RagNa missed tremendously; a happy sought shut to Ek Mutthi Aasmaan


ragna raghav kalpi in ek mutthi aasmaan

TR TAG: OMG!! EMA makers taught new A-Z……
A for Aasmaan and Z for Zameen, two distinct loved tracks shown and shut…. Eww!!


To start in the post, let me rush on the current track, as many of you have stopped watching the show and does not know the Arhana love story. So, here it goes. Suhana is still regarding Aryan just as a friend, while Aryan is double sure that he loves her, after he witnessed strength of love seeing an old couple at a restaurant. Aryan has decided he will not let Suhana go from his life, and will keep following her all her life. Some bits of Suhana-Kamla-Vitthal pops up to show Suhana still remembers few instances of her old home, like guiding Vitthal to the temple drawer to get the money and making tea like Kalpi. Suhana makes Vitthal feel that she resembles Kalpi. But how can he believe, seeing such a drastic change in her. For him, she is Sanjay Diwaan’s daughter Suhana Diwaan.

Kamla has faced much much at Suhana’s house, when she was called a thief and was shown the door. But Suhana proved her innocent and got her back. Kamla is trying to unite Aryan and Suhana, as she knows Aryan loves Suhana by his heart. Where did Kamla’s sense go when Raghav loved Kalpi and she did not support the true lovers, being blind for Pakhi? Kamla has traumatized Kalpi and made her part ways with Raghav. Kamla now acts as she can’t see any lovers apart, maybe she learnt a lesson losing Raghav and Kalpi. The lady Gandhi ji Kamla has found the harming insect in Suhana’s life, having heard Mehta talking to someone and sharing the big secret of giving wrong medicines to Suhana. Silly silly, if they were going ahead in their plan, what was the need to share all this on phone, that too on landline, where did mobiles go? Well, Kamla is definitely stunned thinking how can anyone from Suhana’s family do this to her. She goes on to meet Mehta to know the mastermind behind all this and he gets hit by the car and is dead before he could speak out Dheeraj’s name.

Dheeraj and his son Aman is still playing safe. Dheeraj is trying to save Aman, who did Suhana’s accident and she got killed because of his mistake, though it was unintentional, Dheeraj feels Sanjay won’t forgive them and cooked up this Kalpi-Suhana exchange policy. The parallel tracks are not answered well. Its true RagNa is gone, but what about Raghav’s family, they are shown 0%. Looks like they too have died for the makers. Aryan and Suhana under the rain moment, did not cause any ‘’Kuch Kuch hota hai’’ in our hearts. It was plain forced romance where even good BG score did not work. There has to be some intense eyelocks, they look very amateurs in romantic scenes.With Suhana and Aryan’s love story falling flat to the ground and story’s lack of depth, the makers have decided to pull the curtains down, though there is no one clapping post the show. We don’t care how Arhana’s love track ends, as Suhana will be getting her memory back soon and Kamla exposing Dheeraj and taking Kalpi back home, Raghav’s character still under wraps. We don’t expect anything, as our original RagNa is gone, and even if the show gets a happy ending, it will be half happiness for the fans. The high negative rankings of the show which got it much popularity and annoyance, made the show see the dusk. Revamp didn’t do any justice to neither RagNa fans nor Asha fans. At the end of the day, both are unsatisfied and dejected.

EMA is getting replaced by Zee TV’s new show Bandhan starting on 16th September 2014, and now viewers can be relieved to see it gone, as they always stuck to their words: No RagNa, No EMA. Its true when you have wanted a lovely flower, and are given a bamboo, there is no acceptance or comparison. The solution is to keep Bamboo at bay and wait for the flower to blossom and reach you. While RagNa opened our hearts and got a deep place inside, Arhana has shut doors for us. Arhana’s chemistry could not draw much attention, and we wish to see them in good projects where they don a complete new character and will be loved for sure. It’s tough to replace the solid one character, and this is what went wrong with Asha Negi. Rachana’s memories did not let many fans to accept this new track in EMA. EK Mutthi Aasmaan reminds me of a famous hindi proverb: Aasmaan se Gire Khajur me Atke. (Fell from the sky, got stuck in a date palm) LOL!!

