Rachana Parulkar – A Fine Example of the Human Spirit


Rachana S Parulkar

We all know that Rachana Parulkar has announced her abrupt exit from EMA on 24th July on Twitter. After hearing it, all the RagNa and AshNa fans were unanimous that her exit was unfair which we also believe. We were all yearning to see RagNa re-union since more than two months and our patience was unduly rewarded with her exit. In this article, we will shed more light on what happened after the exit, how she cope up with the unfair treatment, knowing more about the individual Rachana and less about the actor, what were the other unfavourable things took place after her exit and so forth.


Going straight into the human spirit of Rachana the individual by interpreting from her tweets in chronological order after she announced her exit on Twitter.

25th July 2014: Rachana showed immense gratitude to her fans with a tweet message.
27th July 2014: Rachana showed her positive and forward looking personality which is really commendable.
29th July 2014: Last day of the shoot for Rachana @ EMA and even then she continued to carry smile on her face as she posed with Ashish and Vikas (Ashish’s makeup artist)
31st July 2014: Rachana got ill with high fever running at 102 Fahrenheit. She still continued to cheer up all her fans and showered us with sincere greetings and love.
3rd August 2014: Wished her Twitter family #Twamily Happy friendship day. Showered her immense love again.
4th August 2014: Referred her fans as Lady Singhams and Lady Bheems. Showed care for us, and wants to see us happy.

Thus, in the last 12 to 13 days, we understood more about Rachana the individual and found that she possessed qualities of compassion, forward looking, positivity, caring and also showering us with lots of love, wishing happiness and consolidating fans with vibrancy and hope in their distress time. We should not forget that she herself might be going through tough times after her unfair exit. Thus, in such moments, standing tall, positive, patient and humble is really a touching gesture from her side which essentially means that she is a kind soul. To add more perspective to this discussion, first thing to know that Rachana is a 23 years old girl, and second in times of unjust events even a matured individual loses his/her cool and patience but she did hold on in a dignified manner because of her innocence and human spirit. Having said about her personality, it is also to be highlighted that fans continuously rooted for her since the exit because they see themselves in her which is quite evident because of her portrayal of Kalpi which was just so real and touching to the core.

Rachana and her Fans:

We believe that Rachana and her fans RagNa/AshNa’s relationship have strong connectivity and dependency which can never be broken. We wish the channel/makers also had the same kind of relationship because actors are the engine and heart of the show. And coming to Rachana, she was the soul of the show.

Twitter and Social Networks medium:
We think Twitter and other social networks are a great medium to connect with audience, take their constructive feedback since it has the capability of follow/follower and genuine opinions can be taken into consideration. All channels in the entertainment industry wants Tweeples to support their product – Show/TV series and they asks people to RT or share their opinions round the clock. And once the people give their feedback by taking out their valuable time then most of the time it turns out that those feedback or suggestions are not looked at all. The same happened about Rachana and her exit, we just requested the channel/makers to shower Rachana with some respect and appreciation which could have been done via a simple tweet but instead we found just after her exit an article on IF which was degrading Rachana’s acting talent, and then the latest one (today) from times of India where they blamed the inability of the lead pair chemistry to connect with the masses leading to her exit. Such articles and news aren’t true and unfair as far as Rachana is concerned and also her pairing with Ashish since both of them infused life in the show. We wished those reputed organizations published articles based on facts and after doing some research. Furthermore, we also wonder Jack Dorsey’s efforts and contribution in creating Twitter since now it is not being used effectively and its purpose and meaning seems to be lost by the channels.

We are very sure that an exceptional and humble talent like Rachana will very soon will be rewarded with exciting projects, earning more respect, love and support from fans worldwide and reaching greater heights in success.

Rachana’s Tweets to her fans on Twitter:
* Few of them in reverse chronological order (recent to old), heartfelt to put them but they convey key information so we decided to embed them here.

Fans’ Gratitude and Love for Rachana on Twitter:
* Angie wrote to Rachana
likewise!!! respect Rachana for ur attitude as much as we loved akdoo Kalpi!!!

* Lorna Reddy
we will calm down once we get justice for your replacement

* Rachninian Family
Some roles are made to certian pple. Thats why replacements in such cases,fail. Kalpi
for us, will ALWAYS be you!

* AAK’s ki Sherni
wish you all the best Rachana – you are the heart & soul of #EMA & will be sorely missed…Many Kisses

* Ajo
Rach you are blessed with the prettiest eyes which talks volumes you emote your feelings through ur eye & Kalpi is you only you

* Falak Nawaz
girl who her best to kalpi’s charcter who make kalpi&they gvn such a insult to her..she really deserve respect..like u given No1 replace rachna in our hearts she’ll be always our kalpi for us no1 can replace her…

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  2. thanks for the wonderful article ..m huge fan of ASHNA m totally stop watching EMA we ASHNA fans R trying many ways to get them back ..hope to see them together in further .. for me no ASHNA no EMA 🙂

  3. Rachana you are an awesome actress.Love you and you will be our kalpi for ever.No one can take your place in our heart.

  4. We viewers are misled by different stories, but I think Ashish in on until his one year contract expires, the Production House n Zee TV is banking on his return, that is why they have not taken our request into consideration. However our focus was Rachana’s injustice and as promised to her we have to and are going to stand by her NO RACHANA NO EMA even if Ashish is back and we all love him to the core.

