Yeh Hai Aashiqui starring Pooja Sharma and Rohit Khandelwal, 16th November 2014 Episode 76 on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 76 16th November 2014

The story is set in Mumbai 2011 and starts with Jhanvi speaking with her friend on phone and she is being told to attend the party. Jhanvi comes out of her window to see her friend standing outside her home and speaks of being afraid of her father. Jhanvi’s father signs a deal with Mr. Mittal worth 100 Crores INR and doesn’t want any delay. He greets his guests and soon gets a call and becomes shocked and informs his security to check the vicinity and doesn’t want any security loophole. Jhanvi’s friend comes to him and makes a request to take her for group study but he declines her request. She tries to argue but in vain.

Jhanvi’s father speaks of getting ransom call to his security and wants to double the security. He comes home and meets Jhanvi who speaks of not able to stay in the house and feel stressed much.  She thinks that if her mother was alive then things would have been different. He tells her to be in manners and she thinks of speaking with an egoistic father who only worries of reputation. He tries to slap her but stops short and meets two new body guards as well. Jhanvi decides to run away from her home while the new security guards speaks of mosquito problems and passing time. She manages to run away and the gate security guard was sleeping. On the road, she meets Veer and asks for his help since some goons are behind her. He asks where are the goons since there are nobody following her. She requests much dearly and he agrees for it and then takes her on his bike.

Rithvik (the host) suggests that Veer and Jhanvi’s meeting was destined and not co-incidence. She was going to have an adventure which will change her life.

Veer asks where she wants to go. She speaks of going to a friend’s home and wants his mobile to call her friend. She speaks that her phone has fallen down as goons were following him. She tries to call her friend but not able to connect with it. He asks why she is not going to her family home. She makes an excuse that the goons knows their family and residence and even her family be in danger because of her. On hearing it, he wants her to wear a scarf which will hide her face. She says its not needed and he puts a finger on her lips to make her quiet [Khoya Tera Samandar… Kuch to Kuch To Hain Rabta song plays]. He puts the scarf on her face which hides her face. She speaks to herself on why her face is being hidden. He asks whether she has eaten  some food and she nods her head to say no. He continues to drive the bike with her as the pillon rider and after some distance he thinks now she can relax since they are far from goons. She speaks of feeling very hungry and he replies yes they will eat while sitting under a tree. He takes out a tiffin box with food and she calls him a walking mobile food center and calls it to be exciting. He calls himself as Musafir (traveller) and she thinks the word to be beautiful and looks happy. He suggests that the musafir is a guest which will come and go. She then asks whether he came to leave in a softer and caring tone. He replies on waiting for her to take the first bite – ladies first. She stats eating the food and very happy to eat Desi Noodles which she never ate earlier. She makes a pause and looks at the moon and is awe of it and feels very beautiful.

Jhanvi suggests that the moon doesn’t nice within four boundaries of a home. She shows more exuberance since seeing the moon out in the open is different feeling and it feels that she can touch the moon and also it looks much bigger and having lots of fun. She then makes another pause and feels shy and asks what is the meaning of a traveller (musafir). He speaks of a book – The Motorcycle diaries and asks whether she has read. After reading it, he got inspiration and got the desire to go and visit each and every corner of the world. Thus, now he travels wherever the bike takes him and shows his happiness.  He asks whether she likes travelling. She speaks of not getting opportunities to travel. She again takes his phone and calls her friend but unable to connect. He suggests that she can come to his home and can trusts him since her friend is not accepting her call and moreover she doesn’t want to go to her home. He speaks of dropping to her home next day. She asks to herself whether she can trust Veer in a pensive mood and doesn’t know from where he came. She then asks him directly whether it is right for a young girl to stay with a young boy in the night. He replies that he doesn’t have any such intentions and suggests that people from Mumbai think in that way. She asks whether he is not from Mumbai. He speaks of coming from Delhi and have a big heart. She decides to stay with him for the night and he thinks as a cool decision. While they were leaving, his watch drops down and  she wears it with his permission and speaks of liking men watches. He wants her to keep it and she becomes ecstatic and have love for watches.

