Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 3 starring Swati Semwal and Kiran Srinivas, 5th December 2014 on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Kiran Srinivas, 6th December 2014 Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Swati Semwal, 6th December 2014

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that for every person dreams and love are the two most important things and these feelings can change anyone or influence them in changing their way of life, She speaks that world of dreams is beautiful but we need to face reality and love helps in achieving our dreams.


Today’s story is about Abhimanyu from Gwalior and Neha from Mumbai. The story starts with Abhimanyu at his home speaks of not having interest in his father’s politics. He speaks about his dreams to his mother but she doesn’t get it. Soon, he goes to take breakfast with his father and he asks him to come for a political meeting but he shows no interest. He speaks of his own dreams and his father wants to know about it. He replies on exploring life and shows no interest in politics and suggests on wanting to go out from Gwalior and wants to go to Mumbai to do something big. His father thinks his son has a point and supports his son in the endeavor. Abhimanyu is happy and thanks his father and reaches Mumbai with his friend. Abhimanyu’s friend asks why he came to mumbai though his father is a politician with royal background. He speaks of doing something big in his life and soon goes to explore Mumbai’s night life. [Life Sahi Hai.. Tension Nahi.. song]. Abhimanyu is happy to see the nightlife and his friend speaks of need to have fun and worries about responsibilities which parents put on children.

Abhimanyu is preparing his business proposal which his Dayal Uncle has told him to do so and informs his father next morning. He speaks of Mumbai’s nightlife and there are many opportunities. His father asks him to not do such thing which he feels is wrong. Abhimanyu’s mother is worried about her son but her husband thinks that the life will teach their son and mistakes will help him in showing the right path. In the night, Abhimanyu’s jeep breaks down and he stops for a taxi and Neha also stops the same taxi and both sits in the taxi. The taxi driver speaks of dropping both of them at their respective places. The taxi driver speaks of knowing her as she lives in a nearby locality. She informs him as a medical student and speaks of politician’s negligence attitude towards the poor. She suggests her patients are very important for her and doesn’t like politicians. Abhimanyu suggests that not all politicians are bad. But she sticks to her point and speaks that they just extact the money from the poor. She wants to open the dispensary at any cost. He looks at her while she is talking much on her plans which she was sharing there. He drops down first and Neha speaks of paying the total fare and asks him to not worry. Abhimanyu comes home and looks at the dream catcher decorative item and remembers her.

Abhimanyu goes out to find Neha next morning and he remembered her speaking about location Kandivili. His friend suggests that studious girl will not be interested in him. But Abhimanyu starts to speak on liking her and soon finds Neha waiting for Auto on the road. He goes to meet her and wants to pay back the money. She asks whether he stays closeby and also about his work. He speaks of working for an NGO which helps children. Neha compliments him and suggests that he is doing a good job which is the need of the hour. She introduces her name as Neha and he introduces himself. He asks her for coffee but she declines as she needs to go for her lab work and is getting late.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Mumbai was a city of dreams for Abhimanyu and he first met his friend Rohan and then met Neha. Neha also had dreams which she wants to achieve. She was pretty, down to earth and he was getting attracted to her. He wanted to know more about her and he spoke a lie to her about his work in the process.

Abhimanyu later at his home speaks to Rohan about Neha and how he has fallen for her but also spoke a lie about his work. Rohan suggests that she shouldn’t have spoken lie since girls hate it. Abhimanyu regards Neha like his father since both wants to do something for the country. If he would have said truth then she would have taken him as a loser and suggests of putting impression. He fondly speaks about her and thinks her talk as honest and pure. He wonders whether to speak the truth to her. Next morning, he visits the place where Neha was working and checking the patients in a neighborhood. He looks at her and soon goes to meet her [Soniyo. Tumhe Dekhta Hoon Sochta Hoon.. plays]. She thinks that they met again because both works in similar areas. He speaks of coming to work and also helps a child in his study. He then asks her for a coffee when learnt she is free now. She speaks of a tea stall nearby and both goes to meet there near a sea coast. She speaks about her father’s death and her mother has taken care of the family single-handedly. He also speaks of coming from a middle-class family. She suggests that middle-class people are fighters and not the rich people who have big cars.

She then speaks of her dreams to open a dispensary in the slum neighborhood. He supports her and then asks whether next time they will meet by chance too. She then notes down her mobile no for him and informs that she is too talkative. He speaks thats fine and he will listen her for the whole day. She replies that only listening to her will not help since work is needed to complete things and only mere dreaming will not help. You need to work to realize them. He asks what’s wrong in just dreaming and speaks about his dream catcher item. She informs on being a practical girl and only dreams will not support the livelihood. He agrees with her. Neha speaks with her friend and thinks that Abhimanyu is different from others and not shallow and help others. Neha’s friend asks whether she can go and talk to him as she likes him. Neha says fine and then stops her. Abhimanyu is playing with some children and she goes to talk to him. He asks what was her friend saying and she replies nothing. He pulls her leg and speaks of knowing what her friend was speaking. Soon, both goes to the beach front with the excuse of taking an ice-cream and begins to talk.

