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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 77 - Srishti Rindani Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 77 Rohan Mehra

The story starts with Udita is seen with her boyfriend Karan and Amar is seeing them together at a bus stop. Karan wants to kiss Udita but she asks whether he wanted to kiss her there. He tries to kiss her but she stops. On that note, he becomes annoyed and calls her a wannabe and loser. Udita is dejected with Karan and starts to cry. Amar was waiting for the bus and with some nervousness looks at Udita [Kya Kabhi Savera.. Sadiyon Purani Kahaani Rahegi Ankhahi song plays]. Sooner, a bus comes and both goes to take it. Amar finds all the seats to be occupied hence he decides to sit beside Udita. She continues to be silent and carries teary face. Amar gets cold because of air blowing directly at his face and he closes it himself. She remembers Karan’s words suggesting that she can never become cool and will always be a wannabe and loser. She then decides to kiss Amar and goes ahead with it. She thinks of being normal and speaks to herself. Amar becomes happy to get a kiss and  he introduces himself and she also gives her introduction. She informs on kissing because her boyfriend has called her as a loser. She has kissed a stranger and not a loser and did a daring act and wants to call his BF to have a happy ending. Amar asks her to not call her BF and reminds that he is the same boy whom she has kissed.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that many times we meet strangers and they remain with us. Amar and Udita meet at strange circumstances and just within 2 hrs they came close.


The bus stops at a roadside Dhaba and both starts to talk. She suggests that Karan is still suitable for her since he is good looking and shows a book to Amar – Kya Yahi Hai ? (Whether he is the one ?), graduate, and also likes the same movies and music like her. She thinks that according to the book she matches with karan’s sun signs. Karan is a virgo and she is a piscine and thus match well. She learns that Amar has the piscine and informs that both piscines will never go along. He informs on building his career and is not superstitious. She thinks he has a girlfriend ? He replies No and suggests that his career is the most important thing for him. She asks what he wants to do ? He wants to set-up a cafeteria and she speaks of not thinking about courage and just want to chill-up. [Do pal Ke Zindagi Hain Yeh song plays] She continues to speak with him and board the bus again and reaches their destination. The time comes to leave and both says goodbye. She looks at him thinking that he will say something but that was not the case.  He turns back to look at her but she was walking and then she turns back but he was walking. So, both missed each other final look.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Udita and Amar shared personal desires, dreams in that short time. Ritvhik suggests that we share our personal life to strangers thinking that we don’t meet again but he suggests that we meet in life for some reason. Udita and Amar will also come to know one such reason.

Udita is seen with a friend Mihir and he is being asked what will he do if the world is ending ? He speaks of spending most of the time with her and wants to come so close to her that even there is no space for air to flow between them. Udita is being asked the same question and she remembers about Amar and some nice moments with him and smiles. Udita was leaving from that cafeteria but soon goes back to fetch her bag and then find Amar working there as a waiter. She learns about it and he speaks of working there as a building step in his dream of opening a cafeteria. He thinks that she is happy with Karan and also she is a upper-class millionaire while he comes from a middle-class background. They begin to have a good talk and she gives her mobile number and asks him to call her whenever he is free after work. He cites about being busy and do much work there. She speaks of coming there at the cafeteria to see him when he is free. Udita comes in the night to see Amar. He informs of working there at the cafeteria since he is having holidays and has given exams already so wanted to spend time on his dreams. He speaks that work is not small and he is happy as  he is following his dream and shows her the checklist. He suggests that she is happy with her checklist where Mihir will also be present now and she follows it very strictly. He speaks of not forgetting about her checklist. He informs of making plans for basic survival and thinks that she will not understand. She speaks that her family is rich and have cars and thus people take her for granted. He informs that Mihir and other didn’t pay the bill since they knew about her rich background. She speaks on getting married with Mihir and thinks that she is totally compatible with him. He then asks whether she really loves Mihir and she replies yes. Amar suggests that she wore the dress with the color which is liked by Mihir and then highlights that love doesn’t mean you changed according to other person’s preferences.

When she was with karan, she used to wear clothes which he liked and now she is doing the same with Mihir. On hearing it, she wonders just in 2 meetings, Can someone can know other person so well ? Amar speaks that Udita followed the book and asks whether she has listened to her feelings. He thinks that ignorance is bliss and speaks that their lives will follow according to their checklists and he will work and find job. She then asks whether they will not meet again. He replies yes and she shows sadness on her face.  [Jee Le Zara song plays]. She wants to dance with him for their last meeting and puts some music. He agrees [Abhi Abhi To Mile Ho.. Abhi Na Kaho.. Abhi Abhi Roothne Ke baad Mahi Ra Re.. song plays] and both have a warm dance. She feels comfortable with him. Amar is seen at his home and a friend suggests that he should speak with Udita. He replies that Udita is getting married. At Udita’s end, her friend suggests that she should also meet Amar once more and cites that what she learnt Amar is a nice boy. Udita asks her friend to meet if she feels so nice about him. Udita informs of getting married with Mihir and calls him Mr. Right. Udita’s friend suggests that Mihir is the one who just wants her to pay the bills. Udita thinks that Amar is fine but he doesn’t meet into her checklist and also their sun signs doesn’t match as well. Amar at his end thinks that Mihir is Mr. Right for Udita and doesn’t want to interfere in her life.

