him since childhood. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. Vikrant comes to the college and takes the photo of Abhi-Ruchi hugging each other and sends them to their parents. Abhi’s dad calls his friend – Ruchi’s dad and asks him to control his daughter. Later, Vikrant comes to Ruchi’s home and gives her parents a surprise by bringing Abhi’s parents there in a pompuous way. Abhi and Ruchi’s dads become friends again and Ruchi speaks of liking the relationship with Abhi and is very happy. Vikrant is happy to bring Abhi and Ruchi together and both families enjoy and have nice time. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks about Love Heroes Episodes which will run for one month and asks the viewers to share about their love stories when they found love by a love hero which could be person, place or thing and they can send the pic of that love hero to Bindass and more details at bindass website [].

Info on Cast:
* Ruchi is portrayed by actress Meenal Mogan
– Worked in Sahara One’s Rishton Ke Bhanwar Mein Uljhi Niyati, Sony TV’s Chhanchhan

* Abhi is played by actor and model Kunal Jaisingh
– Born in Mumbai and graduated from Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics (H.R. College of Commerce and Economics)
– Debut on Television with Star Plus’s show Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya playing the character of Saranga, a dumb person.
– Played the role of Ranveer Shergill – a wealthy casanova and playboy in Channel V’s show The Buddy project opposite actress Palak Jain.
– Worked in the role of Prince in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 54 aired on 1st August 2014. If interested, read that episode WU here.
Twitter page of Kunal and Instagram Page.
– Kunal’s pic from Instagram with his Buddy project buddies (Kiya, played by actor Bharti Kumar)

Family forever

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* Vikrant acting as cupid or Love Hero is portrayed by Vikas Grover
– Role of Jackie in SAB TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju
– Prem in Punar Vivah Ek Nayi Umeed
– Sooraj in Sony TV’s – Amita Ka Amit; Deep in Amrit Manthan and antagonist Akshay in Sahara One’s Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage.
– Role of Rizwaan – Zain’s friend in Colors’ Beintehaa

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