Ishita placates Raman and dazed to witness his ‘Chill after storm’ attitude; Sumeet Sachdev enters Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


raman and ishita in yeh hai mohabbatein


Raman is already annoyed as his client Abhimanyu did not meet him as he was three minutes late. Mihir asked Raman to prepare the presentation again. Raman works on the old version to give some finishing touches. Raman and Ishita have a sweet romantic scene in their room, as she has realized her love and stares totally like a running feeler when Raman is around. She wastes no time to stare at him, just seeing and admiring him with a smile. Raman gets angry when he comes to know that Ashok is getting the deal by giving a bribe. He finds it ridiculous and gets angry on Ashok. Ishita knows that the deal was really important, but understands that this happens in business rivalry. Ashok has always been putting up unfair ways to show down Raman and she explains him this is nothing new.

Ishita tells Raman about Mihir giving a dinner party for Shagun and her to be husband Ashok. Raman’s mood goes bad knowing about this. He refuses to come in the party. She asks him to come, as he is the one who made Mihir revive his relations with his sister Shagun. She asks him to come for Mihir’s sake. Raman agrees and says he will come, but he will not spare Ashok seeing there, and taunts on him. Ishita pacifies him and asks him to behave well, just perfectly mannered and looking happy. Raman obeys her orders very well. While they are busy talking, Ruhi and Shravan run up to them and their mischief could have become a reason for Raman to get angry and scold Ruhi. The water falls on the floor by the kids and they slip. Raman targets Ruhi, but does not scold her, thereby amazing Ishita by his sweet nature, by suppressing his anger suddenly and donning a goody goody cap. Ishita is stunned to see his cool attitude and smiles as Raman follows her instructions well.

Adi’s seeing Ashok’s truth is the other track. Adi overheard Ashok and Suraj talking about making Shagun’s entry banned in their house, making her exit permanent. This made Adi very upset seeing Ashok’s truth. When he comes to Ishita for his dental treatement, Ishita has sensed his annoyance with Ashok, and shared the matter with Shagun too. Shagun sticks to her stupidity and does not believe Ishita. Adi is laid back by Shagun’s happiness and expectations, what comes up in the dinner party will be a must watch. As Ashok is keen to show his bad side to shoo off Shagun from him, will Shagun be able to bear this break up of a six year long live-in relation with Ashok? We hope Mihir stands by her side with the tissue box. A shattered Shagun will try to get back in Raman’s life, while he shuts all doors for her. Stay tuned for Ishita’s friend’s surprise who will be making Raman jealous and make him realize his feelings for Ishita in the show. Keep reading.

Additional Note:
* Ishita’s friend who turns out to be Abhimanyu is going to be portrayed by actor Sumeet Sachdev. His character in YHM is that of a cool headed person who will add some more fun moments in the show.
– Sumeet played the popular role of Gautam Virani in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi show.
After some years of hiatus from acting, recently, he worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 40 aired on 27th April 2014 playing the role of Prof. Aseem Sen. If interested, read the episode’s written update on our site here.
– Read more about Sumeet at his Wikipedia page.

Sumeet Sachdev

Image credit: Sumeet’s pic from his Wikipedia page.



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