Udita’s engagement ceremony is underway and she remembers about Amar and all the nice moments with him and also his words on love [Jiya Lage Na.. Tum Bi Mora song plays]. Just then, Akhil comes and speaks of the day has come when he will become the son-in law of her family and her dad will give him much respect and listen to all his demands. She then asks him, Why he wants to marry her ? He replies what is that question and then suggests on she is beautiful, rich, and also listens to her and adjusts according to what he says. More importantly, he speaks of liking her since she has not dated many boys and he is the one with whom she was serious. He then goes on to hug her. She stops him and informs that her first kiss was not with him. He thinks that it was with Mihir and she replies with Amar. He becomes annoyed and asks about Amar and starts to shout on her and gives a warning that if he wants he can break the relationship just then. She thinks that their relationship is a deal and there was no love thus he is leaving her easily. Akhil tries to stop her and speaks of just doing a joke but she doesn’t agree to him. Udita meets her friend Janaki who was crying since Udita’s engagement has been called off. Janaki thinks that after Mihir, Akhil was the perfect match then how come the relationship broke.

Moreover, Akhil matched all the points of her checklist so what more she wants. Udita says that Karan, Mihir and Akhil were perfect matches but it might be the case that they didn’t love her or she didn’t love them. She thinks that love doesn’t happen by following checklist since it is not mechanical and now thinks that the one who doesn’t meet her checklist at all will love her. Udita learns and remembers Amar who doesn’t fit in her checklist and the one whom she kissed him [Jo Bhi Tanha Raatein song plays]. On that note, Udita remembers Amar and carries a teary face. Amar at his end is preparing to leave Mumbai and his friend asks whether he is not leaving anything and suggests him to call Udita. Amar is unhappy since his dreams in Mumbai are not fulfilled and speaks of loving Udita since 2009 but now  he haven’t a job and also couldn’t follow his own checklist. He wonders on how he could give happiness to her[Re Kabira.. Kaise Teri Khud Garzi song plays] and his supports him on his thought.

Rithvik (the host) speaks about irony of life that Amar used to take Udita’s checklists lightly now wants to be a part of it. While, Udita who used to always follow the checklist now wants to get rid of it and has doubts. Both were confused but they have strong feelings in their heart which they couldn’t hide or ignore.. Love was happening.

Udita starts to find about Amar on social networking site and finds there are many Amar Shinde. Soon, he finds his profile and learns that he is leaving Mumbai, She wonders on meeting him for the last time [Tum Yahi Ho song plays]. Amar remembers departing moment with Udita and he decides to call her but she doesn’t take it. Soon, she calls from behind and asks whether he was dialing her. She speaks of coming there after finding out that he is leaving Mumbai. She thanks the social networking site that she was able to meet him and wants to say something important and shows him the book – Nahi Chahiye Mr. Right (Does not want Mr. Right). She suggests that Karan, Mihir, and Akhil they were Mr. Right but still she couldn’t gel with them so now thinks that this book will change her wrong relationships to right. He compliments that she is looking beautiful while wearing the dress which she wanted to dress according to her choice. She replies that for the first time a boy has complimented her for the dress which she wore according to her liking. She then calls him Mr. Right and laments on not knowing it during their first meeting. On hearing it, he replies on not being Mr Right for her and not suitable. She just wants to get rid of all the books and wants to do things which will make her happy. However, she doesn’t know what he feels about her. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. He speaks of love at  first sight and he never knew about such thing though he always had plans. He cites of coming from a middle-class background, not rich and good looking and even lost a job recently. On top of that, he is a piscine, so how can he become her Mr. Right ? She replies about her new rule in life – Wrong is the new Right. With a smile on her face, she speaks that his biggest quality that he doesn’t meet at all according to her checklist and the second quality is that she loves him – I love you message. He also confesses his love for her – I love you too. She thinks that where there is love, all wrongs become right and asks who will hug first. He showers a warm hug to her and both becomes lovestruck. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks that in life you may have not all things but if you have love in heart then everything will be fine. Udita was right to say love gives us hope and direction. Rithvik signs off by saying Keep falling in love.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 75 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors (Srishti, Rohan) have given an amazing performance to a layered, sweet and emotional love story. Congrats to Actors, team and Bindass TV.

Info On Cast:

* Udita is played by actress Srishti Ganguly Rindani
– Srishti recently played the role of Gattu who flirts with Dodo in Channel V’s show – Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri (YJTRRR)
– She also worked in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (PTKK) in the role of Deepti which aired on 25th July 2014, 10th Episode. She worked along with actor Lavin Gothi. If interested, read its WU here.
– Srishti’s Instagram page
– Srishti (Gattu) with Dodo selfie

Who wins? #Dodo and #Gattu? Or the man itching his crotch behind? Send in your votes.

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* Amar is played by actor Rohan Mehra
– He was born in Amritsar on 8th April, 1990 and worked in both TV and film industry.
– Portrayed the role of Varun Khanna in Sony TV’s Bade Acche Lagte Hain [BALH] (2013).
– Worked in MTV Webbed 2 and Gumrah
– In 2013, Worked in the lead role of Kartik in the thriller movie Sixteen.
– Rohan will be seen in an upcoming movie Uva.
Twitter and Facebook pages of Rohan.

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