Love By Chance 34th Episode 17th January 2015 starring Jiya, Karan Singhmar & Parag Chadha on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love by Chance Episode 34 Actress Jiya 17th January 2015 Love by Chance Episode 34 Actor Parag Chadha

Today’s Love by Chance episode name is Dare Wala Love. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that to complete the challenges you need to be daring and Alisha Rai is the bold, beautiful and a daring girl. Once she takes the challenge she makes sure to complete it. She took a challenge from Daljeet who is also fondly called Dollar and he is the one who has failed in the college for 4 years consecutively and he always takes opportunities to make money. Alisha wins a dart challenge and asks Daljeet to give her the money. She asks him about another challenge and learns on getting 1000 INR. She gets excited and he informs her that if she looses the challenge he will take back the 100 rupees from her dart challenge win. She shows confidence and speaks of not loosing any challenge. He tells her to go to men’s loo and takes a selfie and then she can take the money. She goes to the men’s loo and tries to take a selfie but the boys get very scared and shy and all run except one boy Veer who is very scared. She tricks him and takes a selfie with help of cockroach present there. Alisha comes to Daljeet and asks for money. He speaks that she completed part 1 challenge and there is second challenge which is hard. He informs she can win 5000 INR but there is a twist and she needs to complete the task with the help of a boy. She learns about it and leaves.


She finds Veer and meets him and he introduces himself as Veer Bhadra Rawat. She asks whether he wants to make money 2500 rupees but he doesn’t want to participate. She pampers him and also suggests they are friends and even his name is Veer [brave]. She tells that he needs to approach a girl first and then asks for her handkerchief and then he needs to clean his nose. He doesn’t want to accept it but decides to take the challenge so as not to prove himself as a scared fellow. He meets two girls but they didn’t listen to him and the third girl listens to him and give the handkerchief. He looks at Alisha but soon learns the girl’s boyfriend is there and stops to complete the challenge. Alisha confronts him and is angry with him and leaves. Daljeet comes to Veer and asks him to take revenge against Alisha. Veer gives him 500 rupees in return to get Alisha’s mobile no. He goes on to call Alisha and hesitantly speaks with her. Moreover, he speaks of a challenge and will inform her about the challenge next day. Daljeet takes another 500 rupees from him to give an idea of a challenge to Veer. Veer gets an idea and asks her to wear her father’s old pyajama and come to college. She thinks he is crazy but accepts the challenge. She comes to thhe college wearing it and some girls make fun at her. She speaks of her challenge and asks him to wait for her call. She overhears that he doesn’t like horror movies and later she calls him and asks him to fetch some clothes from a nearby street close to the graveyard. He needs to take them at 2:00 am after midnight hrs. He accepts the challenge and hesitantly goes to that street. He finds a skull beneath the red cloth and runs from there. He finds Alisha there and she calls him Phusku. He learns that Daljeet was there with her but he went leaving her behind. He asks how come Daljeet left her in the middle of the night. She understands his care and thinks he is cute type Phusku and both smiles.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the challenges were becoming addiction but it was showing them the dimensions which they have never imagined before like Alisha became sensitive, and the scared Veer turned cute.

Next day, Veer looks at her in the college and smiles. She asks him what is the dare and he shows her the boy Chintan and she knows him as the one who mispells person’s name and also put his comments on all her pics by saying she looks Haut.. She asks Veer on how he is fully prepared and asks what’s going on with a smile. He then informs her about the dare which is she needs to ask Chintan for a date. She thinks it as weird and doesn’t want to ask Chintan for date and wonders whether he cleans his teeth or not. She goes to meet Chintan and he is speaking with food in his mouth. He again says that she looks Hautt.. and she corrects him by saying its Hot. She asks whether he wants to come on a date and he thanks the lord on that note. As she was leaving he holds her hand which makes her annoyed. He wants to go on a coffee date while holding hands and then changes the plan and wants to go to his home and she would prepare a coffee for him. She becomes more annoyed and Veer comes to calm her down. She asks Veer whether he wants to go on a date with her and he replies no. She then opens-up about her boyfriend Roche who lives in London and they share a long distance relationship. Veer becomes quiet on hearing about Roche and leaves. She speaks that Veer needs to complete the next dare at any cost.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Alisha’s boyfriend Roche is there and now that info got unfolded. There is some things going on between Veer and Alisha as they were flirting a bit and dare is need to push their love story.

