Adi becomes the new baddie in Ishita's life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Adi tells a story about stepmom, who acts to be good and makes the boy’s real mum cry The step mom is one such wicked lady separated the family. Ishita cries understanding Adi is telling everything to her, in his indirect story. Adi says the wicked lady has to leave this house, and taunts her. She breaks down seeing Adi’s heart filled with so much hatred for her. Shagun brainwashes Adi and she wants her son to be happy with Raman. Shagun is selfish and thinks to settle in Bhalla house and kick out Ishita by using Adi. Raman pacifies Ishita and asks her the reason for her tears. Ishita does not tell anything to Raman. Adi conspires and confuses Ishita by acting sweet to her and showing his sad state, to get her sympathy. Ishita cooks dosas for Adi and serves him hot, and Adi enjoys being the new baddie in the show.

Ishita is worried by Adi’s emotional torture. She gets into tension as Adi is a great actor, and gave her good dose of taunting story at night, and in morning, he behaves so well with her, that she gets puzzled seeing a kid play with her mind. Ishita tries bringing Raman and Adi closer. Ruhi will be returning from Pammi’s home, and bringing smile back on her Ishi Maa’s face, and expose Shagun‘s dirty plans. With such great expectations from the show, the makers will definitely have to bring Ishita and Raman closer and kick out Shagun to please the viewers. Keep reading.

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  1. Raman&ishita chemistry is superb.But shagun entry in the house is not acceptable. Actually know days its boring to watch yhm.what u r trying to show is putting unnesscesary things in the mind of child.And above all Raman family so great to keep at her home.she has her mom no she can stay with her that too she is so rich

  2. I hope this request gets an earnest consideration from the makers of YHM.

    I belong to the population that does not watch Indian Telly Soap Dramas. However, as turn of events would have it, I started watching YHM by accident and for the first time, liked an Indian television serial for its content and brilliant performances by the cast.
    But I guess my admiration has been short lived. The present storyline of this otherwise excellent drama series leaves a lot to be desired. The show has descended from captivating to plain silliness.
    While many feel that Raman & Ishita have extended their reluctance to say “I love you” to each other too far, I am perfectly open with their cute and loving shenanigans in this regard. They both are aware of each others’ feelings and hence a filmy declaration of the same is not necessary. I have been married over 18 years and have never told my wife to her face these words. But she knows my love for her and is happy. In fact I would encourage the story writers to keep coming up with humorous situations where the two come close to confessing, but hold back for whatever reason. Just a few days ago we saw an excellent example of this when Raman whispered “I love …the earrings” after he gifted them to Ishita. The expectation of suspense that was built and clearly visible on Ishita’s face was worth watching.
    Now coming to the most ridiculous part of the present storyline. Which sane person with even 50% common sense will ever allow a divorced wife to come and live in the same house where he is living with his present wife – however compelling the reason might be? I have a few questions to ask the makers here;
    1) Shagun has been living with her brother Mihir, what has changed so dramatically that she can’t continue to live there? Mihir wasn’t charging her rent. Right?
    2) Raman has been shown giving Shagun money for Adi’s upbringing. Why does nobody question her where has all that money gone if she is penniless?
    3) And if she is penniless, where did she get the money to bribe the doctor’s staff?
    4) The Bhallas are worried about Adi. This is a golden opportunity for them to legally challenge Adi’s custody from Shagun and bring only him to the family. Why is Shagun required to tag along?
    5) On what grounds can Shagun expect everyone to wish & celebrate her Wedding Anniversary when she has been legally divorced from Raman for 6 years now? Has Raman been wishing and celebrating this day with her for the last six years after his divorce? Isn’t Adi aware of this? Why did he not question his mother on this?
    6) Raman is shown as the CEO of a multinational company. How can a short tempered, highly reactive person like him be such a high ranking executive in the first place? I work in the corporate world. A person with such a personality will not last long in any company, leave alone rise to such heights. Even if we are to ignore this flaw, how can he not have the brains and foresight to judge that whatever is happening is not right and makes a mockery of everything connected with relationships? I pity the company he runs…
    7) Everyone is aware of the devil in Shagun and yet everyone agrees to allow her a safe haven in the Bhalla house. Shooting your own self in the foot…how stupid for a CEO of a multinational company.
    8) Agreed Isitha is not from this planet and has a heart of gold. Tomorrow, will she allow Raman and Shagun to share the same bedroom just because Adi would like that and make him happy?
    Just to make a stupid 12 year old boy happy, whatever is being shown is utter trash. There are many ways to take the story forward in a much sensible and matured manner. You have an excellent topic which affects thousands of urban families and they relate to the show because of this. Please don’t trivialize the powerful content with inane Bollywood mentality.
    I hope and pray that better sense will prevail and the makers of this widely popular serial will change the story and make it worthwhile for viewers. If not, then you will most definitely start losing supporters, especially like me who like I said in the beginning, belong to that segment of urban Indian population that want quality content & I am sure, our number is significant.

  3. Wats going on in yhm.i am not a usual viewer of soap drama.but i like yhm n is a usual viewer of this.its one of the topmost soap drama.but its sure that its rating wil go down if a twist is not coming in the episodes.wats hapening nw is realy bakwas.usualy i dont mis any episodes.but frm last two weeks i hate to see yhm.makers u have to throw shagun from balla family otherwise viewers wil quit watching yhm.

  4. I loved this show but after watching ishitas unrealistic sacrifices really got me annoyed! Who would celebrate their husbands ex wedding anniversary and give their family air loom as a gift??

  5. Utter disgusting mindless crap by Ekta Kapoor once again.One husband two wives in same room, what a pathetic state of the serial and to top it off all poor dumb Aditya !!

  6. I hate dat ishita from the beginning.over acting lady.yewww.i don feel her to be a humanbeing.wot is dis letting her sautan to stay wid her own hus.pls stop being over ishitha do something dat makes the viewer believe dat its something real and not drama.

  7. The way they are portraying Adi at this age is really leaning more towards a criminal future. So far, the show has shown positive changes to a child like Ruhi who had to go through the parents’ divorce. Adi is portrayed as a smart kid and should be able to compare his life at Ashok’s and life at Bhalla’s. He needs to see the difference between Shagun’s way of raising him and Ishita’s way of raising a child. Who has been giving him love and attention and who has been giving him gifts and money to raise him. He is smart enough to understand that Ishita came into Raman’s life 5-6 years after Shagun left Raman so when Shagun tells him that Ishita stole Raman from her, Adi should be able to understand that Shagun is manipulating his brain. Adi is not portrayed dumb so far, why now? Who knows may be Ruhi can make him see the difference. She is a smart child too.

  8. @JPatel: I fully agree with your views. But then, we can’t expect intelligence from writers in TV & Film industry. Last night I was seeing the Stardust Awards where the Barjatia family of Rajshri Productions was honoured. Suraj Barjatia on stage lamented the today the industry is bereft of good writers and they are struggling to find one who can give them sensible scripts for movies.

  9. The story is not on actual track. Adi has become protagonist of the serial. Ishita is totally ignored. not worth watching the serial. No attraction.


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