Adi’s custody and kids’ swap drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Mrs. Bhalla and everyone cry at home after Romi’s medical weakness. This breaking news makes her worried. She goes to meet Sarika and begs her to marry Romi, and apologizes to her for her rude behavior earlier. Sarika realizes the family came to know about Romi’s state and got after her. Mrs. Bhalla bends infront of her and asks her to give one chance to Romi and them, promising her lifetime happiness if she gives them their heir. Her true to life liners melts Sarika, and she takes time to think about it. Ishita goes to Ruhi’s school and meets Vandu who came to pick Shravan. Ishita hugs her and goes to get Adi and Ruhi home. Shagun makes a vamp-entry and takes Adi pulling him while he eyes Ishita, thinking about who’s right after Rinki’s marriage drama. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad seeing Mihir and Rinki come home. The couple greet everyone and get blessings.

On the other hand, Raman Bhalla gets in his anger mode again when Ishita argues to limit the decision of Romi-Sarika’s marriage. She says he does not love her and will not value his marriage. Raman argues with Ishita as she has chosen Nikhil for Rinki, and then asked Mihir to marry Rinki. He asks her, do Mihir and Rinki have love between them, did we have any love between us before marriage. He goes hyper and shouts on her saying he has always covered up her wrong decisions and it’s time she covers up for the family’s mistake – that Mrs. Bhalla insulted Sarika before. Ishita tries to defend her point as Romi does not respect Sarika and he feels this marriage is forced on him. Raman says every marriage don’t need to have love, some are done based on situation. He says you decided alone for Rinki and Mihir’s marriage without asking anyone, now you have to agree to our decision. Ishita supports Sarika as the Bhalla family has ashamed Sarika before and she wants Sarika’s self esteem to be intact. She says the family is just being selfish to use Sarika now. Mihir and Rinki see their argument and pacify Raman. Shagun comes between their fight and gives a big volt giving legal papers to him. Ishita who was bearing Raman’s anger, gets it out on Shagun.

Shagun tries to use Adi to get back in frame and her plan fails. Ishita slaps her again and looks like Shagun’s cheek has become a slapping ground. Shagun takes Adi and leaves. Later on, Ishita supports Raman and pacifies his tears. Shagun decides to snatch Ruhi from Ishita, and the track will have Ruhi going to stay with Shagun and Adi going to stay with Ishita, based on the decision made on Adi’s custody case. Will this kids’ swap story bring any change in Shagun? Ruhi will definitely teach Shagun a lesson of life, and Adi would get a chance to see Ishita’s genuine love. Keep reading.


    • I became crazy about this show for showing a very mature love story. Now it has simply become annoying and illogical. How the hell would Ruhi go to Shagun after Ishitha got Permanent custody. Is it an exchange of dolls and why the hell is Ishitha blamed for Nikhil’s marriage? Wasn’t it Mr.Bhalla who brought the rishtha in the first place..better end the serial than showing such damn episodes.

  1. dont show like childrens draging here and there its not nice…………….and better show some happy situations……….the show is only for ruhi with ishita and ishras friendly romancing scenes…….missing…………showing childrens custody is…………

  2. Ishita should not interfier in any of Bhalla’s including Raman’s decisions in future, as she got humiliated badly in Nikil’s case…. Let her to be just a spectator for a while..

    It is Raman to show his anger always on Ishita when Shagun & Adi area way/against… Hope Ishita will stay away from Adi’s custody case..Looks like Ishita begging for Raman’s attention all the time.. I hate to see Ishita like that… Please give her a chance to prove her self value ..

  3. Wish Iyer family stay away from Bhalla’s.. At least the new accommodation should not be close by like before. Bhalla’s family is always selfish.. Its visible in the way how they treated Ishita though she is the daughter in law /wife of the Raman (well like Abimanyu said Raman has a feeling only for his kids, family and may be even to Shagun in time to come)

  4. first of all…..will anyone bring their husbands first wife……..y ishita can take shagun o mihirs house….if it has happen the serial wouldnt have gone down………its gone its………..kk…….and again making the audience fool……by ruhis custody to shagun………….they gave permanent …………if adi wants to know ishis love it can be in any other way……….and raman every time he doesnt belive ishi…..and forgets what ishi does for his family…….she saved simi from param………and ruhi from shagun…….kk….i think in some episode sarika was saying that she gave false report for romi to teac him lesson………….they left that………….and going and beging……sarika shouldnt accept romi……..if she ,.accepts……… its not beeing respect for her………ishi should proof its romis report is false …..given by sarika……and above all ramna says…..adi is asking soo only iam going with ruhi for picnic……..its not……romi now also he didnt realise and he is capable for marrige……….kk…..pls make the serial best………..if it goes trp will go to down now itselff it has steped down one step………soo…………….writer be aware and make it to be in first………bcus of ishi raman and ruhi it should not go dowen………….dont waste the lovely acters…………….

  5. miss ekta kapoor don’t make again tv serial i will you very soon please give to yhm another producer ektha kapoor serial never good ekata you get lost india. what’s goin on please i begin you please ruhi ishita raman always one family don’t separate them yhm fance want to ruhi ishita raman remember that yhm fans are brood up.

  6. Raman’s character was gradually shown to have changed from angry young man to an understanding husband. What was the whole point of argument with such harsh words to Ishita? It made no sense and with the change in his nature if it was a spur of moment anger, he should be shown apologizing to Ishita for his behavior and not hide anything from Ishita like he had started doing. Why all of a sudden his character is changed to be old Raman?


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