Coming to our most loved RagNa, Ashish’s slow and sensual dialogue delivery and Kalpi’s breath stopping eye twinkles are so adorable. Raghav and Kalpi in each other’s arms and few kisses took the show so high, just think where would the show have gone if they were shown more intimate. This is called, hitting your leg with an axe, or cutting the tree branch on which you were sitting. Just one line for the EMA makers on their harsh comment on RagNa’s acting talents: Someone without refined tastes cannot appreciate a fine thing. On this note, TellyReviews wants to share few RagNa moments to recall their amazing chemistry and Aankhon Aankhon Ke Sunehre Baatein (Talk via eyes). Have a view of the Effortless RagNa and ‘’Pyaar Redefined’’. We wish Rachana Parulkar, Ashish Chowdhry, Ishaan Singh Manhas (Sammy), Asha Negi, and Kunal Verma and other cast of the show all the best for their next endeavors. Keep reading!!

Additional Note: Twitterati Buzz from Tweeples
* Rachana and Ashish’s fans (AshNa) since the past month or so are showering their love and support to the pair by tweeting to Channels and production house and we have supported them too. Recent Tweets by AshNa fans – @jaishri1901 and @Chikita_092 in this regard,

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RagNa Forever: Best Moments
[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b3KxwBzb87Iaz0g-qXP5ESfam-ZCI43]


  1. Excilent articale nd best moment of RAGANA are very good. I have 1 riqvest to DJ that, can they give us old story of EMA nd come bake of Ashish nd Rachana please. Becouse EMA of Kamalabai is over nd now time is EMA of her children , means EMA of KALPI nd PAKYA . We viewers want to see EMA of KALPI . Y they cant understand this. WE know drama is riquired but for that Y you are distro ur original story . Please I reqvest u, in rest episode please give us happy ending of RAGANA . PLEASE………..!

  2. Telly Reviews thanks for the article..well done as always.. Your support has been fantastic … Ashish & Rachana are irreplaceble…..period

  3. Thanku Telly Review it was a wonderful article.Its absolutely true that no one can match Raghna played by Ashna..
    EMA cvs are the creators of this wonderful & beautiful jodi and they themselves are the destroyer of this magic feel what we got from this jodi..
    We all wish to see Ashish & Rachana in a new good show very soon.. Hope any of the PH take them as a lead and give a new show for us…

  4. Thank u Telly review.. such a amazing n wonderful article about our RagNa/ AshNa.. Indeed, CVS N PH EMA had killed the essential character of the Jodi.. n they have 2 pay 4 the sins that they have done 2 AshNa n millions of true fans out there ,whom eagerly wait 4 the unity of RagNa.. But have 2 bear the huge dissapointment n heart broken due 2 separation of RagNa n exit of AshNa from the show.. We the worldwide fans of Ashna/RagNa would really hope 2 c this magical n wonderul jodi again in new shows like Udaan ASAP.. Dear PH’s, Producer’s plezz cast both of them in ur shows..TQ

  5. Excellent article!!thank u tellyreviews Ashna n Ragna fan like us !!! Its very true Ashna /Ragna can never replace in our heart !! Just waiting to see our handsome hunk Fanatablous actor Ashish n beautiful simple adorable fabulous actress Rachana in another show ! N we Ashna fans swear we will make it a super duper bumper hit again !!!

  6. excellent article Telly reviews…. pls take our request further as d Dr is dead without telling whether suhana is kalpi or not….. EMA PH can get a twist which dey r very famous for …. dey can show dat suhana was planted by pakhi to get kalpi’s Empire which raghav has willed it to her…. pakhi is holding Kalpi captive …. den raghav presumed dead comes back & our original Ragna comes back …. v get our beloved ASHNA with a really revamped story…..howz dat ???? hope EMA & ZEE who broke so many fans heart listen to our requests respect d viewers & bring back Ashish-Rachna….

