Yeh Hai Aashiqui 5th October 2014 Episode 70 starring Bhavna Chauhan and Ruslaan Mumtaz on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 70 Starring Bhawna Chauhan and Ruslaan Mumtaz

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks who are in love face many problems and it is an old saying that families from different religions doesn’t give the permission to their children to love each other. He then speaks of his question, whether to do love, you need to take permission from your heart ? He suggests on not thinking in that way and welcomes all.


The story is set in Allahabad 2012 and Kabir and Sunaina are seen at their laboratory class and the teacher informs them to take out blood samples there. Sunaina comes there late and he looks at her and the teacher asks her to take out the blood sample first. She begins to take the blood sample from Kabir’s hand and he asks whether its first time for her. She prepares to take the blood sample as he continues to look at her and the teacher wants her to expedite. She takes out the blood and later meets him and suggests that now he is injured. He speaks that only if he gets injured then he can come to her and get treatment and leave to home with smile. She introduces herself as Dr. Sunaina and greets him and he introduces himself as Kabir. She asks him how he came there and gave blood and suggests that he is not a blood donor. He informs her on how his mother got saved by an unknown person who donated his blood for the group O negative. With that help, his mother’s life got saved and he remembers that day and has become a demo patient.

She takes him for some coffee and he is happy to go with her. Later, he tries to look at her while hiding and she finds him looking at her and then goes to meet him. He begins to leave on his bike and she comes there and he calls it a surprise and asks her whether he can drop her and where. She replies there at some random on the 2nd floor and smiles. He also begins to smile with her. [Jeena Ki Khwaish mein marne chale song plays].. Another day he is at the hospital and waits for her at the laboratory and learns that Sunaina is not coming.  As he was leaving, the teacher comes there and asks him where is he going ? He speaks of some urgent work and starts to leave and then hits Sunaina and falls down on the ground. He asks how come she is there since he heard her friend speaking that she will not come. She replies that it was a bluff and she asks what is he doing there ? While sitting on the floor, he speaks on doing what precedes every love story and speaks that he is serious and then goes on to say he has fallen in love with her like the one of love in first sight. She suggests that he can visit a psychiatrist and check himself and he wants her to calm down and suggests that he is not asking for love in return of his love and there is no exchange offer and instead he just wants to befriend her. He wants to be close around her so that she can understand that he is a good human and who knows there might be one day when they will be together from nearby just friends state. [Aas Paas se Pass Pass Se].

She thinks that he is trying poetry on her and then he asks whether they will start dating and she suggests him to not think about it and warns that if that so then today will be their first and last date. She speaks of making rules and he has to follow and he agrees with much ease. She informs that when the door to heart is closed and the friendship’s door is opened then he speaks that love is a big illness and the man doesn’t know when it happened and imitates the style of late actor Rajesh Khanna. He informs the teacher of leaving from there and she makes a taunt at him and asks whether he has seen the result of their friendship. He speaks to himself that now friendship is done and doesn’t matter about the result. Later, both meets at a park and she is seeing his social networking pics and finds him handsome. He asks her to not get mistaken by seeing the pics and suggests that he belongs to a poor family. She replies that’s evident because his jeans have patches and he then opens up more and informs of studying software engineering with scholarships at the Delhi university and stays at hostel and takes loans from his friends to buy petrol for his bikes. He speaks of doing one rich thing which is to fall for her and both share eyelocks on that note. She asks him why did he left girls in Delhi and came to Allahabad and is trying to woo girls here? He replies on coming for few days to Allahabad University for his research project and doesn’t knew what will happen here and soon his heart has found her. They are informed about the closing time of the campus since it is 8 pm and he informs that in love you will not remember time, hungry, and also worldly matters. Both smiles on that note and she speaks that he is good in talking and his name should not be Kabir but instead Akshay Kumar. He replies even Rajiv Bhatia will be much fine for him.

At Sunaina’s home, her father is doing prayers and speaks to his son Sandeep about the puja at the construction site and wants the rituals to be perfect and doesn’t worry about money. Sunaina comes there and informs her father that he does lot of rituals in the month and why does he need a Pandit since he remembers all the mantras as well. He replies that after his daughter’s doctor studies, he will have a big marriage for her with much shine so that deity/deities come and shower their grace for her and she will not have any problems in her life. He speaks of many proposals coming from Brahmin family and many of them are Doctors as well. She asks what she would be getting in return ? He replies that they will gift her a hospital and she can work with her husband there who will be a Jamai and give job to others. She then asks what if she likes an engineer ? Her father becomes a bit angry and his facial expressions convey that feeling and he then suggests that an engineer boy for her will be much good and will also handle their construction business. He informs her on not to worry and suggests that he will choose an eligible and good boy for her. Kabir and Sunaina are seen in a park and he teases her on a fried corn. He gives her after some time and she then teases him with that corn and doesn’t give him and soon both shares an eyelock. He touches on her face and flirts and she pushes him and run away. Sooner then, they are seen going back on their bike and is seen by a boy Aslam.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that this was the start of the not so easy looking love story and suggests that she found something in Kabir and was inching towards him. Sunaina was also not stopping with Kabir’s growing love for her. They look like made for each other couple and were engrossed in themselves so much that they were not aware of the problems in the future.

