Raman and Shagun on concern- coffee date; Ashok to marry Mihika in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbetein


Ishita waits for Raman in Abhimanyu’s house warming party, but he does not turn up. She waits for him for long. She spots Ashok there and comes to know from Abhimanyu that Ashok is his business partner. She hears Ashok saying he will not marry Shagun and is just playing around. She gets stunned and warns Raman about Ashok cheating Shagun. Raman gets angry and asks her to mind her own business, and not interfere in anyone’s else. He scolds her being worried for her, as he does not want Ishita to get into trouble because of Shagun. Raman tells her to let Shagun go to hell, but she should not interfere. Ishita explains him that they can’t let Ashok ruin Shagun’s life and they need to atleast tell this to Shagun. Raman asks her to stop being good always. He asks Ishita to stop her spying ways, else one day her marriage will be in risk and he will leave her being fed up by her over smart trouble creations. Is this anger for Ishita goodness or for being jealous of Mani?

Raman, in turn has his heart bouncing for his ex wife and he is still concerned for her. Raman meets Shagun for coffee cum concern session and tells her that Ashok is cheating her. Shagun does not believe him, and asks him not to play any game, thinking this is Ishita’s plan to spoil her happiness. Raman asks Shagun to believe them, as Ashok will not marry her. Shagun gets tensed a bit, and still have faith in Ashok. Poor Shagun will be getting a big shaky jerk when Ashok marries Mihika by playing his big plans, as he has been eyeing her for long. We just hope this turns to be rumors and want Mihir to get his love. But Ekta loves to experiment with predictable tracks. What will Mihir and Shagun do now? How will Raman and Ishita manage to balance Mihika and Mihir’s life? Keep reading.


    • really yaar……is ekta ko koyi kaam nahi hai…..har baar kabab main kisi na kisi ko haddi bana kar le aati hai….mihir nd mihika r tooo cute 2gethr…….i cant afford watchng mihir breking again……..mihika zz d mainEST person in his life……plzzz ekta dont do dis…….show sum pity on us

    • Noo whyy should ! after all it’s a drama n if this happens then there are much more to expect if mihir n mihika n got married there is nothing interesting after that … its always good to hv this kinda drama unless it wont affect ishra 😀

      • ekta should not do this the drama will become so uninteresting and raman ana ishita are finally confessing thier love after a long time

  1. i will never watch this serial if this happens what the hell plz ekta just keep your this show out of your crazy ideas this is going well and let it go like this only
    plz change the track plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. wth why are u ppl saying u’ll stop watching stop watching… hope it happnes .. u need truns n twists i guess nahi tho serial 300 epi meh katam hojayega

  3. if this happens like all other bullshit serials it also is not worth watching, This is the only serial i used to watch and pls dont stop it by making it so dramatic

  4. If that’s true I’m not going to watch it either. Having a twist is one thing but Ashok with Mihika is ridiculous. Ekta will lose alot of her viewers. From no 1 show it will become a flop show and have to end suddenly.
    Do all her dramas have to have a third person in every relationship?
    It will be worse than East enders.

  5. Oh no yaar..this shd nt hpn..wht abt mihir??…plus if it hpns it will effect the relationshp of ishra..apshagun will hold ishita resopnsble fr ths..cz mihika is her sistr..this vl be disgustng….

  6. Only in Indian such twists occur.They should learn to give viewers good story line.If it’s not memory lost…..then it’s always about making women looking very weak.Oh plssssss do something or you lose yr viewers.

  7. audience and fans of YHM, u people r not understanding the big picture here. Ekta did the damage by bringing in the new character mani who loves ishu from so many years. now, a situation will arise where ishu will leave raman and marry mani. the routine story telling from balaji camp. ishu calling raman insensitive khadoos feelings ki kadar nahi karta is really not good. ishu shld understand the fact that raman is like this bcos of the past and he never tried to hurt ishu by any means. he did so much for her as a friend, lover nd husband just by understanding her heart. the rain dance is a fine example. wat did ishu do to raman so far. she loves him but is not ready to accept it. she never tried to make him understand that she loves him and cannot live without him. just staring at him for a few times nd when someone asks her does she love him, the only answer is waisa kuch bhi nahi hai. kyun nahi hai bhai, kya raman tumhare pyaar ke layak nahi hai tumhare subbu ki tarah. frustrated with this story. will stop watching this as the story of ishra wil come to an end now. mihir mihika marriage not happening is not a big thing. ishra break up is a big thing. raman, who already suffered so much will be left to tears and pain when ishita leaves him. this is the reason y ishita is not confessing her love to him nor to anybody. rishte mein sab kuch hai lekin pyar nahi hai to woh rishta toot jana hi sahi hai. Ekta ne hamein jhooti tasveer dikhayee. jis pyar ki hum ummeed lagake baithe the woh to kabhi bhi hamein nahi dikhega. ban balaji shows plz. really disgusting.

  8. If ashok marries Mihika I will literally die. Like why in the world would Mihika(totally in love with Mihir) suddenly marry ashok


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