  7. 9 th MAy EMA went to Coma then Paraliysed on July 30th will die (natural death)soon. They prefered SHILPA KAMALA BAI- more than their own prestige and lose . not easy to forget what they have done to ASHISH,RACHANA, SAMMY who are all very talented and loved by viewers all over world – even though they dont understand the language – we used to get messages in FB from ISREAL,Phillipines working in some part of the world.As you said – where all the characters has gone – PREM,SAMMY SAHIL,GOURI even more disgusting fact is RAGHNA. More over MISHA GOUDAM’s STATEMENT ABOUT describing ACTORS are mere PUPPETS- in his hands -what he think of himself – GOD -what he gave to us we gave back to him. on behalf of all ASHNA -RAGHNA fans – we wont forget DJ PH and MISHA GOUDAM , SHILPA KAMALA BAI..

  8. Thank you very much Telly reviews for excellent article..For me, it is only and only Raghav Kalpana / Rachana and Ashish (Ashna). They have such beautiful chemistry like SRK Kajol..No body in this entire world can replace them! They live in my hearts and always will.. they become part of my life..No other jodi can give me this real feeling…Hope3x someone out there recognize Ashish and Rachana’s talent and magical chemistry and come up with a good and sensible story and bring them together again…

  9. Excellent article! Loved that someone here listens and understands viewers viewpoint! Well for RagNa fans EMa had ended with AshNa leaving the show! And good luck to all the actors of EMA!

  10. Excellent article.you said it all.The makers rigged their own grave by replacing Rachana and Ashish. Ashna were the soul of EMA,with their exit EMA was lifeless.Its better to go off air and a start a Part 2 with Ashna with a better storyline if makers wants to do justice to Ashna and their fans.

  11. thank you very much telly reviews.ashish and rachana ema ki jaan the .30 july ke bad ema me kuchh tha hi nahi .ragna fans ke liye 30 july ko hi end ho gaya tha.i hope end me raghav and kalpi ko ek kar de and ashish and rachana ke sath happy ending kare.

  12. thank u telly reviews 4 such a wonderful article. 4 ashna fans d show was ended on 31 july itself dis is just an official ending. dj’s is d creator of dis lovely story & d magical & unforgottable eternal/ epical jodi ragna as ashna & dey r d destroyers too. we will never 4give dem &will never watch any show produced by dj’s. hope dey will realise their mistake & will give a happy ending by showing ragna/ ashna at d end atleast.

  13. Dear EMA PH& Makers,
    Hello dears,
    All our Lovely & Amazing, Wonderful friends, are of the views that
    ” it was the Dirty Politics of EMA PH (& Perhaphs, Kamla bai Character role might too have involved in it, ) has caused the ousting of Rachana Perulkar from EMA since 31-7-2014, since then only due to absence of AshNa’s RagNa & RagNa chemistry in EMA , the EMA TRPs are low to 1.5-1.6, since then , As Against the AshNa’s RagNa time High TRPs at 3.5, 3.6., and
    So, Dear Kamla bai Madam, MIRACLE WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE, !! HAD YOU & THE EMA PH & MAKERS, have allowed & Retained or Reinstated both Rachana & Aashish in EMA, Since 31-7-2014, too, instead of bringing new Actors viz. Asha & Kunal for the Lead roles in EMA ( Why YOU HAVE OUSTED ASHNA BY PLAYING DIRTY POLITICS, !! & Now Playing INNOCENT Before the Media, in the News Article, OMG.!! ) ;
    So, EMA Viewers Blame you too for this present DISASTER OF EMA & Dear Kamla bai, You, being an actor and have HAILED FROM BOLLY WOOD, Would have very well had a word with the EMA PH and should have influenced / persuaded them (i.e. both Rachana & Aashish together only ) to retain in EMA / Or at least REINSTATED them & their AshNa’s RagNa even in August episodes, then the present CRISIS in EMA., would not have been there at all.!!
    So dear Kamla bai Mam, the EMA Viewers ( & Trustworthy fans of AshNa) ALWAYS BELIEVE FOR EVER THAT ” KAMLA BAI CHARACTER ” IS THE SOLE REASON ( as she is the only one now left out in EMA among the lead roles of Ashna , Shirina, Gauri, etc. ), ALONG WITH EMA PH & Makers for OUSTING Rachna Perulkar, ON HER COMPLEXION FACTOR, & FOR REMOVING ASHNA’S RAGNA IN EMA & therefore,
    Kamla bai mam & EMA PH HAVE LEAD TO THE COLLAPSE OF EMA Since then !!; So, Dear Shilpa Mam, If Viewers’ BLAME on you ( as above ) is WRONG, THEN PROVE IT by making & REINSTATING RACHANA & AASHISH BACK INTO EMA, ( how to twist the EMA Story ? those Options , We told you earlier in our posts, that -Cause Suhana car accident, to gain her past memories, & in that she gains all memories, but her face completely burnt and thus to re-do the re-plastic surgery on Suhana’s face to get Rachana’s face for Kalpi who will open her eyes before her husband, Raghav by Aashish !!; ) & GET A NEW TIME FOR EMA in Zee Channel, for its continuous running several years, with all time high trps for EMA.

