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Gumraah Season 4 Episode 2 Vivaan and Shreya's story

The story starts on 29th October 2009. 3:45 am at Kalsa Appartments, Mumbai with young couples arriving there at their car and soon a girl is seen falling down there on the ground from the top of the building. The watchman identifies the girl as Shreya mam. Next day, the media personnel comes there and a media reporter on camera speaks that country has lost a singing superstar Shreya Thapar who is 19 years old and nation is shocked at this immense loss.


Abhay Deol (the host) speaks that people want name, fame and money quickly and they think of getting it very quickly in Bollywood but the reality is that behind this glamorous life there is lot of hard work and struggle and then success is also not guaranteed as well. We can imagine that after getting rejection in auditions you can stay out of work for months. He speaks that along with talent, you need to have perseverance, patience and never say die atttitude is also important because Dying is not an option. Celina is a special host of Gumraah and she speaks that unfortunately that’s the option Shreya chose and she might have unable to bear the failure. She speaks that her journalist friend followed Shreya’s case very closely – Why did Shreya killed herself ? Was it a suicide really or there was someone behind this suicide ?

The media reporter speaks of the words written in Shreya’s suicide note where she wrote about being a failure in her life and cannot take it anymore according to their sources. At the police station nearby, her roommate Disha is being questioned by the police and Disha informs that by time she came to her home she found Shreya going in the ambulance. She suggests that Shreya was not weak and was looking for work and then speaks that she was having presssure of Vivaan. The media person asks Who is Vivaan or whether he was her boyfriend ? Disha speaks about Shreya was upset because of her break-up with Vivaan. The media now started to ponder and buzz that shreya had a break-up just before her suicide.

Abhay speaks that Disha’s one statement have created a sensation in Shreya’s murder case and then raises the question, Whether Shreya had an abusive boyfriend or was he was the reason in her suicide case? Vivaan Boxwala was the son of a businessman Azeem Boxwala and the story of a struggling starlet and an abusive boyfriend was a perfect story for the media and they were selling it like hotcakes and before even the police have investigated people have believed Vivaan as the culprit and on other end police needed one clue. At the police station, a constable informs his senior that Shreya’s building CCTV footage is not available for that night. The media reporter informs the Vivaan boxwala haven’t got arrested and she raises the question whether he is out because he is the son of a rich businessman. On other end on social media, people are expressing their hate to Vivaan. Whether Vivaan is responsible for Shreya’s death ? Soon, Vivaan is taken to the police station for questioning, and he replies to the police officer on not having any contact with Shreya and then the officer wants Vivaan to say everything truly and nobody will save him there. Vivaan speaks that Shreya was cheating on him with Gurpreet and maybe more guys and he speaks of doing lot of things for her and suggests that he was crazy for her. But she was only concerned about her career and speaks that he met Shreya at the club when he went to meet Disha just 1 month after Shreya completed her singing reality show.

The story goes to flashback to 13th may 2009, Club Bingo @ 9 PM, Disha is forcing Shreya to drink and Shreya speaks of not getting any offer and the competition has ended 1 month ago. Vivaan comes there and Disha greets him and also introduces him to Shreya. He makes some fun of not knowing Shreya and Disha informs him that Shreya is upset because of not getting work offers. Vivaan comes to Shreya’s room and speaks that she has first performed on 21st June and started tried to compliment on her performances in that show and in a way was flirting and hitting on her and then wants a coffee date. He speaks that both of them have a reason and she agrees and both drinks coffee together. He was able to convince her for a dinner. Both go on a dinner date on day 16th May 2009 @ 9:40 PM at Cafe Sapphire and he asks her whether she comes there frequently. She informs him of coming there with Gurpreet and asks him whether he knows Gurpreet and he replies no. She speaks that Gurpreet is a fellow contestant, and his name is Gurpreet Chaddha. Vivaan then gives her a present for their friendship which is a watch. She speaks of not accepting it but finally she takes it. [He informs in the present on giving her the best of gifts so as to be a nice boyfriend but doesn’t know what went wrong]. Vivaan is seen teaching Shreya bike riding (Teri Galliyan song plays) and they spend more time together near the Mumbai coast as well. Both are coming close to each other.

Some months passes by and on 10th September 2009 at Vivaan’ house at 8:15 PM, his friend speaks that he doesn’t have much time to chill with friends and finally found some time. Vivaan speaks that Disha and Shreya have a girls night out so he is away from there and soon there comes Disha and she informs him that Gurpreet came so her plan cancelled to go with Shreya. She speaks of getting bored with Shreya and Gurpreet musical company and he speaks of not knowing much about Gurpreet. On Some other day, Shreya is seen with Vivaan sitting close to him and watching Gurpreet’s songs on TV and speaks of her desire to sing like him. He asks why her plan got changed with Disha. She informs that Disha’s plan got changed and he becomes annoyed and asks why she didn’t inform by message or phone ? Shreya gets a call for auditions and she is about to leave and is also angry with Vivaan as he was questioning her. He then apologizes to Shreya and makes her calm. Sooner he left to his home on that night 17th Sept 2009 at 1:45 am and as he reached his home got a message on Shreya’s phone which was in his car and the message was about her – That she was looking so hot that he (the sender) didn’t concentrate on her singing. He receives more messages and becomes annoyed and leaves. She meets him later and asks him why did he send her phone by a driver and also not attending her calls ? He speaks of knowing what she is doing behind his back and she then learns that he has checked his phone and asks him how can be so cheap ? He speaks that she is flirting with other man behind his back and then speaks in loud voice that he needs to know that the girl he loves is faithful or not.

