Pyaar Ka The End 5th September 2014 Episode 4 on Bindass, Veer and Nidhi’s story – Written Update


Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 4th Episode - 5th September 2014, Veer and Nidhi's story

The voiceover speaks that pyaar, Ishq, mohabbat are different names of Love and we don’t have control over it but what if it gets deviated then it become a obsessive passion. The story is set in the year 2012 and in the city of New Delhi. The voiceover speaks about the engineering college which is very popular there where human computers are manufactured and it can get virus as well and one of the human computer faced a misunderstanding of Virus and whether this misunderstanding has lead to today’s story ka Pyaar ka The End.


The voiceover introduces Veer Grewal who is a super genius and suggests that he got lot of brain and intelligence but he is short of love and love is absence. From his childhood, he saw his parents fights and then he found friends in science and Maths books and he came to attend the engineering college. He found relieve in hostels with some exceptions. He has a friend Anshul Awasthi. The voiceover introduces and informs about Anshul who keeps dirty eyes on girls doesn’t matter their color or size. Ansul also has the record of getting maximum slaps from the girls and whenever he comes has a news about girls. Anshul speaks to Veer that a new professor has come to their college and she is hot and also going to teach them chemistry and says this with much excitement. Veer gets a call from his mother and he asks her about his father’s health. She informs him that the court have sanctioned the divorce which means she will not stay with her husband and has decided with mutual consent. She asks him to decide whether he will like to stay with his mother or father.

Veer becomes dejected and upset on hearing it. He was seen walking in the college and acts strangely because of his situation and then hits a punch on a board. He goes to attend his class and there comes a new Professor Nidhi Chauhan and the voiceover introduces her she is young and will teach there at the college and has love for all and always want to help others and also showers a smile as well and people think in other way. Nidhi speaks in the class about upcoming exams and the deadline is approaching quickly and Veer still thinks about his mother’s words about the divorce and is still lost on it. She comes to him and asks him about his name and he replies Veer. She then asks him to write down the equation defining the first law of thermodynamics on the board. He goes on the board and starts to write the equation and Nidhi finds his knuckles on his hand bleeding. She wants him to go to the enfermary and do the dressing. He informs her of going to the enfermary but there was nobody. She wants to do the dressing for the wound and also suggests to give him antibiotics as well. She cleans the wound and then asks about his problem and then suggests that if you share then your problems will go away. He makes a move from there without answering her.

Veer and Anshul are seen together and are both drunk. Anshul speaks that they share room together and also sits on the same bench in college and then informs about how Veer doesn’t study and still perform well in studies while he is not good in studies after putting more efforts and work. Anshul speaks that Veer will top again this time as well and he speaks of fulfilling his grand father’s wish to be the topper of his engineering college. Anshul is not in his full senses and then stands up and suggests that he is the topper while Veer is the 2nd. The voiceover speaks that even in dreams Anshul thinks himself as the topper and the sky and regards Veer as the second fiddle or the ground. The voiceover suggests that such behavior when drunk will spill out the beans of what’s hiding inside your heart so either don’t drink and dream or if you dreams then don’t tell. At the college, Nidhi speaks with a male colleague with whom she shares personal updates and informs of meeting her mother next day and she is meeting her mother after one year. Veer is seen at the college campus in the night and Nidhi is informed by a lady that Veer’s parents have taken divorced which has broken him and he even didn’t go to visit his parents for Diwali holidays. Nidhi then comes to speak with Veer and asks him about his plan. He informs her that his parents are out of country so he doesn’t have such plan and she informs him to celebrate the Diwali with her and also informs that her mother is also coming so he can come to their place.

The voiceover speaks that Veer always have shortage of love and in that state humans understand compassion and kindness as love and he raises the question whether Veer will think the same as well. Veer is all smiles and elated and the next day goes to his professor Nidhi’s home and supports her in lighting the Deepali candles. Nidhi’s mother comes there and soon he takes her after blindfolding to a place where he controls lights using a phone and informs her on controlling electronic items by syncing on his phone. She is impressed and gives him a Diwali gift later. She speaks on phone and wishes Happy Diwali to her colleague Siddhartha. She asks what he is thinking and asks him whether he feels about their student and professor status. He replies no and she then asks whether its written somewhere that professor and students cannot be friends and asks him to give reply. She speaks that he is like her and they are the ones who do lot of things for other’s happiness but doesn’t do any thing for their own happiness. She suggests that if he continues to be quiet and doesn’t share anything then he will not get a girlfriend so start sharing and asks him whether he understood.