  14. Dear Serial Heads ; :-
    Reg.EMA -End ABRUPTLY on 12-9-2014 ; :-
    Ya… , But it is only Aashish & Rachana as Raghav & Kalpi in EMA , then It would have been a “SUPER HIT EMA ” & EMA would have been made more than 1000 episodes like Legend Serials like :-Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi & Kahani Ghar Ghar ki of the Great Director of Balaji Telifilms , Ms.Ekta ji, & EMA serial would have been Run into several years with HIGH TRPs Ratings !!
    We all EMA & AshNa Viewers Pity on EMA PH & DJ’s Creativity Unit & Zee Channel Heads too , who DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO ROPE IN THE FANTASTIC ACTING SKILLS OF SUPERB ACTORS AASHISH CHAUDHRY & RACHANA PERULKAR IN THE EMA Serial For HIGH TRPS ALL TIME , thus EMA would have been SUPER HIT Serial & would have Made it to RUN for SEVERAL YEARS TOO !!;
    It seems that EMA PH , Makers & DJ ‘s Unit & Zee Channel Heads DOES NOT KNOW THE BUSINESS TACTICS & TO GRAB THE AWESOME ACTING SKILLS OF Aashish & Rachana in EMA Serial simply Due to their EGOISTIC ATTITUDES & THUS BY PLAYING DIRTY POLITICS HAVE KILLED THE ASHNA AS RAGNA STORY LINES LEADING TO HALF COMPLETED STORIES IN EMA & THUS RUINED THE FANTASTIC STORY OF ORIGINAL EMA ALONG WITH THE HOPES & ENTERTAINMENT OF ITS MILLIONS OF VIEWERS !! & thus have made “THE MOCKERY ” of not only both Acting skills of the Superb Actors & but also made “THE MOCKERY ” of the ‘ Very ENTERTAINMENT ‘ the basic ” Vision & Mission ” of the TV Channels in the TV Industry !!

  15. Excellent article. every word is true n it reflects our view , opinions etc. They wasted those two wonderful actors n finally they themselves lost their hope to bring the storyline in a right way , finally. Tooooo sad. Now they should realize where is the fault –yes it is with them n not with the chemistry between the actors, They are only the cause to push the viewers from their show.

  16. Ek Mutthi Aasman was a serial that had so much promise and depth to it, when it started. Unfortunately, the storyline went off track with Raghav getting married to Pakhi, and somewhere in between – the bad guys who were the Kapoors that caused so much pain and suffering to Raghav’s family, escaped without paying for their crimes. Even their daughter Pakhi managed to get away with her evil deeds at the end. How sad.

    To now make everything worse, they got rid of the original lead actress who played the part of kalpana, and sent the lead actor Raghav, into limbo. It was a clueless move.

    They could have brought the show back on track, by bringing up a new twist which would show that Pakhi and Raghav’s marriage was fake. Pakhi could have gotten married to another guy in the past on a whim, and this would invalidate her marriage to Raghav. It would then leave Raghav free to marry Kalpana. The Kapoors could then be exposed on corrupt charges, and sent to jail.

    But the writers, directors and producers refused to think out of the box, in order to give viewers the happy ending that they craved. How unfortunate. They forgot one thing: the viewers are the ones that give the shows high ratings, if they watch it.


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