He drives the bike with her and carries on the journey to her home. After some distance, the bike develops problems which cuts short their ride. She is happy with the stoppage since she doesn’t want to go home. She then speaks of sharing many experiences and thus having a smile. She also suggests that to lead your life in your way is the best feeling. He thinks that in our country letting the girls to lead their life in their way is a luxury and speaks of being sad for her. She asks why he is sad ? He replies that because of goons she  couldn’t  live her life according to her own terms. He asks about her residence. She replies Juhu and he then speaks that area to be posh with rich people residences. She then speaks to him of staying in a Chawl. He speaks of staying in a beautiful home which also has a garden full of flowers and Parsi Aunty sits outside the garden and there are no controls on when to come and go. She then speaks that it is a beautiful place where they are no controls otherwise it looks like a cage. She looks at him while he smiles. He shares some signs without speaking and caresses her head. She tries to go back and was falling down and he gets hold of her  [Aankhon Hi Aankjhon Pehle Kuch Din baatein ki song plays]. Both share intense eyelock while he was holding her and just then he learns that his bike is ready. She wants to go to his garden home and he says yes and also suggests that she can go by blindfolding her face since she sees the world with open eyes everyday. She thinks it to be an amazing idea and persuades much Veer to put the blindfold cloth. Both introduces each other and gets to know of their name. She offers her friendship and speaks of feeling nice to meet him and wants to get blindfolded.

He puts the blindfold and next morning they reach her home. She opens the blindfold to find herself at her home and her father is waiting for her and looks in angry mood. Jhanvi is shocked at the development and her father is impressed with Veer and speaks of knowing now why he charges lot of money for his bodyguard services. Jhanvi’s father speaks of planting Veer near her home since he knew well that she will try to run away from their home. He is happy with Veer’s efforts and then designates him to be Jhanvi’s bodyguard from now on. She becomes annoyed and doesn’t want a bodyguard and speaks of hating her Dad and leaves. Jhanvi comes to her room and cries on bed while hearing Veer’s watch [Heera Soyase Sarahe Sahe Ghar Ki Chot.. Kapat.. song plays]. She removes the watch and remembers all the good moments of ride with Veer and other nice moments. Veer is being applauded by Jhanvi’s father and given the task of security cover of his estate.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Veer was Jhanvi’s bodyguard and it was his duty to take care of her while Jhanvi was hating him and not liking him for his obvious reasons. But somewhere there was some emotions behind that hate which is love which overpowers all other emotions. Though without wishing much, their love was getting stronger and they didn’t knew about its consequences and only time will tell.

Jhanvi is seen in her estate with a friend [kisi Poocho Yeh Aisa Kyun Be Zubaan Sa.. Yeh Jahaan Hain.. Khushi Ke Pal Kaha Dhoondhon.. song plays] and Veer is overprotective for her and is very attentive. She finds his care and both look at each other. Veer is controlling his feelings inside and on other occasion while they are going in a car they are sharing some unspoken moments. Soon, their car meets with a small accident and he rushes to take care of her. He finds that she got a small head injury and blood oozing out from her forehead and shows care. She speaks of being fine. Later, at her home he comes to meet her and speaks that she is not fine. She tries to shrug him off but he continues to take care of her and puts the bandage on her. She calls him cheater and asks why he is playing with her emotions and trying to act like a good person. He speaks of not knowing when he got the assignment but it turned out that he fell in love with her just after seeing once.  She thinks he is lying and he again reiterates that his love is true and just after seeing her he fell in love. He speaks that that her eyes, innocence have led him closer to her while holding her face and couldn’t control himself. He speaks of not able to love her even if he wished to since he is her boyfriend and doesn’t have the right to love her. She comes forward and hugs him and speaks that she gives him the right to love her – I love you Veer. He speaks of not able to love her. She asks whether he is a Musafir (Traveller) who can leave and stay without her. On that note, he also showers a hug to her [yeh hai aashiqui title song plays]. At the same moment, a worker in her home comes there and sees their lovestruck moment and hug. The man thinks something and goes.