Neha speaks of feeling happy with small moments and he agrees with her. He speaks on feeling happy in her company and she calls him a liar. Both spend some good time at the beach and the sunset time is approaching. [Ek Ajnabi Ki Pyaas Hain.. Yeh Jo Naya Ehsaas Hain.. Ardaas Hain song plays]. She starts to accepts his feelings and both are coming close. Later, in the night he comes and ponders on Neha’s words about being middle-class and the struggles they face and becomes quiet. Rohan asks about his quietness. He speaks of really fallen in love with her and has fallen in his own lie. Rohan advices that there is no love and asks Abhimanyu to forget and disconnect with Neha. Abhimanyu thinks that its time to say the truth to her.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Abhimanyu started liking Neha a lot and have fallen in love with her. Neha was also trusting him and it was changing into love. However, Abhimanyu was battling from inside because of the lie he spoke to her. He knows that the relationship which hinges on lie cannot stand longer and was having fear of losing her.

Next day, Abhimanyu goes to meet her at the cafeteria so as to speak to her about his true background. Some boys started to tease Neha and he confronts them and the cafeteria workers record Abhimany’s confrontation on their phone as they knew that he is a big politician’s son. Abhimanyu and Neha leave from there and he comes home to learn that there is a news about his confrontation in media who are publicizing it as his fight. He tries to call Neha but couldn’t get through and later meets her but she is not interested to talk with him and calls him fraud and mean fellow. He is dejected and at his home gets a call from his father and speaks in a teary voice about committing a big mistake. His father asks him to stand up and work on making things right for the earlier mistake and hopes that things will be fine. He thanks his father. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that the lie doens’t have legs and Abhimanyu because of his lie got Neha’s displeasure. She says that Abhimanyu needs some efforts to make things fine.

Abhimanyu starts to leave and pack his bags. Rohan tries to motivate him on not leaving and Abhimanyu speaks of winning back Neha’s love and needs his support. Abhimanyu goes to meet a man in a poor neighborhood and gets a nod to work in the school while living there and will help children in their study. Neha also comes to know about his presence and living there. He tries to speak to her but she is angry with his lie and suggests that she has loved someone for the first time and faced lie. Thus, now she will not love anyone again. He replies on not intending to cheat or lie to her and also to not cheat the people there. He speaks of coming there to get back the old Abhimanyu which she loved once and also suggests of loving her forever. But she is still angry with him and leaves. Abhimanyu helps the school children by teaching them and also works at small shops for a living. At his home he remembers Neha’s encouraging words and also about her dream of opening a dispensary. Next morning, he speaks with the same man Pradhan who has helped him in settling there. He speaks to him that there is more work needed and wants to open a dispensary. Pradhan speaks that dispensary is needed and it is favored since doctors and medical students come in the locality to see patients but one room needs to be built.

Abhimanyu speaks of building the room instead of waiting for the government and shows confidence. Pradhan replies of supporting him in his endeavor. In very quick time, Abhimanyu starts building the dispensary from scratch and goes on to do all the works for it – construction, carpentry. Pradhan is impressed with him and Neha also comes there and learns about Abhimanyu’s endeavor to build a dispensary. She finds him working diligently and also getting ill. The dispensary set-up completing is getting nearer but Abhimanyu falls ill. Neha learns about it and goes to meet him who is seen shivering with high fever [PTKK title song plays]. She takes care of him and he speaks of his promise to fulfill her dream. She says its fine and we will realize our dreams together. He speaks of doing things for correcting his mistake and apologizes and she says its fine. On that note, both have a warm hug. Next morning, she cuts the ribbon for the inaguration of the dispensary and Abhimanyu and Neha are happy. Rohan is also happy with Abhimanyu and Neha speaks of being proud of Abhimanyu. He replies that her dream to open a dispensary became his dream as well when he learnt it and showers a warm hug to her. The story ends on that happy note.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that finally Abhimanyu has achieved it but it was not easy. He has a lavish childhood and he did it alone while living in the slum, facing problems and opened a dispensary. He proved that his love was true and also stood up to his parents expectations. She says that someone has said correctly that if your love is true then you can face all hardships with ease. Surbhi asks the viewers what they would have done differently if they were in the place of Abhimanyu and Neha ?. People can share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Info on Cast:
* Neha is portrayed by actress Swati Semwal
– She worked in Channel V’s – V the Serial in the role of Pihu.
– Swati’s Twitter page

* Abhimanyu is portrayed by actor Kiran Srinivas
– Kiran is from Bangalore. Made his debut in the Kannada movie Haage Summane in 2008.
– Recent works include working as Roy, a negative character in Color’s 24, finite TV show and in Channel V’s Paanch. Also worked in Channel V’s Gumraah.
– Kiran’s Twitter page

Additional Note: 7th December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given a very good performance to layered and thoughtful love story. Kudos to Actors, the team and Zing TV.

Image credit: Twitter page of Kiran

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