Next day, Alisha meets Veer and speaks of a dare with bikes. Just then, she receives a call from Roche who is annoyed with her and she apologizes to him but he doesn’t speak to her. Veer is surprised and learns that Roche wanted her to send tea bags to him from India and she didn’t send so he is angry. She thinks every relationship has those shortcomings – short temper and over possessiveness and thinks all boys have them. Veeer  speaks of not having those qualities and on a lighter note wonders whether he is not a boy. She smiles and calls him mad and he asks her to keep smiling and do not worry about problems. She asks whether he is flirting with her and then calls him cutie. She gives him a dare and asks him to ride her bike though he doesn’t know driving much. He drives at slow pace and finally brings the bike to a halt and feels relieved. She hugs him as she finds him a cute fellow and wishes the dare to not end. He feels lost and they go on a coffee at a cafeteria and informs her it is not a date. Veer shows his emotions and speaks of his wish to meet her family. She replies that he can meet them many times. He holds her hand and they share eyelock and nice moment. He thanks her and speaks of a bike incident when he was a kid and thus was worried with bike driving. She thinks he is scared of many things – heights, bikes and he suggests that even she is scared and asks whether she is not afraid of her boyfriend Roche. She becomes nervous and stops eating the chocolate and says its nonsense. He apologizes to her and makes sure she takes bites of the chocolate which she was eating and even cleans the mark at her lips. She looks at him and gets a call from Roche. She again apologizes to him and informs about taking coffee but he again acts rudely and disconnects the call.

Next day, Veer meets her at the college and comments why she is wearing goggles and thinks she looks like a cartoon. She asks what is the problem of boys – girls shortdress, picture posts with some other boy looks weird to them, and now goggles. She asks why boys want to change the girls and he suggests on speaking casually and didn’t thought she will take seriously. She says sorry to him and he learns that she fought another time with Roche. She says Roche shouts at her but maybe he has a point and she needs to improve and change. He asks why she wants to change since a while back she was asking why boys wants to change the girls. She thinks on not needing his permission. Sooner, he speaks of a double dare – she needs to dump her boyfriend since he is not suitable for her. She asks so what after leaving her boyfriend and speaks how her teenage days passed by without having a BF. Now he is telling her to dump him. She asks whether he wants to come in when she leaves Roche. Veer tries to speak that she is mistaken but she calls him Phusku. She compliments Roche since he has the guts to speak things on front but thats not the case with Veer and calls him a scared fellow and leaves. Veer goes to his home and gets drunk and is seen in the company of Daljeet. He speaks of getting scared as she speaks fast and continously.

Daljeet asks Veer to think from his heart who then admits on loving her. He asks Veer to go ahead with his proposal the same night and doesn’t worry about the world. Meanwhile, Alisha reminsces all the nice moments she shared with Veer at her home on the bed. Veer makes an entry in her home and she thinks as her imagination at first and then realizes he is indeed present. He is in drunken mode and admits of being scared but has climbed to her home. He says only he will speak and will give the biggest dare of her life. He goes down on his knees and gives a dare asking her to become his girlfriend. She smiles and says yes after creating some suspense. He showers a kiss and hugs her to become lovestruck. The story ends on that happy note. Kavi speaks that Veer finally has shown his courage and this is just the start and he has to be more daring during their love and that is more challenging. Kavi signs off by asking viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV Twitter page.

Info on Cast:
* Alisha Rai is portrayed by actress Jiya
– Jiya is a Tamil and Telugu Actress and also a Model

* Veer Bhadra Rawat is portrayed by actor Karan Singhmar

* Daljeet is portrayed by actor and casting director:  Parag Chadha
– Winner of MTV Splitsvilla 3.
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 Episode 11 aired on 7th November 2014. If interested, read that episode WU here.

Episode Video:
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