Next day, Jhanvi and Veer goes outside and he shows his worry. She tries to calm him down. He asks whether their life will run on a lie. She informs him of speaking to her father about their relationship. He asks whether her father will accept and she replies that her father will agree since he loves her a lot. He becomes happy and shows a gift for her and she also gives a gift for him. She opens the wrapper to find a sports watch and he also finds a sports watch which he wanted for sometime. Both wears the sports watch which looks nice on their wrists. He suggests that both watches will remind that the best time of their life has just started and she speaks of not leaving her watch. He showers a warm hug and both are happy. At Jhanvi’s home, the man who saw Jhanvi and Veer together discloses what he saw to her father. Jhanvi’s father speaks that his daughter will not stay and live with any very common person. Veer comes to Jhanvi’s home and overhears Jhanvi and her father having a confrontation. She speaks of loving Veer and also learnt about freedom from him. Veer comes there and her father makes taunt at Veer who had lower his eyes. He suggests that Veer is feeling shameful and Veer responds that he was showing respect and will not keep quiet. Veer opens up and speaks of loving Jhanvi the day he met her. Jhanvi’s father tries to slap him but she stops him and suggests that if she wanted they could have eloped. She speaks of needing his blessing (Aashirwaad) and wants to marry Veer.

On hearing it, Jhanvi’s father tries to slap her and Veer stops him. Her father speaks that an ordinary bodyguard cannot marry his daughter. Veer then speaks of resigning from his bodyguard duty and folds his hand to seek Jhanvi’s hand. Jhanvi’s father speaks that they have done the wrong thing to come there and then takes out the gun to shoot Veer. Jhanvi comes as a shield to Veer and she wants her father to shoot at her first. He speaks that she is not his daughter now. She speaks to her father that he has killed her mother and he replies that it was a suicide. She says that her mother was very stressed and didn’t like to live in his palace and was very tired and wasn’t given freedom to live and more importantly because of her husband’s ignorance and indifference. Jhanvi speaks that her mother died many years ago and calls her father as the murderer and repeats again. On hearing it, Jhanvi’s father in a fit of rage shoots at her leading to her death and then shoots down Veer as well. After shooting, he comes to realize what he has done but carries no much pain.

Rithvik speaks that whether to do love is a big crime that family kills their own. After killing Jhanvi, her father was jailed and Veer and Jhanvi’s story remained incomplete. He signs off by saying that the next week’s story will be happier since love deserves happy result..

Additional Note: 17th November
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance. Without saying much to the plot since it was just an episode, there was some disconnect between the premise and the ending of the story. Specifically, the ending was abrupt. With YHA series, the expectations are always high and we are sure they will deliver interesting, off-beat and coherent layered stories for the upcoming episodes.

Info on Cast:
* Jhanvi is portrayed by actress Pooja Sharma
– She worked as a HR manager before her foray into acting.
– Played the main lead role of Sanchi in Star Plus’s show Ruk Jaana Nahin [2011-2012]. The show’s wikipedia page.
– Pooja recently worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 9th Episode aired on 9th July 2014 and played the role of Simran – an aspiring dance choreographer and performer. If interested, read that Episode WU here.

* Veer is portrayed by Rohit Khandelwal
– Rohit works as a model and an upcoming actor.

* Jhanvi’s father role is played by actor Mohan Kapoor
– He worked in TV’s and films and dons many roles – Actor, voice-actor, TV Host, make-up Artist.
– Portrayed the role of Mr. Oberoi in Life OK’s Amrit Manthan (2012-2013) and many other TV shows and movies.
– Also Working in current Star Plus’s show Everest.
– Read more about his movies and professional career at his Wikipedia page.

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