Kabir returns 500 INR to Aslam which he has taken earlier as loan and speaks of returning the remaining amount later. Aslam returns back the money to Kabir and suggests that he will now need it more because he is involved not in problems but in love and then asks him what is his equation with Navjeevan’s daughter ? Kabir becomes a bit shocked and then speaks that the matter is of heart and he loves Sunaina.  Aslam speaks that her father is orthodox and will not listen and asks whether Sunaina know about it ? He replies yes and she had accepted his friend request and she is also today’s girl who is becoming a doctor. Aslam suggests that its not so easy and then Kabir replies that if love is there then it is easy and leaves. Later, Kabir is seen sleeping and is awaken by Aslam. Aslam wishes him happy birthday and Kabir suggets to inform his uncle and will sort out the matter with Sunaina as well so that she can approach her parents. He speaks that problems will come but with his love for Sunaina he hopes to climb the top mountain and goes back to sleep. Sunaina comes to his home with the cake and hopes that she will also put some cake on his face. She enters his room and finds him doing prayers and learns that he is a Muslim boy. She becomes shocked to see him and drops the cake. He asks if she is fine and she then informs that he has hidden about his religion and of being a muslim. Kabir thinks that she knew about him and had also accepted his friend request. She asks him whether he understands what has he done and suggests that he doesn’t know her family.

Kabir replies on knowing her family and suggests that as she is a doctor he thought for her humanity (Insaniyat) is first in the same manner like that of the person who gave blood for his mother. She speaks that matter was different. He speaks that blood doesn’t see religion or Dharm and its only red and gives life. She speaks that he is good in talking and is a Khiladi. He replies that she will do Puja and he will do prayers (Namaaz) so where is the problem ? She speaks that there is a problem and these things are not possible and he says its fine then and suggests that the time spent will always be there with him as good memories and suggests it as his first love. He speaks of loving her much so will listen to what she is telling him and suggests its fine for him. She thinks and ponders there with some thoughts and she then speaks that whatever happened between them was because of a misunderstanding and informs him of never knowing that Kabir meant to be Kabir Khan. She speaks that her family will not accept their relationship and he advises her to speak with family first. She replies whether he doesn’t love his life and he nods his head to say no and suggests that he will prefer death instead of living without her. She then asks him to stop that poetry and he wants her to convince her family and wants her to at least try. She speaks of not able to do that thing.

Sunaina is seen at her home and speaking to her father that she didn’t knew when she fell in love and speaks that the boy is good and will always make her happy. She requests her father and her brother Sandeep asks about that guy and speaks to end him the same day. Her father doesn’t listen and then goes to confront Kabir. He asks Kabir about his position in the society. Kabir replies small but if he gets wishes from him and also with his hardwork he will achieve something. Sunaina’s father asks him to speak less dialogues from movies and suggests in bold voice that Sunaina is their pride and her protection is their prime importance. He then advises Kabir to find some girl from his community and marry her. He then speaks to Kabir’s uncle that his son (nephew) is now grown up and he can go ahead for his marriage. He then warns Kabir with dire consequences if he doesn’t listen and suggests that his daughter never spoke about her marriage with him and suggests that it was Kabir who has brainwashed his daughter. Kabir informs of not knowing about doing brainwash and then Sunaina’s father turns to his uncle and warns him that if Kabir is seen following her or seen in the neighborhood where Sunaina is visiting then the outcome will be bad. He threatens to put Kabir forcibly beneath the ground and speaks about his name – Navjeevan Joshi and position. Kabir’s uncle apologizes to him on his nephew’s behalf and then Sunaina’s father leaves from there and also her brother warns Kabir as well and suggests that he understood.

Sunaina’s father speaks to his son that soon she should be married and sent to Benaras and also if the boy is seen around her then you can end him as well. He speaks of taking care of police and administration by himself. Kabir’s uncle tries to explain him at their end. At Sunaina’s home, her father informs that he has given a dose to her lover and requests her to not make the case complicated by shunning eating and other things. He reminds her on not melting easily and will not say to his daughter to go and live her life. Sandeep also informs her that Kabir’s life is now in her hands and suggests that she should advise him to forget her and calls their policy as low cost and suitable. Her father speaks of arranging his daughter’s marriage and soon finds that she is getting a call from Kabir and he goes on to disconnect it and becomes annoyed and leaves. Sunaina begins to cry and remembers some good moments she shared with Kabir.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that the time was difficult for both Sunaina and Kabir after their family has set-up a wall between them. It was difficult to break that wall and even you cannot look on the other side. So, what would Sunaina can do now, forgetting it and moving on with her studies but as he has said who says love is easy ?

