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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 80 14th December 2014

The story starts with Sargam seen at her bookstore since she works there. A young boy Alok comes there and Sargam’s colleague speaks of knowing his name since he comes there all days in a week. Alok speaks of buying comic books for his brother who is an avid reader. Sargam’s boss Chetan comes and interrupts the conversation and Alok makes an excuse that he knows the new books haven’t arrived but wanted to buy a pen. Sargam was nervous but she takes Alok with him and shows different types of pen. He speaks on liking her and then takes back those words and then asks her whether she would agree to meet him after her duty at the parking lot. Both have some feelings for each other and she agrees to Alok’s proposed meetup with a smile. She writes down a note where she suggests on thinking a lot. She calls him sir and he asks her to not call him sir since his name is Alok. She calls him Alok soonafter.


Sargam waits for Alok at the parking lot and leaves him a chat message and waits for his reply. Alok’s brother Akhil reads her message at his end. Sargam comes to her work next day and informs that she was just waiting for him at their date. She speaks of not getting reply or any communication from Alok and becomes worried. She is advised to call at Alok’s home landline and soon she calls his home. When she calls, Alok’s mother attends the call and asks about Alok. She also informs of calling Alok since last night but didn’t got reply. Alok’s mother in a teary voice speaks that he can’t call her back since he met with an accident. After hearing it, Sargam cries after learning about Alok’s death. The story moves by 5 days and Sargam is seen at her bookstore and Alok’s mother brings back the books and CD’s which Alok took from the bookstore. His mother cries and speaks of losing her son. Sargam thinks that it was because of her mistake Alok has passed away. She then opens up of being Manglik and his mother blames her and suggests that a Manglik girl can only keep relationship with a manglik boy. She continues to blame Sargam and speaks of never forgiving Sargam and leaves. Sargam continues to be in dejected mood and works though she is being told to go on break. Sargam’s colleague informs that Alok was not manglik while Sargam is a manglik. Alok’s brother Akhil comes to the bookstore and hear Sargam’s colleague words. Akhil earlier spoke to his mother on why she was blaming Sargam and informs her that Sargam will be having guilt for her entire life and will spoil her life. Akhil wants to remove Sargam’s superstition.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that time is the best healer and Sargam was blaming herself for Alok’s death. She was holding responsible for Alok’s death and it was because of her supersitious beliefs. He speaks that the God sends you a person who comes to your door when needed and Akhil was that person.

Later, Akhil comes to the bookstore again and wants some help and Sargam comes to help him. He speaks of finding astrology books since he is also Manglik and wants to know the pros and cons of being Manglik. Sargam replies that there are no books on Manglik logic and he wonders who will answer his questions. She speaks of being Manglik and he asks whether she can help him. He then adds of not having parents and thus didn’t got guidance. Furthermore, even he is not getting help on Internet and wants her help and she agrees and he informs her of coming in the night to meet her. He leaves without receiving her reply. Sargam waits for Akhil and soon he comes to meet her. She speaks of being late and wants to go home. He wants to drop her and soon learns that her home is nearby and she will walk. They start walking and she begins to speak about Manglik and suggests that if the life partner of a Mangik girl is not Manglik then they will face problems after their marriage and thus it is advisable that a Manglik should marry a manglik. She speaks of a solution which is Kumbh marriage [ A manglik should marry a peepal or banana tree or marry a deity murti with gold]. He laughs on her answers and doesn’t take her answer seriously. She suggests that he doesn’t know the repurcurssions of a manglik having a relationship with a non-manglik. She then replies in a bold and teary tone that people can die if they do such thing. He offers tissue so that she can wipe her tears. He looks at her and she starts to leave with a sorry message. He gives her the comics which he has found and thinks that she will like them.

Sargam comes home with those books and carries smile. She then learns about her marriage with a tree from her mother and becomes shocked. Sargam at her office next day informs her colleague of the marriage ritual which she has to do so that her partner will not have any bad effect. Akhil comes there and asks whether she needs to choose the tree for the ritual. He makes her smile with his light talks regarding the marriage. She speaks of smiling openly after many days. He speaks of his wish to keep her smiling always and both looks at each other on that note [Zara Nazar Utha Ke Dekho song plays]. Akhil comes home and thinks Sargam as the strongest girl he has ever seen and suggests why she is keeping the guilt of Alok’s death and living.. [Jee Le Zara Ek Pal Mila Jo Tanhaiya Ka….Yeh Hi Dua.. song plays]. She reads comic books and also begins to talk with Akhil more often. He comes to her book store often and finally convinces her for a coffee date. She thanks him for bringing back smile on her face. He speaks to himself that he just wanted to bring a smile on her face but now he has started to fall in love with her. Sargam at her office is being advised to think Akhil as her future and she needs to move on from Alok. Sargam learns about new comic books have arrived which was meant for Alok and she is being told by Shruti to deliver the books at Alok’s home. Even her boss asks her to deliver those books. She reaches Alok’s building and there finds Akhil speaking to his mom and soon learns that Akhil is Alok’s brother and also not Manglik. Akhil’s mom wants him to stay far from Sargam while he speaks of loving her. Sargam becomes shocked after learning Akhil is not Manglik. Akhil speaks to his mom of not believing in Manglik beliefs and suggests that Alok’s death was just an accident. Sargam drops the books and Akhil sees her. She suggests that he has lied to her and also makes fun of her feelings.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Sargam was having her supersitions while Akhil had a belief and thought that his love is much above any supersitions. For this reason, he left his home as well. Whether Akhil will be able to convince Sargam not taking supersitions seriously ?

Akhil comes to the bookstore and wants her to listen to him. She doesn’t want to listen and he then takes the promise on Alok. He speaks of wanting to realize that it was not her fault and suggests that its supersitions and asks her to not have any guilt. He says on getting affected if she is being blamed. He suggests that she is just breathing and not living openly and he just wanted to feel that she should live freely without any guilt. But soon he fell in love with her and he then asks whether she has some place in her heart for him and also knows that she has some feelings for him. She replies of not wishing to loose him. He replies that if she didn’t give him support then something bad can happen to him. He wants her to be with him and cites her being Manglik will be his lucky charm. He then proposes to her while going down on his knees and wants her to marry him. He doesn’t want her to say No since otherwise he will die. She asks him to not say such words and speaks about their families. He speaks of leaving his family and then asks about her. The story moves forward by one year with both Akhil and Sargam seen happily married and celebrating his birthday [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. Akhil’s mom comes there and speaks of coming there to take her daughter-in law. Sargam comes and greets her and get blessings. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithivik speaks that Akhil’s parents have accepted Sargam while her parents haven’t accepted their marriage. Whenever Sargam’s parents call Akhil, he replies on being alive. Rithvik suggests that he hopes that supersititous beliefs go away and stresses its more important that love should be true. He signs off by saying – Keep falling in love..

Additional Note:  16th December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that the Actors have given a very good performance to a layered and emotional story with social message. Kudos to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

Info On Cast:
* Akhil is portrayed by Actor and Model Varun Sharma.
– He has worked in Channel V’s Sadda Haq in the role of Sameer Mittal.
– Varun’s Twitter page.

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