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Mere Rang Mein Range Wali:

An angry cow starts running after some kids in the market. LD and Radha are also present there and she gets tensed as the cow gets after her seeing her in the red color saree. Radha runs away and gets the cow’s attention. She wears the saree on her regular western outfit, to distract the cow from hurting the kids. She saves the kids’ life and shows her courage. LD makes an entry to save Radha. Radha assumes LD and she have done something good for the first time, by saving the children, and they are happy to be together. Radha does not care for her life and goes to rescue the kids, which proves her mettle in LD’s family. They both become the superheroes of Mathura.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu and Panchi dance in their sangeet function and look very happy together. Panchi is glad as this is not her dream and Titu is really dancing with her. But this is Titu’s plan. Surekha and Govind too dance in the function on the Ranjhana…… Surekha is sure that she will save Titu as she dislikes Panchi, as she laughed on Titu when he became Radha in Janmashtami. Govind says he likes Panchi and she is perfect girl for his son. Titu plans to run away from the function. Titu is ready to elope and the suspense twist will come in humorous way. Surekha is also a part of the plan, and Surekha and Titu make everyone busy in dance, so that she can make Titu run away and avoid marriage with Panchi. Panchi is unaware of Surekha’s opinion about her.

Shastri Sisters:

Rajat and Anu hug for the final time. Anu cries as Shastri ji gives her the divorce papers. She fails to convince him. She decides to get away from Rajat, but his memories are not going away from her heart. She knows Minty is the cause of this situation, and she feels her dad is right in his place. She signs on the divorce papers, and sacrifices her love for her family. Devyaani supports her in this tough moment. Anu has made herself strong to get separated, but will Rajat end the annoyance between Minty and Shastri family?

Jamai Raja:

Roshni waits for Sid dressed in the bridal attire. Sid runs on the road and gets hit by a car. Sid was planning to do Punar Vivaah with Roshni. Sid fights all obstacles on the way. He falls and starts running to meet Roshni again. Firstly, his car breaks down, and he takes an auto, only to be stopped by the villain Rajveer who comes infront of the auto and gets him down. Rajveer beats Sid and tries to stop him from reaching. Sid and Rajveer have a great filmi action scene. Sid gets angry and beats back Rajveer. Rajveer falls unconscious on the road. Sid then reaches to Roshni and gets shocked seeing his mum revealing her real identity, Simran Khurana, Siddharth Khurana’s mother. Roshni’s heart breaks knowing the biggest hidden truth and she decides to get away from Sid.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya celebrate Lohri. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and takes the rounds around the Lohri fire, and remarries her with the vows. Everyone is glad seeing them. The lovers have again testified their relation infront of the world and given it a new name ‘KumKum Bhagya’. Pragya is touched by Abhi’s love. The couple takes the seven vows again infront of the family, and the scene would definitely be a delight to watch. Aaliya and Tanu get upset seeing their strong love. This was a good answer from Abhi to Tanu.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Lohri is celebrated in grand way, and the Bhalla family dances happily. Ishita dresses as Punjabi and Raman still finds some way to end her annoyance. Raman hopes nothing worse happens in Lohri. Ishita is glad to see Mihir happy and hugs him, welcoming him in the function. Simmi sees Ishita worried and alone, and wonder whats the matter. Ishita looks for Raman, and waits for him. Ishita does dance along with the Bhallas. Raman will make an entry with Shagun, upsetting her once again. Shagun does not want Raman and Ishita to be together, and she spoils the arrangements done by Ishita.


Vidhaan agrees to marry Anjali for his family’s sake, as his dad Vikram pressurizes him. Jagat changes his decision after knowing Vidhaan’s thoughts about Anjali, and refuses for Vidhaan and Anjali’s marriage. Sameer Khanna informs Colonel Anbhiyankar about the possibility of a severe storm, and still the team decides to move on to save Nasir and his group. Jagat feels happy seeing the media talking about Anjali’s achievements and her bravery. The team faces the storm and they all get buried under the snow. Anjali gets courage recalling her aim to get rid of her bad memories of Jagat not accepting her, and emerges out of the snow with full force. Anjali drives the team again, by her high spirits.


Arjun Desai assures the villagers about dealing with Bhaiya ji, and they need not get afraid of him anymore. The media publicizes this event and Bhaiya ji gets tensed. Everyone pressurizes him to let Chakor get school admission. Chakor cracks a deal with Bhaiya ji, asking him to promise her education and all the village kids’ education, and she will help him in his election by giving a positive statement about him. Bhaiya ji agrees and promises her. Chakor helps Bhaiya ji in his election campaign, and takes the village towards literacy. Will Chakor turn the young minds against Bhaiya ji’s corruption and break through from the bonded labor mark?


Rajveer who also realizes about Veera’s intentions in collecting evidence against him goes on to kidnap her and she is taken to some hideout – godown.Ranvi and Baldev comes to know of Veera’s kidnap location. Both of them make a heroic entry to rescue Veera and confronts Rajveer – the kidnapper with heavy hand. They work in tandem to fight with Rajveer and successful in securing Veera’s release. Rajveer’s trickery nature and all crimes are exposed and Baldev’s innocence on Nihal Singh’s murder is proven.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi and her family reminisces Shiv after his death. She continues to stay at her in-laws home after getting support from Subhadra. Her pregnancy progresses and goes on well and after a while she gives birth to twins (daughters) and they are healthy. She finds her happiness but also goes through the grief about Shiv. Her grief gets lowered once she comes to know that Shiv is felicitated by the government posthumously for his valiant efforts and fight against terrorists. A new life chapter in Anandi’s life begins with the entry of her twins.

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  1. Loveeee ssk simar(deepika samson) roli(avika gor) prem(deerahj doopar) and siddhant(manishraisingan) i loveeeeeee them and tge setial it rocks i lovvvveeee it


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