Sunaina is getting calls from Kabir but she doesn’t accept it and is seen wearing Sarees and ornaments. He thinks of connecting with her on social networking and doesn’t get a reply from there as well. She is then informed by her brother to come out and attend the engagement ceremony since the time (mahurat) is running out. Rithvik (the host) speaks that Kabir was blocked on social networking sites by Sunaina and Aslam informed him that she is getting married soon and Kabir was adamant on one thing which is to listen from her that she doesn’t like him. Kabir plans to go to Sunaina’s place and doesn’t listen to his friends who warned about her father. He goes to her home and her brother Sandeep tries to interrupt him but in vain and soon Kabir reaches Sunaina’s room and informs her that he wants to listen that she doesn’t wish to see him in her life and he promises to leave if she speaks the same. The door is locked and Sandeep is asking her to open it. Sunaina then replies on not wishing to see him in her life and also not around her while not looking directly at him. He replies that it is not her but her fear is speaking the same. She then comes and hugs him and speaks of not able to stay without him which her heart is saying that thing and then stops for a while and then speaks that her mind is saying that she has to stay without him. She speaks about her father not wishing to see them together and he also has a society and respect and for those things he can also kill him by firing.

Sunaina suggests that life is cheap and respect is richer and also their love is smaller and wants him to leave. He replies on not able to leave from there and cites that he have lived alone and now he feels that someone is there for him who is very familiar and suggests that without her he prefers to die. He speaks of not wishing to breath without her and she informs that her brother will break the door and he replies let them break it. He reminds that his love is of first sight and stands there and speaks that when such love happens it goes by taking life. She calls him mad and doesn’t want to see him becoming more mad and cites that there is no need. She speaks of requesting her father dearly so that he doesn’t take his life and she can see him alive and can pursue her life. He replies that 10 mins is sufficient with her and is not afraid to die and speaks that dying while seeing her will give him paradise and to live without her is like hell. He wants to die and suggests that they can kill him. She showers a hug to him on that note. She informs of doing something which he has to agree and then clicks some pics [selfies] with him and writes down a message that – We, Kabir Khan and Sunaina Joshi are madly in love but because of their differences are not allowed to remain together and appeals everyone to keep our alive and puts that message on the social networking site. She then informs him of not knowing that they will come out alive from that room but wants to inform the world how much they have loved each other. Both hugs each other and soon Sandeep and his men break the door and come inside.They find Kabir and Sunaina holding hands and defiant and then Sandeep takes a lathi (big stick) and thrash both of them.

The social media post of Sunaina went viral and people are supporting the duo and their love as well. The reporter informs that the youngsters of India have came on the roads after seeing Sunaina’s post and have stopped one honour killing and has proved that love is higher than religion and all are equal in love. Kabir and Sunaina are seeing that reporter’s coverage outside her home while sitting in a police jeep and he is seen with some bruises and is happy. The police man appreciates their courage and how they faced such a situation and wishes them the best. Both of them thanks the policeman. Sunaina informs him that Ishq Vishq is different in reel vs. real life and he asks her whether she means to say that they will know soon the common chores of life – food expenses (wheat, lentils) and other things. He speaks that foods were not so cheap in any time and suggests that everyone is able to run their home so they will also be able to run their home with the power of their love. He holds her hand [Yeh hai Aashiqui title song plays] and both share eyelocks. The story ends on that note.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that today’s love story gives us a lesson that how love is much higher than the boundaries defined by people and he asks how our youth today is now ready to go to any extent for their love and right and cites that Kabir and Sunaina is an example in that aspect. He suggests that their love story will remain in the heart of the people who are in love like an eternal story and he signs off by saying Keep falling in love.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 69 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that actors Ruslaan and Bhavna have given a very good performance in their Acting.

Info On Cast
* Kabir is portrayed by actor Ruslaan Mumtaz
– Ruslaan Mumtaz was born on 2nd August, 1982. He is an Indian Bollywood film and television Actor.
– Debut in Bollywood movie – Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar (MP3) in 2007.  Played the lead roles in Bollywood movies Teree Sang (2009) in the role of Kabir, and in I Don’t Luv U playing the role of Yuvan.
– Forayed his entry to Television in 2013 by working in Sony TV’s show – Jee Le Zara portraying the role of Dhruv. Portrayed the role of Bhavin Joshi in Sony TV’s show Encounter (2014)
– He is currently working on his Bollywood movie – Romeo idiot Desi Juliet. Ruslaan is the son of senior actor Anjana Mumtaz. Ruslaan’s Twitter and Instagram Page.

* Sunaina is portrayed by actress Bhavna Chauhan
– Bhavna is an upcoming actor who has worked in couple of Bollywood movies earlier, Hasee To Phasee (2014).
– Bhavna’s Twitter page.

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