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Sad news for RagNa fans – Rachana S Parulkar bidding bye to EMA


Just few hours ago, we posted a write up on EMA going the wrong way. Having heard that the makers are not happy with Rachana’s work and decided to replace her with Pavitra Rishta’s Purvi – Asha Negi, we were just hoping it proves to be false rumor. But sadly, Rachana has confirmed it on Twitter that she is leaving the show.

Rachana’s Tweet:

The show belonged to Rachana and Ashish, though the latter is still in, why is Rachana bidding bye to us. This is another shock for all RagNa fans. So many heart jerks given to us, what does the makers want? Why are they working hard to make us sick? Do they have any commission from the hospitals? Are they losing TRPs or mind? Why do they assume that viewers will accept every horrible change made by them? This is not fair to RagNa fans and might not prove prosperous for the show. The very sweet Rachana, who did Kalpi’s portrayal so well, is going…….. Very painful to write……. We will always remember Rachana as our favorite Koochi Koo Kalpi. Guys, what’s your opinion on this? Everyone knows Rachana justified her role the best way possible and she should not be degraded and tagged to act badly. We read some tweets from many fans, that they won’t watch EMA without Rachana. We feel makers are just cooking plain round and round noodles and don’t know how to add spice to the show.


  1. Today Iam vacant of words..Rachna’s exit means no more Kalpi for us..no more the gurl for whom the ek mutthi asmaan was created. she is being erased by the creatives itself..it was Kamla bai’s dream for her daughter..and now its become the dhokha of the rich guys daughter..total crap end to end..its time this crap ended

  2. This is the most devastating news! One can only wonder what the real truth is! As far as we know rachana is one of the most talented actresses I’ve ever had the privilege of watching on TV. her pairing with Ashish was the best thing and they really complimented each other! #EMA is now a lost course! Today fans all over the world are mourning the exit of the irreplaceable Rachana! She deserves better and I have no doubt she will persevere and make a success of her life! All the very best for your future endeavours Rachana! You are a stunning beauty both in and out and remember your fans will always stand by you! Love you angel girl! It is there loss without a doubt not yours! Go get em sweetheart and show em what a success you are going to become! Thank you for giving us beautiful memories of kalpi we will always cherish! Please stay in touch with your fans! We will miss you immensely! I’m writing this with such a heavy heart!

  3. As I already said in your last article,No Rachna or Ashish,no EMA for me….so will stop watching the show after Rachna’s exit,they can all go n drown some where…EMA shouldn’t have raised aspersions on Rachna’s acting abilities…according to most of Ragna fans,Rachna gave Ashish a run for his money with her acting abilities and acc. to me personally,she is the best actress on that set of EMA,surpassing any other actors or actresses…..even Ashish himself…..they are blind and plain jealous seeing the accolade Rachna is getting from fans and so came up with this disgusting tactic of replacing her….this only confirms their lack of any morality in themselves which is reflecting in their show now….Utter rag that show of their is….Glad to finally have a reason to stop watching it!!

  4. EMA is going the way to hell. not Aasmaan . just because of one iidiot this garb story going weird. why they have not replace PORKI.

  5. Tolerated the show this far inspite of their crappy twists just for Kalpi who portrayed perfectly by Rachana..Now with Rachana exiting, no need to tolerate the show anymore…and in my mind Kalpi will always be only Rachana!! End the crap!!

  6. We stand firmly behind Rachna and she was the best in EMA. Nobody can replace her and for many of her fans EMA ends right here. But we demand an apology from the makers for saying that they didn’t like her work.

  7. is show me sab kuchh wrong hai.isme achchhe logo ki jagh hi nahi hai.ema go to hell.rachana mujhe tumhari or ashish ki jodi achchhi lagi.mai tumhe ashish ke sath kisi achchhe serial me dekhana chahti hu.ye serial maine only kalpi ke liye dekha tha.pr ema valo ko fans ki kadr nahi hai.rachana hi mere liye kalpi hai.mujhe lagega kalpi ki death ho gai.achchhai pr burai jeet gai.

  8. Rachana is a rare combination of vivacity and innocence. She was queen of expressions and through her almond shaped wide eyes and beautiful smile she could set the screen on fire. Her love scenes were just out of the box and many scenes she excelled that it would put even our bollywood heroines to shame. I think her super success is something that EMA could not handle and it is actually their defeat that they are replacing Rachana with Asha negi who will fall flat on the faces of the viewers. Negi with her funny coiffures and add on make ups and under nourished urchin’s voice will be a total misfit in the one room chawl of Kalpi’s house. She will look like Mohit and Shilpa’s sister rather their daughter. And she will be a misfire with Ashish. Just imagine the negi and chowdhary looking intensely into each others eyes that will be the best comedy scene of the year. EMA out of their ego and inadequacy and incompetence killing their own serial

    • Girija ji u hav hit the nail on the head perfectly !! Asha Luks like brain dead raghavs dumbo older sister from the 70 s !!!!!!! Lol n Rolf !!!! Ema RIH (rot in hell ) !!!!!!!

