Love By Chance 22nd November 2014 26th Episode starring Karishma Sharma and Nitin Sharma on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 26th Episode, 22nd November 2014- Kunal and Prachi's love story

Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is – Who’s the Expert ? Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that there is some research which has shown that funny boys can easily woo girls and cites that such nonsense thing he has never heard because girls aren’t impressed with him even though he is very funny.


Kunal – researcher comes to office and learns from the officer that he has already got the grant. He finds that the officer wears red color accessories since he is obsessed with red color. Kunal speaks humorously and the officer wants him to leave after signing it. The officer informs that the grant was actually obtained by Prachi Dewan but she didn’t accepted it and left. Kunal wants to know her reason and thinks that she got much better project. He decides to meet Prachi and gets her number on the reception. Prachi – rejection specialist comes to her office and confronts her boss and asks how come he has rejected her. She calls herself an expert on Indian fashion and he reminds her that she is researching on ancient Indian fashion and her fashion sensibility dates back to 2000 years and is very crude. Prachi speaks bad about Mallika another student. He informs that his magazine is International one and she has a long way to go and also the designs are not easy. Prachi becomes angry and vows to sell her designs at a good price. She calls her friend about how her meeting went with her boss. She is seen sitting at a cafeteria pool side and Kunal comes and sits besides her. He also knows her friend Sara and she asks about him. He introduces himself as Kunal – human behaviorist and she asks how come he know about Sara ? Prachi soon learns that everyone came to know with whom and what she was talking as she was speaking loudly. Kunal then informs that he knows more finer details about her and alongwith a designer, she is also researching on ancient Indian fashion. He speaks of coming there to inform that he has got the research grant. He wants to thank her on phone but wanted to come. He asks why she has rejected a grant of 3.5 Lakhs INR and thinks there is some angle ? He informs of checking her online profile on social networking sites and found that she is hot but single. She asks whether he is stalking her and he replies on taking confidentiality oath before finding details about her.

She wants to inform the reason but wants a promise that he will never try to meet her – not following online and also not on phone. He takes promises on different philosophers – John Watson, Sigmund Freud. She speaks that the grant committee decided to give her the grant very easily without finding much. She thinks there is some reason for it. He then asks why she is single though hot ? She first taunts him and then discloses that she had 3 boyfriends. She speaks on dumping them and cites that no one is born who will dump her. He asks whether her boyfriend was cheating on her. She becomes more agitated and doesn’t wish to tell the reason why she rejected them. He thinks that she rejected them because she found them with much ease. She becomes speechless on that note. Later in the middle of the night, Kunal gets a call from Prachi and she informs that he has opened her eyes and speaks about the pattern. She speaks of rejecting them since they were found easily but now wants to find her Mr. Right and needs his help. She wants to meet him and fixes an appointment. Later, he meets her at the same poolside cafeteria and looks at the pics of her boyfriends. He speaks of checking them since he finds her hot. Kunal begins to check one of the boyfriend Shekhar via telescope and finds him very family-driven, helpful to others, and stays away with girls. Prachi finds Shekhar cute and Kunal asks what-if shekhar’s mother can harm her ? She replies never. Prachi and Kunal were atop the tree and as she was descending down to meet Shekhar but gets stuck in the tree and gets help by Kunal. Kunal informs that shekhar is single and he has already checked it. She finds that Kunal got bruise and shows some care.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Kunal was getting closer to Prachi and was seen in his eyes.

Prachi goes to meet Shekar with whom she was not in touch for 6 months. Shekhar is happy to see her back and goes on to kiss her hands many times. Just then, Kunal calls Prachi and informs that Shekhar is being followed by 12 banks via their recovery agents and if he is found then he will be caught. He informs that Shekhar aka Shravan Kumar has full of loans in his name. Prachi soon takes her hands from him and suggests to him on needing some time. Shekhar asks whether she is dumping him another time ? Later, Prachi meets Kunal and tries to pull his leg but he is not affected and gives her the coffee. He supports her and suggests that there are 2 more guys (ex BF’s) and the next one is Kabir. Kabir is also family-driven and helpful. Kunal is following him and is with Prachi. Kabir was waiting for someone and Prachi soon learns that he was waiting for his girlfriend. Prachi becomes shocked and becomes speechless. Kabir introduces Neha to her and he asks how come she is there ? Kunal comes to her rescue and handles the situation well and introduces himself as her boyfriend. He makes more claims that he is staying live-in with Prachi and also makes a taunt by calling Kabir’s GF as his sister. Kabir’s GF is annoyed while Kunal and Prachi are happy. Prachi asks Kunal why he was boasting so much things and thinks that Kabir will be not interested in her anymore. Prachi at her home is dejected since she thinks of losing Kabir and cries. Kunal tries to console her and asks her to not cry and shows care.

Kavi (the host) speaks that in love there is no wrong and Kunal was getting attracted to Prachi and he thought of doing wrong. Kavi thinks that research says that isn’t wrong, what do you think ?

