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Doli Armaanon Ki:
Urmi falls in Samrat’s trap and gets drunk during her marriage reception. He spikes her drink and mixes alcohol in the cold drink. She begins to dance in the party oblivious of the presence of family members and guests. Ishaan comes to take care of her but she was relentless. He feels to not blame Urmi since he has true love for her. Samrat enacts a drama to pin a waiter holding him responsible. Nevertheless, Urmi’s respect takes a beating with elders – Kulguru getting upset to see their newly wed daughter-in law behaving in such a manner. Urmi realizes its Samrat behind her intoxication after coming to consciousness. How is she going to pacify the matter in her family ?


Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sooraj comes to know of Sandhya’s condition. He tries to tell Bhabho about her but she stops him. Bhabho opens-up from heart and tells Sandya and Sooraj on her wish to see their children and thus completing their family and also doesn’t want to wait longer. They are going to be blessed with a baby. She doesn’t want to wait much time. Emily goes missing and has left her daughter Pari at Rathi family’s home. Meenakshi gets much tense and informs all. Emily wanted to teach some lesson to Bhabho and wants attention and care. Bhabho gets another challenge in finding her younger daughter-in law but she is not going to fall in Emily’s trap.

Balika Vadhu:
Ganga, a nurse by profession did operation of a patient in the absence of Jagya at his hospital. She took that decision due to an urgency and wanted to save life anyhow. Moreover, Ganga took the help of Youtube for the operation and succeeds in it. Jagya thinks she can pursue medicine studies to become a doctor.

Gopi is serving a jail term for killing Radha and the show takes a leap of 10 years. Gopi is also preparing to complete her jail sentence and in Modi family, Gopi’s daughters Meera and Vidya [Actresses – Tanya Sharma {recent role of Urvashi in Channel V’s Its Complicated, role of Manglik girl in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 80} and Sonam Lamba {Ritu in Sony TV’ Desh ki Beti Nandini} respectively] are now grown-up. Gopi gets released from jail and dons simple attire and looks. Meera and Vidya are having contrasting personalities while Meera is naughty and even finds herself in small trouble like going to police station. But on the other hand, Vidya is simple and have much similarity with Gopi. Gopi’s daughters aren’t aware of their mother’s stay in jail and going to get a surprise with her release. With the leap, the show promises a fresh story line with new faces.

– Tanya Sharma’s [Meera] Twitter page

Nisha aur Uske Cousins:
Chandu’s kidnapping drama intensifies with Nisha and Kabir enacting as her parents and again are on the rescue mission for her. They don Rajasthani costume and she also acts to be pregnant and reach the kidnappers. They confront Shanti but she stabs him and runs away. Will Nisha and Kabir manage to secure Chandu’s release and reunite her with mom ? At Gangwal’s home, the family is disturbed to find Ramesh missing and begins to find him. While, Ramesh left his home as his family was not understanding him and wants to find himself. The question arises next: Whether Dada ji change his stance and accept Ramesh’s decisions and his belief whole heartedly ?

Tu Mera Hero:
Titu and Panchi’s romance will be sweet talk with both having good and merry time during their outing night. They get entangled in a mosquito net and she falls accidentally over him yet again, both come closer and shares eyelocks. For Titu, he is having a friendship with Panchi while she is drooling in love and gets much happy when he makes her eat some sweets. Panchi thinks her Love God – lord is helping her in coming close to Titu. With mix of sweet and unintended romance, Titu and Panchi’s unspoken love is quiet amazing to watch.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishani and RV are engaged in romance while evading from others and also childish fights like that of Tom and Jerry and having fun time. He calls Ritika to divert her attention but Ishani has the last laugh since she was not accepting his call. Ishani and RV are enacting drama of fights in front of Baa and Amba to eventually win their support.

Tum Aise Hi Rehna: 
Abhi and Ria are having romance but actually Guru ji came there in her avataar. Ria was seeking help from Guru ji earlier to come out of Aanchal’s troubles. Ria as Guru ji  dances with Abhi and there are guests and family in attendance celebrating Abhi and Ria’s first month anniversary..

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:
Ragini forces Neil to take her to some forest area after getting high due to drinking. Both gets stuck in the forest location where there were some people having a get together as well. She creates some scene as she is not herself and as the night passes by she starts to come close to Neil. Neil tries to support her and even takes care of her. Pam and RK are on the way to follow Ragini and Neil and she reaches that place. Neil-Ragini hide themselves. Will Ragini realize Neil’s support and care for her after coming out of high state and gaining consciousness ?

Qubool Hai:
Tanveer’s death is approaching soon and next in the track is her daughter’s entry to take revenge against Sanam-Seher. Tanveer’s ploy to kidnap Seher and then Sanam at the doll factory and harm them was on her side but luck favored the sisters in escaping unhurt from Chandelier fall and cannon fire. Meanwhile, Aahil is getting evidences against Tanveer – murder weapon, gun from Haya and letters which Suleiman Chacha has left behind. Aahil learns from it that he will get answer at the Doll Factory regarding his father’s murderer (Nawaab), He is on the verge to pinpoint Tanveer. Will Aahil comes to know of Tanveer’s crime after her death ?

Bansuri’s elder sister-in law marks her entry on the show and she starts making taunts at Veera. She is much traditional and is upset to not find Veera wearing a dupatta and thinks she is not a good match for Baldev. Veera has another challenge and has to put efforts in winning her elder mother-in law’s support and love.

Badi Door Se Aaye Hum:
There is Romance in the air at Sunshine colony and it brings everyone closer. Even the Ghotala family (Alien) are having good time. All this was possible because of Hemant. All couples are swaying in romance with the husbands taking the lead to impress their wife since they were earlier trying to woo a new girl entrant in their colony.

Tujhse Naaraaz Nahin Zindagi: [Upcoming non-fiction show]
Ashish Sharma, the heartthrob who portrayed Rudra in Colors’ Rangrasiya and Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa winner returns to TV as the host of an interesting radio show on a new GEC channel AND TV. His role is that of Radio Jockey (R.J) and is going to listen to people real and inspiring stories, try to give solution to their problems and also meet them. The show will cover songs and other fun segments and it starts from 2nd March 2015.

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 7 Winner Ashish Sharma 31st Episode 20th September 2014


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