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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (host, mentor) comes on a special two-wheeler Segway PT [a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle] while standing and a stick in his hand. He greets contestants on the Dare 2 Dance song. Akshay calls Segway as his favorite because its saves fuel, space, time and also leaves us from parking issues. He asks who will save the contestants from extreme dare. He informs about the prize and speaks about an exciting twist in the show later. Akshay speaks of the remaining 5 contestants will perform today.


* Prince comes first and he speaks of coming from Baroda and Akshay asks whether he is Gujarati and he replies of originally from Punjab but born and living in Gujarat. Akshay then asks the contestants whether they know Dandiya. Few contestants come forward and Rithvik does Dandiya dance with Scarlett and they all groove on the Dandiya together. Sanam is watching others dance and feels happy. Mayuresh speaks of feeling stress free when played that dance. Akshay wishes the viewers Happy Navratri and Dusshera in advance on behalf of the contestants as well. Prince speaks of getting an unusual prop and he cannot hold it and wants to dance there which is his forte and the dance is lyrical in nature. He dedicates his act to all. Prince starts his performance on a staircase and flat prop and performs on the Dil Sambhal Ja Raha song. Prince does fast dance moves and slides over the prop and his dance follows the pattern of the lyrics and conveys emotions. He uses his legs, hands, body and agility well. When the Ruk (stop) lyrics came he stopped for few seconds and then dances like that of wave. He uses other props like heart shape as well. His focus to follow the lyrics and his end dance move is to fall backwards on the trampoline which was on the ground. Prince speaks of adding some creative inputs and have also used some small props as well. Akshay speaks on cam that prince has given a soulful performance and thinks that the boy has some thing in him and calls the performance as the best. Francois gives him a green card and Sanjay speaks that Prince eats, sleeps dance and calls his performance outstanding and gives him a green card. Akshay compliments Prince by saying that if he has organized a dance show then he will be first person to buy a ticket. He speaks that its impossible to pick every beat and word of the lyrics and suggests that even he cannot do it being an actor. Prince replies on feeling his act which means that other person will connect with it as well.  Akshay speaks that prince has given full justice to the lyrical dance and compliments him with AK is Ok message. He compliments further by saying that Prince will soon become a Star and speaks of being proud  and even his parents will be proud as well.
Result: Prince has received 7 green cards and 1 red card until now.

Akshay asks Prince is soft voice whether he has a girlfriend. Prince replies no. Akshay then speaks humorously that prince is roaming lonely which brought laughter to all including prince. Akshay pulls his leg more and asks about his age. Prince replies 22 yrs and Akshay again suggests whether he roams lonely. Akshay suggests him to not roam alone since people can think strange things about him. Prince leaves by saying that after he completes the show, he will not roam alone.

Akshay speaks of the quote – Aa Bayail.. Mujhe Maar (in hindi) which translates to Inviting the bull to hit you [Asking for problems by yourself] and he requests the viewers to not repeat the acts performed on the show.

* Alisha Singh (Akshay refers her fondly as Ilyas Bhai) comes next and speaks on performing on Kudi song and dedicates her act to her father who used to be always present with her. She speaks of coming alone there to cape town and prays to have her parents wishes. Akshay speaks that her performance is risky and wishes her good luck. Alisha in recorded conversation speaks of using the prop as stilt which is commonly seen in fairs/festive places and artists wearing it and walking in those fairs. She speaks of the difficulty and couldn’t stand as well in the start and was afraid as well. She speaks of the fear of height and has added flamenco in her performance. She wants to use stilt as the heels and her footwork so as to be consistent with flamenco dance style. Because of the stilt, her costume has become bigger specially the skirt was very long and speaks of feeling frustrated. Alisha starts her performance with some flamenco starting dance moves and flapping her skirt and using her hands and performs on the Udi Tere Aankhoin Se song (from the movie Guzaarish – 2010). She walks on the stilt during her dance and does one leg stand and climbs on the slider and slides down to end her performance. Akshay speaks on camera that Alisha fell but she didn’t lose hope and fought to win. Sanjay gives her a green card and speaks that nobody can think to dance with stilt. Francois gives her a green card and she put good strength and balance. Akshay compliments Alisha that if she continues to balance like this then very soon she will have a great bank balance as well. Akshay compliments and thanks her and she leaves while walking on the stilt.
Result: Alisha got 8 green cards and 0 red card until now.