Veer feels more happy and excited. The voiceover speaks that Veer understood Nidhi’s kindness as love and he even doesn’t know the consequences about his misunderstanding. At the college some other day when books fall down on the ground he helps her and she asks him whether he can drop the books to the quarters and he agrees and carries them. She drops to her quarters and she speaks about what it feels when parents go far and she informs on losing her father when she was 8 years old so she feels the loss. She wants him to wear the jacket which she has gifted him earlier on Diwali and suggests that he will look nice after wearing it.  Veer’s happiness grows and he spends time with Nidhi by his attendance in the class and also some tuitions at her home [Kyun Hain Yeh Khamoshiyan song plays]. In the college restroom, when he was peeing he overhears some boys talking about Nidhi mam and Veer’s affair (who are also using the restroom and are not in his sight). After hearing it, he becomes upset and worried. They speak that Veer spends lot of time with Nidhi and even goes to her quarter late night and wished that they are also as lucky as Veer. Veer becomes more upset and finds Anshul to be the one who spoke bad things about Nidhi. He confronts Anshul who overpowers him and Veer is being beaten there. Nidhi comes to know about the incident and comes to meet Veer and asks him what are these things and why did he fought ? Veer is seen battered and bruised. He asks her whether she knows the reason of his fight. At the same time she gets a call from Siddhartha and she speaks of coming to see him in few minutes.

She wants to see him at the top but there are some students doesn’t realize that teacher’s present is related to student’s future as well. She cites that students doesn’t understand and his exams are approaching soon and also her engagement. She is about to go and suggests to speak about that matter later. She takes out a ring and it falls down and as she begins to search on the floor, Veer gets it and returns her back and asks her whether she got it new. She speaks that is her engagement ring since she is engaged with Prof. Siddhartha and he will be going to US for some research work. Veer becomes upset and nervous and she informs of getting her marriage preponed and will be done in one week because of her fiance’s visit to US. She goes from there. Veer thinks and remains on that moment. [Ittefaq Tha Ek Mazaak Tha Tera Mera song plays]. Veer finds Nidhi going with Siddhartha and becomes dejected and cries. Veer next day learns that Prof. Siddhartha is the exam incharge and one of the boys there speaks on his worry that he can’t do any cheating in the class during the exam. Veer goes to his room and the voiceover speaks that Veer was so much blinded in his one-sided love that even getting rid of someone from the path was on his agenda. Veer designs an electronic robot  which can fly in the air and also inserts a camera on it and controls it with his mobile phone and is successful. Next day, he sends the robot to view Siddharth’s office room and then looks at the key of the storage where exam papers are stored. Siddharth finds some strange activity but Veer recognizes the movement and lowers his robot. Veer comes later to Siddhartha’s office since he knows the password of the storage and copies the exam paper on his phone.

The voiceover speaks that this is the first wrong turn of the story and cites that intelligence is deadly though it gives us development but also for destruction. He speaks that the flying robot (machine, object) was fine but how it was used by Veer was not appropriate which will take away the calmness and satisfaction from his life. Siddhartha later meets Nidhi and informs of seeing a flying object in his window and at that time doesn’t knew about its effects but now came to know about all the things. The voiceover speaks that Siddhartha was accused of paper leak and he was suspended and whatever happened which was feared of and suggests that when a clever mind wants to do destruction then he will not even think of himself. Veer’s target has been achieved and what remains how the poison spreads. Anshul is also there who was keeping an eye on Veer’s movements and also know of Siddharth and Nidhi’s meeting there. Later, Veer comes to Nidhi’s home and wants to say something. He then asks her to not go anywhere and she is seen in a teary face. She speaks of her decision to leave and cites that whatever happened with Siddharth is wrong and nobody is listening to his innocence. She then informs of Siddharth telling her about seeing a flying object when he was putting the exam papers in the locker but nobody is accepting his words. She speaks that papers are stolen but nobody knows the culprit and the entire staff is looking at her with suspicion because she and Siddharth are engaged. She speaks of her decision to leave and he suggests that as he is there so nothing will happen to her and tries to provide support while she is crying. He then opens up about his inner feelings which have already taken the wrong turn and speaks of loving her a lot.