Kunal is seen at his home and couldn’t focus on things and goes on to remember some nice past moments with Prachi [Aaye Dil Tujhe Pata Hain.. Gubbare.. song plays]. He gets a call from Prachi and accepts it with some delay. She speaks of leaving now to find more details on Deepak – her first ex-BF. He wants to give some excuse so as to not come with her but she doesn’t listen to him and wants him to get ready in 30 mins. She comes to his home and finds him not ready. He asks her to meet and handle Deepak by herself. She asks him to get ready and he speaks of having much work and things are spoilt at his end. Prachi leaves outside and soon finds Kunal well-dressed and raring to go with her. Kunal finds Deepak to be the same kind of guy like shekhar and kabir and even he haven’t looked at the girl. Kunal thinks that its makes sense why Prachi is doing research on ancient indian fashion and cites that her ex-BF’s are belonging to that era. He speaks of not finding time to do his own research and thus haven’t did background check on Deepak.  Kunal finds Deepak meeting with another boy and soon learns that there is something brewing between them. He informs the same to Prachi by holding her hand and suggests that normal shakehand doesn’t last more than 1 second. Deepak and his friend continue to hold their hands and Kunal makes a claim that deepak has a boyfriend. On that note, Prachi replies that they are buddies like brothers. Kunal is very much sure about Deepak and thinks him as gay and Prachi then speaks of always find Deepak of not checking out girls. She thinks dejected on finding all her three ex-BFs not suitable for her. She asks what will he do if he was in her position. He replies on feeling lucky and cites that all three could have rejected him and cannot handle rejections. He opens up and speaks of his rejection at the age of 13 yrs when he couldn’t got selected under-14 team. After that rejection, he left Cricket and even haven’t hold a cricket bat until now and haven’t watched cricket as well. He also speaks of getting rejected when he proposed to a girl and after that event he never went again on a date. Prachi starts to cry and feels more miserable since she gets many things easily but finds rejection as well.

Kavi (the host) speaks that that hero is afraid of rejection while the heroine because of fear does rejections. Kunal is not speaking much and also not expressing his feelings.

Prachi comes to meet Kunal at his home in the night. She speaks of getting habit to meet him after following all her ex-BFs with him. She speaks of feeling lonely and thus came to meet him. She shows some nervousness and starts to walk back and he stops her and wants to cheer her up. He says on knowing her because of the experience in spending time with her and knows her taste and liking like coffee and even Paratas. He prepares Paratas and she calls the food as Yummy and also reminds that she has thought him as creep during their first meeting at the cafeteria. She thanks him for the food and calls him special, self-less, sweet and a good friend. Kunal realizes that he has to say something and with some smile he opens-up that he has cooked Deepak’s story by himself [making her believe that Deepak has BF]. She becomes annoyed with him and starts throwing things at him and wonders how she has believed on him. He asks who is the expert and he says there is some reason for her to have break-up with them and they weren’t right for her while holding her hands. He says that they weren’t Mr Right for her and if tomorrow there is one but still he will not come in front of her since she will reject him. He suggests that not everyone can handle rejection while looking into her eyes. He speaks of getting back to his work and wants to excuse from her. Prachi leaves from there.

Kavi (the host) asks Why Kunal spoke a lie and then spoke the truth. The answer is that Kunal likes Prachi and why he haven’t said that he likes her. He might have said but Prachi have heard it ?

Prachi at her home remembers Kunal’s words that she is hot and how come she is single [Preet song from Khoobsurat movie plays] and even his words that not everyone can handle rejection. Kunal goes to take his class and finds Prachi there. He begins to stammer to Pa..Pa (prachi) ? She introduces herself as his 1st volunteer and with some stammering to pull his leg speaks of asking question by herself. She bends down on his knees and asks whether he will become her boyfriend. He again stammers and asks what (kya ?). She asks whether he stammers when in stress. She again reiterates whether she can be his girlfriend. He begins to accept and hug her. She stops him and asks him to re-think and go ahead with rejection. He follows her and tries some rejection routines like being independent and will not love her. On that note, she comes forward and showers a warm hug followed by many kisses on his cheeks. He asks whether she is sure to not reject him. She replies on already kissing him but he speaks on some research. She asks him – Who is the expert ? and he gives her name. The story ends on that note with both Prachi and Kunal realizing their love and becoming lovestruck.

Kavi speaks that love will find its own way and he says that his own researchers are never wrong. He signs off by asking the viewers to share their opinion about the show using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV twitter page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that the story was humorous, layered and exciting. Actors have given good performance as well. Congrats to Actors, Love by Chance Team, and Bindass TV.

Info On Cast:
* Prachi is played by an upcoming actress Karishma Sharma
– She recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 2, 5th Episode aired on 26th September 2014 and portrayed the role of Suheena. Read that episode WU here if interested.

* Kunal is played by upcoming actor Nitin Sharma

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