* Sanam Johar comes next and speaks of using trampoline as the prop and also has added a ladder. He speaks of performing on freestyle dance form and suggests that trampoline is an unpredictable prop and his aim will be complete his act. Akshay finds that Sanam’s specs doesn’t have glasses and Sanam replies that he wore it since the morning to remain in the character of his performance which needed specs. Sanam speaks of seeing people jumping and falling over a trampoline but haven’t seen any dance with it. Sanam wants to dance on trampoline to have a complete act. Sanam starts his performance with the Badtameez Dil song and comes down from the ladder on the trampoline. He dances on the trampoline and jumps on it according to the lyrics and jumps while stretching his legs and does sommersault and back flips. Sanam removes his shirt and specs and does comedy scene and gets hold of the ladder and does few more back flips and sommersaults to end his performance and flaunts his body in the end.  Sanam speaks of giving a good performance and also carried expressions well. Akshay speaks on camera that Sanam learnt everything in just 2 days and applauds him. Francois speaks of liking his forward and backward sommersaults, jumps, and back flips and balance and gives Sanam a green card. Sanjay gives him a green card and speaks that trampoline is a difficult prop and calls his act as entertaining. Akshay compliments Sanam with AK is Ok message and suggests that he liked Sanam putting humor, entertainment, comedy, attitude in his act and gives him a cap with BOSS title. [Boss title song plays].
Result: Sanam has received 8 Green cards and 0 red cards

Akshay speaks that abdomen part of the body should be strong for trampoline performance to explain why the act is difficult. He calls Prince and asks what he feels about Sanam’s performance and whether it is better than him ? Prince replies that if you speak with prop then he regards Sanam’s performance to be better. Sanam speaks that in dancing context Prince has given the best performance. Akshay speaks that the unit is inspired after seeing the contestants performance and calls Justin.  Justin performs with Sanam  on the Badtameez Dil and does some dance which also has some humor with some boxing steps.

* Mayuresh comes next and is seen with silver lining on his forehead. Akshay suggests on a lighter note that Mayuresh was eating sweets laced with sliver lining and thus gotten the same on his forehead bringing smile. Mayuresh speaks of doing Pole malkham and he dedicates his performance to his parents, sister, grandmother and Assistants who have showered their love to him and send him there. Mayuresh in recorded conversation speaks of pain due to swelling and also difficulty in climbing poles and to have grip is hard. Mayuresh starts his performance from a circular hanging ring. He hangs from it with his foot tied down  and then comes down and climbs the pole and moves to different poles and follows the lyrics of the song and shows expressions.. He uses the circular ring and revolves with it and in the climbs to the top of the stand with a backward stretch pose. Scarlett mistakenly says that she is praying for 2 red cards for Mayuresh and Akshay pulls her leg on it. Akshay speaks on cam that Mayuresh’s forte is Malkham and thus he did well and he has good power in shoulders and hands and thinks that he will get 2 green cards. Sanjay speaks that the performance was smooth and also stamina was fine this time and gives him a green card and Francois gives him a green card as well. Akshay congratulates Mayuresh and also speaks of Scarlett’s blooper.
Result: Mayuresh has 6 green cards and 2 red cards until now.

* Scarlett Wilson comes next and dedicates the performance to her mother. She speaks that the performance is emotional since it captures the high and lows of life and her biggest sadness is her mom’s cancer. Akshay informs that Scarlett’s mother has her third chemotherapy and he wishes that world should be cancer-free and nobody should get it. He speaks that you can combat cancer by fighting with a smile because cancer is scared of smile. He wants all to remember that thought. Scarlett’s prop is a U-shaped slider which is slippery and she has fallen many times during her rehearsals. Scarlett starts her performance and the voiceover speaks of the high and lows in life and suggests one who fights in life actually lives. She performs on the Aye Kabira… Kaise Teri Khudgarzi song. She begin her dance with stretching and sliding down the slider and then crawls and does some back flips on the slider. She uses her hands and follows the  beat of the lyrics. She does a back flip on the top of the U-slider and gets hurt but continues with her performance. Scarlett’s  emotes the pain of the lyrics in her performance and ends with climbing the slider. After ending her act, she speaks of doing her performance by heart. Akshay speaks that she did her act not just by heart but by soul and stresses on how she did free fall and back flips on the top of the slider and he thinks that she would have got many bruises and thinks that she should get 2 green cards. Sanjay speaks that she maintained control on her body and used her prop as well and calls her performance as smooth and gives her a green card. Francois gives her a green card as well. Akshay learnt that she has bruised and also bleeding is seen on her foot. He compliments her with AK is Ok and appreciates her dedication. Akshay speaks that her expressions match with her body – hands and legs movements. Scarlett thanks her mom and shows the 2 green cards.
Result: Scarlett received 8 green cards and 0 red card until now.

