TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Shagun takes Ruhi and is glad that she has hurt Ishita on her weakness and regards this as her biggest victory. Shagun knows Ruhi wants to be with Ishita and it will be difficult to deal with Ruhi now. She knows Adi is strong and she gets tensed that Adi is favoring Ishita more. Adi stays with Bhallas and sees Ishita’s genuine tears for Ruhi. In a way, Ishita gets some support in Adi and Raman is glad that Adi is finally accepting Ishita. Adi feels Shagun has not done right to take revenge from Ishita.


Ishani cries as she loses hope in her life. She gets life sentence for Chirag’s murder. She has taken all the blames on herself, and life has been unfair to the lovers. The moment they accepted each other and started living their life, the life turned and Chirag’s murder matter came in between. She tells everyone that Ranvir does not love her, and she has fooled him. She says she loved Chirag always, and has been with him for his money. Ishani’s bitter words in the court hurt Ranvir a lot. Ranvir does not believe her words and feels she is hiding something, and taking this step because of something. He knows Ishani loves her and is doing this by some fact. Next development is RV getting engaged to Ritika while Ishani remains in solitude and cries in jail. Ritika looks glad but the same glee is not on RV’s face. Indeed, times has change yet another time for Ishani-RV but feelings are there but got compromised paving for seperation & different paths. Next, Nitin visits the jail to support his daughter Ishani but she rejects his help and empathy, and hurls strong words at him. The next track will show a short leap in the show.

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Nisha and Viraj’s love has rekindled with jealousy & feelings of loss playing its part. Next big development is Dada ji learning about Nisha & Kabir’s sindoor marriage. Nisha accepts it and tries to defend by saying it was acting and Kabir puts forward the argument of marriage being accidental to save Chandu. Dada ji has earlier accepted new outlook and compromised on old traditions but now stood with his believe on marriage. He informs them about the importance of marriage and his decision on their full-fledged marriage with all rituals. Nisha and Kabir get a shock aka Jhatka. Nevertheless, with this marriage sequence track opening up, the interplay of Viraj-Nisha-Kabir would be seen with – love, family values, expectations, compromise, feelings as different elements. Will Dada ji’s decision on marriage  bring a big change in Kabir & Nisha’s life ? What will be Viraj’s reaction to this development ?

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani gets sad as she gets the love letter for Yuvraaj, written by Soumya. Soumya writes all the truth of Yuvraaj and her relation in the letter. She writes how he loved her and had to marry Suhani unwillingly. Dadi plans this and hides her support for Soumya in Suhani’s eyes. While Pratima consoles Suhani, the relation starts getting bitter for a while. Sharad explains Yuvraaj to speak out his feelings to Suhani, whatever he has and whenever he felt it. Yuvraaj tries to explain Suhani that he cares for her, and in his simple language that he would always like to be with her. Sharad tells Suhani about Yuvraaj trying to be away from Soumya. He asks Suhani to make Soumya leave, while Suhani feels Dadi has used heartbroken Soumya to break her marriage. Soumya acts goody types to Suhani to give her a shoulder for weeping and asks her to follow her to win Dadi’s heart.


Indrajeet is confused over the matter that everyone has been knowing his feelings, and with Ahilya also liking Sapna. She suggests him to propose her, as small city girls don’t find such matter well without having a proper relation. While Poornima shows her hatred towards Sapna, this makes Indrajeet support Sapna and show his trust on her. Astha is left with no choice but to tell Shlok, and the matter comes in light a little late. Shlok suggests Astha to leave the job, while she gets closer to find the relation of Sarkars with Agnihotris.


Ashoka continues to remain distraught with Dharma’s believed death. Bindusara speaks of his promise that he gave to Shubhadrangi but Ashoka is not interested in any promises. Ashoka informs Bindusara on how his father has given a promise to his mother but never turned up. He continues to remain upset. Will Ashoka avenge the death of his mom Dharma ?

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Muskaan and Alok’s Sangeet function gives an occasion to everyone to dance in Rajasthani attire. The younger couples and even the elder ones dance together. Muskaan greets Naman touching his feet, and Naman hugs her emotionally. The siblings have a sweet bond amidst the sangeet function. Next is the haldi-mehendi rituals and everyone apply haldi to Muskaan. The show will be having a 10 year old leap soon, and viewers will get to see a new grown-up Naksh and Naira. Actor Rohan Mehra  going to play Naksh and Actress Ashnoor Kaur as Naira post leap.

Jodha Akbar:

Akbar’s orders have brought much pain and misery to his people and now he is serving as a common person to feel that pain and his inner soul guiding him. He gets a charge of a stealer and Jodha who is incharge of court in the village punishes him with hunter punishment. Akbar takes it in good spirit since he wanted to feel the pain but Jodha and Ruks are upset. Jodha had ordered that punishment while listening to a King’s order. Meanwhile, Jagdev who is keeping an eye on Jodha kidnaps her and keeps her in a godown of grains storage and has earlier changed the godown’s place. Jodha wanted to reveal his true face in front of people. Jodha tries hard to remove the ropes which bind her hands. Soon, Akbar comes to know of Jodha being in danger and not around, in a defiant mode he speaks that nobody [human or even God] can seperate him with Jodha. Will Akbar succeed in securing Jodha’s release, and give Jagdev a fitting reply ?

On another front, there is war development with Akbar joining Salim at the war field, and Salim has people’s support. Haidar has not gone to the war and gets tricked by Shama and receives severe belly pain.

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Sasural Simar Ka: 

Siddhant does the Sindhoor to Roli (Shruti) during Navratri festive time, and she then tries to evade it from Nagin’s eyes. But fake Roli comes to know of it and confronts Roli. While, this is Roli first win but there is stiff challenge coming next from Nagin. Nagin informs Roli to get ready to see her next move. What will be the role of Simar in piggybacking support to Roli for countering Nagin ?

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Maya got poisoned by someone injecting it in her glucose bottle as she was recovering in kund’s home. Rudra has met his mom Ganga Maa after 24 years and was happy. But his happiness got short-lived with Maya’s deteriorating health state and learns from Shivanand that she is going to die gradually. Next, he fulfills her wish of getting married since she wants to die as a Suhagan. Rudra and Maya gets married and he even takes her in his arms during the Saat Pheras ritual. Maya’s Nanu Devesh told his goons to not repeat their mistake in harming Maya, so who has poisoned Maya. It is known that Maya is Rudra’s weakness and how the attack on her relates to Amrit and 144th Mahakumbh. Will Rudra’s believe that Maya’s life recovery is possible akin to a miracle come true ?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya are going to give the biggest test of their life with the kidnapping drama takes them to the mountain cliff. Neil – the corporator shoots at them resulting in the fall. What will be its impact, and how are they going to escape unhurt with the fall ?

18th March Promo:
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