She speaks that what matters to him that he trusts her but after hearing him she begins to cry and asks him whether he thinks that she is cheating on him and suggests that her dreams are getting shattered since she is getting rejected from all auditions. She speaks to herself that her prince charming was becoming over possessive and also getting suspicious without any reason and she doesn’t know why he believed that she was having an affair with Gurpreet. She asks how can he doubt her character ? They were fighting more and she was not getting in the industry after having an issue with a producer and she is seen writing down on a note that she doesn’t want to live such a life while crying. She gets a call from Gurpreet who informs her that a famous Anish Khan is interested to sign them for a 30 day world tour and he needs two singers – male and female and both of them have got the offer. She listens to him patiently and he asks her why is she thinking so much and speaks more on the offer at hand and also playback singing will also be an offer. Gurpreet asks whether Vivaan is creating problems for her and no producer will work with her knowing about her personal issues. He speaks of a lifetime opportunity and she removes her tears and replies that she will go with him on that world tour and has decided.

Gurpreet becomes happy and then speaks a dialogue that she doesn’t need to worry about he will be with her as a boyfriend for more than one month during their tour. She becomes annoyed after hearing those words and reiterates that she thinks of him as her friend only. He becomes quiet and they ends the call. She writes down on her blog that the time has came to end her life and doesn’t want to astray because of anything even for love. She speaks that the time has come to prove to her family. The story comes to the present after Shreya’s death. Shreya’s father after her death questions the media for why there were creating so many stories about his daughter on her affairs. He asked them a question that why his daughter will commit suicide at the time when she got a good offer ? He speaks that his daughter has not done suicide and also police is hiding lot of things from them. Disha speaks that CCTV footage of that night is also missing and her father asks whether police have shared anything with media and also suggests where is Gurpreet who used to have bad intentions regarding his daughter. The police cannot trace Gurpreet until today. Sooner, Gurpreet is also arrested and taken to the station for questioning. Gurpreet is beaten and he informs the police of not doing anything and the police offer asks him why did he ran out from the city. Gurpreet informs the police of being afraid that his name will be attached to Shreya’s suicide. The policeman speaks that everyone after getting caught will say the same and wants the truth from him. He speaks that she was very loyal with Vivaan and used to love him a lot. Shreya’s father starts a candle vigil on road and Disha also supports him and many other people carrying Shreya’s photo seeking truth and justice regarding his daughter’s death and wants to know whether she committed suicide or whether she was forced to kill herself.

The media reporter speaks on camera that one end a father is fighting for the justice for his daughter while on other end police is quiet and shying away from the responsibility. On the social media, people are calling police as hypocrites and other things. The media reporter also suggests that before Shreya’s death she tried to call Vivaan many times and also one call was 10 mins before the death as well. Whether police will inform the media why she has called so many times ? Vivaan is questioned by the police and the officer informs him that he has went to meet Shreya that night and his father has given the watchman lots of money to delete the CCTV footage. Vivaan admits on going there on that night. The story moves to flashback for that night – Vivaan’s friend informs that she doesn’t deserve him after citing their fight at the restaurant the same night. Vivaan thinks much and then remembers Shreya’s words who told him to not come close to her since he doesn’t deserve her and if he tried to come close then she will report to police. He goes to Shreya’s home and speaks to her in angry manner and reminds on all the things he has done for her and the day is 29th October 2009 at Shreya and Disha’s flat at 2:20 am.

He asks her how many boyfriend she have in her list. She wants him to stop saying those things and is in tears speaks that she is fed up of him. She suggests that he will never stop suspecting her and she will never be able to convince that she is saying truth to him. After then, she informs of breaking up with him and he holds her hand and says strongly that he is actually breaking up with her and reminds that she has gone to meet Gurpreet on that night without telling him and also on her phone she receives very dirty messages and also she met a meagre producer even though he doesn’t want her to meet him. He asks whether he is a idiot on his face and informs that he is breaking up with her and leaves from there. Shreya is dejected to a great extent on those developments. The story comes in present and Vivaan speaking to the police that next day he saw in newspapers about Shreya’s death and he has informed his father all the things. He wants the police officer to believe him and the policeman speaks how can he believe him and suggests that he has pushed her and went back to his home. Vivaan then speaks that he has called Disha but she didn’t took the call and she was coming from the shoot. The police officer speaks that Vivaan has no defense and wants him to find a good lawyer.