  5. Rachana u r the best and hard working person for me. I will always love u. U will always remain kalpi for me. Get well soon always. Hope u stay healthy. Keep smilling. And I have a dream to see u in front of my eyes and take a selfi with u. I wish I could hangout with u on hangouts. Best of luck for the future. Bye

  6. Fans/audience worldwide of EMA recognize that its the chemistry of Ashish and Rachana that put life into the show.. I really dont understand how the channel and ph and some quarters do not want to see this… there must be more to it than meets the eye.. …. Strange that the scapegoat is rachana when we know any production is team effort…. so much more is involved…

  7. Unbelievable that some media are not professional enough…. Be fair and stand in the truth.. No one person can be blamed for a serial not doing well. Total injustice.. .. Rachana did her part beautifully.. Fans world over have indicated that in many ways.. .. Thanks Telly Reviews for the article – there is still some media which are true to their profession..

  8. Rachana you are an superb actress.fans best wishes with her .
    i love Rachna..i hope u will achieve all success…

  9. Thanks for article – at least someone out there is fair and kind….. As the media one has to be morally responsible for what is written…. Agree that research has to done properly so as NOT to adversely affect a person’s future especially when it is someone as nice as Rachana Parulkar. In all this turmoil she has been so matured about it – not bad-mouthing anyone.. She has quit in a dignified manner… Hope there is peotic justice and she comes back with better projects..

  10. Thanks Telly Reviews.. Keep up the good work.. As media one has to be responsible and stand in the truth..
    Rachana is a marvellous actor. Funny that despite so much public/fan adulation from India as well as abroad – e.g most talented actress on Zee and also winning a number of polls – best Tv personality, most popular actress and best jodi ( togther with Ashish) , etc – that a negative media report about ” ….inability of lead pair to connect with masses…..” is being published.!!!!

  11. Thanks for such a nice, professionally written article. We over in the UK are really puzzled as to how the producers/writers killed their own show.

    After repeated suggestions from viewership to unite Raghav and Kalpi they did just the opposite. If they had done what Kumkum bhagya did – got the protagonists to tie the knot – the TAM/TRP ratings would have gone sky high!

    What a shame.. And to make matters worse – blame it on poor Rachana when it should be a team effort… Shame, shame, shame..

  12. Telly reviews well done .. a fair assessment. Thanks a lot Hope you can send this to people who should read as eye opener and more.

    The fans in Malaysia find it difficult to understand. The pair Ashish and Rachana were the soul of EMA so how can it be said that their performance was lacking.. The fans/public adore them – isn’t that proof enough….

    It is so unfair to make Rachana the scapegoat – totally unjust – God bless the poor girl with justice and better things in life..

  13. Syabas!! A true, beautiful article…..so much has been said but I wonder if the EMA team still want to act like bulls….they’re really thick skinned. bull-like, heartless , cruel beings……I dont know why they cant accept Rachana in the show…I suppose she has become the one n only main focus for all fans and the others in Ema cant take it……why are people so jealous??? So much has been said and beggings n pleadings from fans n yet EMA does not want to acceot the truth. They rather fail the show then to being Rachana…..why? why? why?

  14. Telly reviews what a great article.. Thanks….. Rachana is a a fab actress with so much fan adoration.. Thats why find it hard to fathom – why , how this EMA could have done this…. BOTH Ashish and Rachana should remain in the show. One without the other will be incomplete..

  15. Yup she is lovely girl and great actress…and a perfect human being… who takes every thing as the positiveness… she will go more and high in her achievements.. Gud luck to her..

  16. she is a lovely girl. rachana is the soul of the show EMA. no one can take place of kalpi (RACHANA) IN OUR HEARTS. WE ALL LOVE HER & WANT HER BACK IN EMA. SHE IS A SUPERB ACTRESS AND A GR8 HUMAN BEING. WE CAN’T ACCEPT ANYONE AS KALPI WHETHER IT’S ASHA NEGI OR OTHERS.

  17. rachana is a lovely girl and good acctress and anocent girl i like rachana this is unfair and unjustice zeetv and ema maker sham shame your are responsible for the flop show not responseble ashna but kamla and anaconda are responsible ashna are superb our full sport for rachna and ashish fablous jodi and magical i hope we will seen on other channel with powerfull roll with respect and degnete and will slap on zee and ema maker we all good wishes and pray for ashna good luch

  18. we never gonna accept anyone as kalpi other than d rachana.we love d performance of ashish n rachana.ragna.injustce dn 2 rachana.

  19. […] Recent articles by Tellyreviews on Rachana: * Rachana’s unexpected and unfair exit from EMA confirmed * Rachana Parulkar – An Actor Par Excellence who deserves sincere respect and Appreciation (Details about her acting talent) * Tribute to Ashish and Rachana via romantic poems to highlight unforgettable and eternal chemistry between them * Another article clearly presenting Raghav and Kalpi’s eternal love story in EMA * https://tellyreviews.com/2014/08/05/rachana-parulkar-a-fine-example-of-the-human-spirit/ […]

  20. Rachana proved that she is not only an actor par excellence but also an individual full of dignity and poise. Considering the way DJ PH treated Rachana any other artist might have come out with an outburst in an interview or in the social media but Rachu was restrained and left everything to God. And now with all the undying love of her fans and their prayers Rachu has got a plum role of Queen Ajabde in Maharana pratap one of the prestigious shows now being aired on indian television. We are happy for you Rachu and I am sure you are just going to make Ajabde immortal like you did our dear little girl kalpi. keep rocking and we are always there with you


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