He hugs her forcibly and doesn’t want her to leave. She asks him whether he is mad and gives him a slap. She speaks of liking him after seeing his intelligence and also his good nature. She wanted that his future doesn’t get affected because of his past and parents breakup and moreover she wanted him to focus on his career but instead he thought on all such things. She asks him How could he ? Veer speaks in loud voice that she has to hear him and then speaks that when she joined college then all things changed for him and he reminds that she told him that they are same and also she told him that they only think of others happiness. He informs her of not knowing love before but when she entered his life he felt happiness and cites that she takes much care of him and never made him sad. He thinks that she might have some feelings for him and then speaks of his own feelings for her and also talks about having good memories after spending time with her. He asks whether he was wrong ? She replies that he took all things in wrong way and he was wrong while speaking them in teary voice. She wants him to leave from there and he goes becoming more upset and angry after that rejection. The voiceover speaks that in love there is yes and sometimes No but people normally takes the rejection by heart and the NO cannot be changed to Yes, and its all depends on Veer how would he take this NO from heart or mind. Veer comes to his dormitory and is stopped by Anshul and he speaks that Siddhartha Sir has seen a flying object and has a suspicion that somebody spied on him. Anshul then directly points finger on Veer and suggests that he has made that object (Anshul has already seen the Veer’s robot design on paper).

Anshul threatens Veer that he is gone. Veer stops Anshul and then asks him whether he wants to become the college topper to fulfill his grandfather wish.  Anshul replies yes and then Veer tells him to meet on the terrace after 1 year where he will inform him all the things about the matter. Veer speaks of having a chill time like before and also maybe with question paper. Veer contemplates on his plan and then goes to put wires on the terrace railing and support. The voiceover speaks that this is the second wrong turn of the story and by stealing exam question papers Veer had already done a big mistake but to cover that mistake the step he has chosen is not a mistake but a grave sin. Does Veer’s mind has brought up in the place where his Pyaar ka The End is approaching very rapidly ? Anshul comes there at the terrace and waits for Veer. Veer initiates the flying rover and sends it in the sky and looks for Anshul and it is seen that Anshul has gone from the terrace after waiting for some time and Nidhi has came there on the terrace instead and sees Veer on the ground with his phone. Veer ponders where Anshul has gone since he is not seeing him in his camera and some other boys come there and asks him whether he is looking for Nidhi mam and engages in fight with him and bashes Veer without any valid reason. Veer gets hurt on his head and starts to become unconscious.

Veer is then seen at the hospital bed recovering and the doctor informs him that he was unconscious for 12 hours because of the head injury and his parents are informed as well. Veer speaks how come 12 hours and the boy who is seen there informs that Nidhi mam has died with much hesitation and sadness. Veer cries after hearing it and he speaks it happened because of him and cries more. It turns out that Nidhi has seen the flying object which Veer has initiated on that night and after seeing it she came on the terrace and has touched the railing after realizing that Veer was operating that flying object and she got electrocuted. and fell from the terrace and died. Veer never thought that his own plan will backfire on him very badly and what was so very wrong in his story that we have learnt and know and if had changed that then the current situation would have not happened.

Let’s go backward in the story to see where this story would have been right. That night when Veer learnt about Nidhi’s engagement with Siddhartha, he should have accepted it and moved forward and carried a smile on his face. He got another chance when he came to confess his love to Nidhi at her home and there if he has said truth then it would have overpower 100 lies. Veer speaking to Nidhi that he understood her care as love and then goes on to share all the things with her and also the truth of sending the flying robot and stealing the paper then she would have helped him right then. The voiceover speaks that this is Veer’s story and how has he destroyed his bright future. Because of Veer’s sin, Nidhi’s passed away and finally when Veer get rid of his love for Nidhi, he realized about his crime but its too late because life is a program where there is no button of UNDO thats the reason it is said that don’t misuse things otherwise your life will be at much risk. Veer is arrested by police for his crime.

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