Celina speaks that Vivaan spend considerable time in jail and after police couldn’t find direct evidence against him he was let off from prison but the trauma broke him apart. He was already a culprit’s in people’s mind and he thought that instead of facing people he just staying at one place. He watches the TV showing that Vivaan was let-off because of lack of evidence. Abhay speaks that Vivaan’s father one mistake of trying to hide the CCTV footage has damaged his life. Everybody thought that he is a rich man’s son so he will get away with killing. But what happened really on that night, why Shreya jumped from our balcony ? Whether Vivaan can do such thing to her ? These questions were troubling one more person as well. The policeman comes to Disha’s Appt and wants to question her. The policeman asks Disha at what time she had reached home on that night when Shreya died ? Disha replies that as she told earlier she arrived around 4:00 am when shreya was being taken in ambulance. The officer informs her that Vivaan told him that he has called her around 3:00 am and reminds her that the time it takes from her studio to home is 15 minutes and even the production house has told her that she left early after pack-up. Disha responds that the cab had a problem on the way and the policeman with a smile on his face suggests that he has also thought in that way and he checked that she was at her building at 3:20 am and he informs her that she cannot deceit with cameras. He informs her that another camera from nearby ATM centre has captured her presence. She withdraw the money at 3:20 am from the ATM and earlier the same night she fought with the production team when they refused to give her cash.

Disha begins to feel nervous and opens up that she doesn’t want to loose Vivaan and on that night. The story goes to flashback of that night – 29th October 2009 at 3:35 am at Shreya and Disha’s flat and Disha is seen arriving at the flat. She finds Shreya sitting in the bedroom and looks very upset. Disha asks her why she looks upset ? Shreya replies that Vivaan came and shouted at her a lot and she know came to know all the things are happening because of her (Disha). Disha asks what’s wrong with her and suggests that she was the one who has introduced Vivaan to her ? Shreya responds that was her biggest mistake of life since Vivaan chose her and left her. She informs to Disha that she has created misunderstandings to separate the couple and then goes on to say about one night when they (Disha and herself) were supposed to go for a girls night out then she called Gurpreet and went out herself and informed Vivaan that Shreya is with Gurpreet. Shreya suggests to Disha that she took the advantage that Vivaan was having insecurity on his relationship. She also reminds how Disha has made sure that someone sends dirty messages to Shreya’s phone. Disha then speaks that Vivaan deserves her and Shreya then wants to inform Vivaan about all the mess that Disha has created and Disha doesn’t want Shreya to do such thing. They come on the terrace as Shreya was about to call Vivaan and Disha tries to snatch the phone and in that process hits Shreya who then fell from the terrace balcony on to the ground and dies. Disha is shocked and then leaves from the building. The story comes back to present and the police officer informs Disha that just after Vivaan’s father has made sure that CCTV footage is deleted she thought that she would be fine and has made Vivaan the villain in front of the police so that no one can suspect her. She cries.

The media reporter informs that Shreya Thapar’s suicide puzzle is now resolved and many have taken Shreya in wrong way but in reality she was simple and sensible girl. Abhay speaks that it was an accident and suggests that when you love someone and they don’t love you back that doesn’t mean that you will go on to ruin the loved life of the one you love. Abhay speaks that if Disha haven’t created misunderstandings between Vivaan and Shreya then it might be the case now that Shreya would have been alive and with us. Celina speaks that in this media circus not only Shreya but there are many more victims and Abhay speaks that she is right. He speaks that press, media and news are powerful tools and we need to use it with responsibility because after all our judgement can make an innocent one astray [Gumraah]. Disha is now in jail and her actions has also ended her acting career permanently and also Vivaan also broken all ties with her after knowing about all her manipulations. Vivaan after those initial hiccups is now managing his father’s overseas business and is rumoured to dating a TV actress. Shreya’s father never quite recovered from the sorrow of losing his own daughter and he currently spends most of his time watching episodes of Shreya’s reality show on the Internet and she is alived in his memories.

Next Episode: One woman was in full blood and nobody came to her rescue. The policeman comes there to ask the people there. The story is about Sanjay and his cousin Chitra – Aparna Aunty’s daughter. He befriends her and she gives him some tuitions since he is weak in studies. His friends want him to capture her naked photos and they put force on him and he agrees to them. He then takes photos of Chitra when she was bathing (voyeurism) and the story will tell how he was astray (Gumraah) in the influence of his friends which has resulted in innocent one’s death.

Some Info On Cast:

* Shreya is portrayed by actress Namita Dubey
– She is a new upcoming talent who has worked in MTV Webbed and Gumrah
– Avid reader of books and has interests in fashion and clothing.
– Namita’s Facebook page
– Recently she worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 54 aired on 1st August 2014. If interested, read YHA Episode’s WU here on our site.
Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 54 Shamita, Namita Dubey

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  2. i want to know the movie name of the song “lamhe” played in this episode. Pl guys help me to find out the movie name.


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