  9. Rachaba did her role well amongst such a pathetic story line. Everyone I know is not watching EMA from today. The story, the production team n creative director s can go to rubbish bins for all we care

  10. I will always support Rachana…………She is an amazing actress…….Rachana as Kalpana In EMA Did Outstanding Job.
    EMA cv’s u all go to hell.

  11. It’s been extremely devastating news to fans of Rachana Parulkar all over the world 🙁 She has been a Superb actress thus far and always will be. She is beautiful inside and out. Shame on those who said that she had to leave because of her acting skills. This will be great loss to EMA an ZEE.
    Hope the Almighty blesses Rachana with much better projects and gives her the Success she truly deserves 🙂

  12. Nothing more to say. Finally can end following EMA online as well for good. Hope to see Rachana in some good show with good creatives & PH. If the makers think they can pull it off with Ashish alone, i can bet they are in for a reality check soon ?. Hope EMA end soon

  13. This has been devastating news for fans of Rachana Parulkar all over the world 🙁 She has been a Superb actress and portrayed the character of Kalpi brilliantly. Shame on those who have mentioned that she is leaving because of her acting skills. Rachana deserves much better and May the Almighty bless her with more deserving projects where her hard work and commitment will be appreciated 🙂 . This will be a great loss to EMA as well as ZEE. Nobody can take the place of Kalpi and so my journey with EMA ends when Rachana’s does

  14. ema me bhagvan,sindoor,pyaar.vishvas etc sabhi ka apman hoaa hai .raghav ne bhagvan ke samne kaha tha ki vo kalpi ke alava kisi or ko wife ke roop dekhega to uski death ho gayegi .phir vo pakhi ki jhoothi bat ko sahi mankar jida kyo hai ?pakhi ki pol khuli chahiye.or rachana ke jane ke bad ema ko end kar de.go to hell ema……………………………………………………………………..1000 times


  15. Bullshit.not watching EMA without rachna.rachna was the reason we use to watch this show.no more vote for EMA. Go to HELL EMA.

  16. this is the most horrible twist that the makers and channel could have brought, though knowing how much we loved and wanted our fav Jodi ragna back on screen they today took away all hopes of seeing them together again by replacing kalpi, Ragna can never be without our dear Rachna, cant even think of any other actor taking her place

  17. already trp’s are dropping now its going to be worst.same things r gng to happen with ema what happened with meiej after vivians exit.

  18. What a waste! This show will definitely drop in the ratings again. First a senseless twist for Pakhi to marry raghav now replacing the one actress who plays the character we love. Might as well cancel the show since the creative team is using the wrong methods to gain viewers interest. No Rachna will just lead to less viewers! Replacing rachna is heart breaking and a big disappointment. I’m guessing I have no more Ema to look at now. Creativity is clearly lost with this show

  19. What a painful situation.Its a shame on the channel and the PH to blame Rachana’s acting.The real problem is their EGO.After May 9th every day,the channel and CV were aware of viewers unhappiness to the story line.But instead of correcting it,they went ahead with their CRAPFEST and still continue to do it. Ridiculous channel, CV,writer and director.They are the reason for low TRP.Not Rachana. Rachana is a super star,will always remember as Kalpi. Hope she will get a better project soon and will show her worth to the EMA team.God bless you Rachana.

  20. feel like cheated..they had a good story they turned it into crap just by one stupid twist as they cal it..now the soul ofthe show is been replaced… the cv’s and also the ,zee has taken its viewers for granted…it was the only sope I was hooked to….I want even to ashish to go out of the show.I really hope he is not part of this racism…I personally dont hate asha negi but really sorry can’t accept her as kalpana it will always be rachana and only her…

  21. Oh they cheated us… like.. some one stabbed from back.. firstly Rahgav and kalpana’s awesome chemistery… attracted us towards them.. then the horrible twist on 9 may .. oh god..and even after three months they didnot recover the story..and again a blasted twist.. of removing RAchana..oh really.. how this gonna work.. they killed our last hope to see RAgna in one frame .. DJs are sick..and ZEE is their campaignion for supporting them with this crap.. I have never seen this before..the fans are heart broken.. with this horrible twist.. all I can see this is becoz.. of partiality.. and rudeness in the sets.. Rachana was not expected to leave.. but she forced to do that by some cruel crew members.. hate this hate this from the core..Now I really wish.. AShish will also get out of this crap to maintain his and his fans dignity.. honors will always be there for Ashish and Rachana… they made us to fell for them.. unconditionally …