Akshay calls Karan Singh Pangali and Sayantani Ghosh who were in mirror room tents and by final tally both have 4 red cards and are in bottom 2. He speaks of giving them another opportunity and informs that next week they will compete against each other in a face-off and there will be one winner and the one who is weaker will be eliminated. Akshay speaks to contestants to take out their cards because someone will come to collect them. Soon, a girl comes there wearing golden color dress and high heels and came with a Hullout ring and starts dancing with that prop on the Dare 2 Dance title song. Akshay asks the girl whose name is Mayuri to collect the contestants card and all contestants are puzzled on what’s twist is going to happen. Mayuri collects their cards and Akshay informs that they need to forget about their cards and they become shocked. He suggests that now there will be a fresh start. Rithvik regards the green cards as their way to the trophy but now they don’t have any meaning. All the contestants have now 0 green and 0 red cards after the reset. Akshay asks Mayuri about her profile. She informs of coming from Las Vegas, America and her family is based there and have siblings. She works as a cardio dance teacher and also teaches kids and also she is a performer as well. She informs of coming there without sounding pompous to give a dare and wants to compete and challenge against Sayantani and Karan. Akshay informs that Mayuri will also be a competitor in the face-off round with Sayantani and Karan and if she turns out better than them then both Sayantani and  Karan has to go home after being eliminated. He informs that if both Sayantani and Karan does better than Mayuri then both will remain on the show and Mayuri will go home. If Mayuri comes 2nd, then she will remain on the show and the lowest 3rd contestant will go home. He speaks that its a triple face-off and then speaks of the gold card which he had earlier spoken and wants to tell about its purpose.

Akshay speaks that one of the contestants will get the gold card as a prize and with it they will also get 2 green cards credited to them without any performance. Akshay speaks that the Gold card goes to the one who has impressed the experts and himself by their consistent performance and names Sanam as the gold card winner. Sanam feels shocked and in awe and calls it as the best surprise. Akshay speaks that its Sanam day as he got a cap, did good performance and also got a Gold card. He speaks that Sanam is having a lead of 2 green cards while others have zero green cards. Thus, he got a head start. Akshay speaks of another announcement which is the Dance Hero of the week and names Sanam as the dance Hero. Sanam becomes elated and excited to hear since it is double whammy for him – Gold card and Extreme Dance Hero of the week. Akshay wants Sanam to dance while smiling to the fullest. Sanam does a Happy Dance and Akshay is carrying a stick and hitting him a bit so as to keep motivating him during his dance. Sanam speaks on dancing openly which he has never done in that manner before. He takes selfie with Akshay. Akshay informs that all the winners of special prizes including the extreme dance hero has some good surprise and he will inform about it at an appropriate time. Akshay then speaks that all contestants might have some questions in mind which is the dare of next week. He gives contestants a hit and asks them to look at the ship which is seen near the shore and they will find the hint there. Akshay pushes the button to do a blast near the ship and fire is seen there. Amar speaks about the fire is shown as the hint which will be their dare component and speaks how fire is dangerous and suggests that all of them are afraid.

Akshay modifies the famous love quote from Poet Kabir and speaks – Yeh Risk Nahi Aasaan Bas Itna Samaj Lijiye..Yeh Ek Aag Ka Dariye Hain Aur Doob Je Jaana Hain [Risk is being introduced in the quote instead of love] and reminds all with his signing off quote – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

Poet Kabir’s famous love Quote:
Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan.. Bas Itna Samaj Lijiye.. Aankh Ka Dariya Hain Bas Doob Ke Jaana Hain. Its simple translation is that love is not an easy thing and many times we have to face hardships and uphill tasks to get it.

Additional Notes:
* Props used: Trampoline, Stilt, U-slider
* Segway PT Two-wheeler (Akshay’s intro scene):
– The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle and is produced by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire, USA.
– The name Segway is derived from the word segue, meaning smooth transition and PT is an abbreviation for personal transporter.
– Read more at its Wikipedia page.

Next Episode: The contestants perform in the setting of fire around them. Mayuresh is seen with Mujhe Rulaya song. Sayantani, Karan and Mayuri participate in the Triple face-off and Akshay is seen informing them who has got the 2 green cards among them.

Image credit: Twitter page of Life Ok and Segway from its Wikipedia page.

Full Episode Video: Dare 2 Dance, 28th September 2014, Episode 8

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Sneak Peek: Xtreme Reality
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