High Five Spoilers


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Shastri Sisters:

Anu gets to know about Minty’s truth that she has been filling Rajat’s ears and she is the one who has always been making Rajat doubt on her and Veer’s relation. Minty is unaware that Anu knows her truth and she still acts sweet to her. Anu starts being extra cautious and gets smart to fail Minty’s plan. On the other hand, Devyaani has decided to take her relationship with Neil to a higher level, and gives her nod to their love. Neil gets really happy with her decision and thanks her for understanding his friendship and love. The new lovers soon come in Minty’s sight. It will be interesting to see what will Minty do when she knows about Devyaani and Neil’s love affair.


Ranvi tries ending his annoyance with Gunjan, and with time passing by, he starts being like before. Veera persuades Ranvi to accept Gunjan and forget her mistake, as one mistake can’t end their strong love. Veera and Baldev end all their differences and they meet at the shade where they always used to meet before their marriage. The lovers consummate their marriage, and Baldev ends the divorce matter. Manjeet feels her failure in Veera’s victory. Meanwhile, Balwant tries to know the reason of Bansuri obeying Manjeet and he gets sure that Bansuri is having some secret which is known to her and Manjeet.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi and Samar have started knowing each other, without knowing that they met in their childhood, and she is his Gauwali girl. Samar has hidden his identity from her and she regards him as Raj Samose Wala. Samar takes the poverty driven life tips from Laxmi, as she teaches him to find happiness in every moment. Laxmi arranges money from her portfolio by amar’s help and selling black tickets for Ayesha’s movie. The movie which was going flat in sales, picks up by Laxmi’s smartness as she buys all the tickets and sells at a good rate, and also gets the theatre houseful. Laxmi goes for her portfolio pic shooting and bumps into her Dream Girl Ayesha Sareen. Laxmi slips and falls on her, much to Ayesha’s annoyance. Their first meeting does not go well and Ayesha recalls her friend’s words about someone making an entry in her life, which may or may not be good for her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihika brings Ishita and Ruhi to her home, as Ashok is out of city and she promises she won’t inform her family. Ishita’s stress makes her fall sick and Mihika worries for her seeing her faint. Ruhi hugs her and takes care of her Ishi Maa showering her innocent love. Ruhi becomes her medicine. Raman comes to know about Ishita and Ruhi staying at Ashok’s house and rushes there to get them back home. Before him, Shagun reaches there and Mihika stops her from meeting Ruhi. Shagun still tries to take Ruhi and leave.

Balika Vadhu:

With Nimboli facing so much at her inlaws, the next track will be bringing Nimboli face to face with Anandi, and with her saying Maa will make Anandi sense some relation with her. The track will be showing how Anandi brings out her daughter from the evil customs of child marriage. On the other hand, Jagya starts realizing Abhi’s change in behavior towards Shivam. While Anandi starts taking measures in restricting Shivam, she feels Abhi needs more of Jagya’s attention.

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