  22. I took this personally to my Heart, I never ever thought that any actors exit from a show could impact my simple life so much but it has n that shows what an amazing actress she is..inspite of repeated requests zeetv went ahead with their silly storyline n finally made rachana the scapegoat .rachana I wish all the very best my princess u deserve much more than these silly people….and u n ashish make amazing pair hope to see you guys as leads in another serial.all the very best sweetheart.

  23. Thank u Telly ithni acchi article ke liyee mindblownigg yaar…hum sab Ragna fans ke saath media tho hainn thank u vry muchh…No one can replace kalpi sirf Rachana hi ban sakthi hain No kalpi No Ema No Raghavvv….agar channel cv’s aur PH ko story cha thonge karni hain tho sirf kalpi ki character pe kyun she is the best actress n lead hain lekin

  24. Loved u as Kalpi, i m sure you’ll get amazing offers, you have amazing acting skill, cv cheated us not only you, no Rachna no EMA for me. I wish all the best my angel, u deserve much more. Hope EMA end soon.

  25. Mee too will stop watch this show as I was only watching this show for ragna via ashna ..if no rachna then no ragna for me….a big wala slap from me to pd and writers…go to hell

  26. ya, very cruel of the EMA team to kick Rachana out. Really this hurts so much that I’ll never watch this show anymore. If Asha Negi has read this news with all our comments, she shld not accept the role, unless she’s so hard-up as she got no shows on hand plus EMA is famous….but she must keep in mind EMA is famous becos of RAGNA not the storyline!!!

  27. No Rachna no EMA. Is show ko bachna hai to no replacement pl pl pl pl pl….. Raghav(Aashish) ke saath sirf aur sirf Kalpi(Rachna)aachi lagti hai n no one else. Accident, memory loss ok but why plastic surgery n replacement? Isase Trp aur ghategi. Hame to laga tha ki sub problems solve ho jayenge aur Kalpi Raghav ek ho jayenge. But I think director is out of his mind. TRPagar badhani hai to Rachna ka hona jaruri hai. Pl pl pl pl pl………..Rachna stay back pl pl pl pl pl…….

  28. Rachna is the best that i have seen on Tv…she can emote with her eyes and expression…the screen lights up with her smile…Ashish gave his best scenes only with her…i have never seen him emote so well in his bollywood films…Rachna rocks..!the cvs r dumbos..! it is their loss..

  29. Rachana was kalpi , Rachana is kalpi n will always remain kalpi for me n my family n friends no matter what the brain less cv , pd do . rachana gave life to kalpi with her remarkable portrayal n nobody I repeat no rotten stinking ph , pd ,cv can change this truth !!! Rachana u will always rock n will always be the brightest star !! More power to you !!! As for ema it can rot in HELL . Who cares ? I do not !!!!! N thanks Telly reviews u guys r the best !! Keep up the gud work .

  30. Thanks telly reviews for the article.. Rachana an amazing actor who is not getting her due.. Hope she gets better projects and comes back with a bang.. God bless her…

  31. Very sad this has happened to Rachana such a talented actor. May she be blessed with better opportunities by the Almighty

  32. I like Rachana’s words – leaving EMA with dignity and respect,,, She is so polite and humble . She is so amazing for someone so young.. God bless her with a wonderful future lots of success… .

  33. When i told this news to my family nd frnd..this gays sure to they not watch this show..she is gud actor always…better than asha negi…definately we r nt watch this show…without her TRP down and down…change karna hi he to pakhi ko change karo..vo kaha itani achi acting kar rahi he…

  34. Was getting fed up of the story line, which mother poor or ric loves someone else more than their own daughter, kamalamma is irritating she looks timid but always has her way with a weak husband who always nod his head to all her stupid decision. She brings home the lady who ruined their happiness & her daughter’s dream & the bad woman is winning so is her daughter. Kalpi was given a role where she had to be timid & always abiding by her stupid mom she was made a scape goat in series as well as real life. Rachan did a good job why is she replaced.? No watching EMA. It will Ek Muthi He’ll.

  35. this asha is too old to play kalpi. if i am not mistaken in another serial she has a daughter as old as kalpi. the writers need their head examined.


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