Dil Ki Baatein… Ram showers vibrancy to Anandita & children even in difficult times


Dil Ke Baatein Dil Hi Jaane

Ram, Anandita (Anu), Disha, and Aarav are a close-knit family where care, love and happiness are essential elements. Ram is not only a dutiful & caring husband but also a friend to his children specially to the elder one Disha. Anandita’s cancer has relapsed after 2 years but she doesn’t want to go for chemotherapy sessions and further tests to know the exact details about the cancer. Anu shares his feelings of dying peacefully and doesn’t want to go through the machines as she feels getting choke. But Ram shows his adamant nature in taking her to the hospital after not listening to her. She tricks him again at the hospital in not wanting to have tests. Coming to Anu’s family, her dad keeps a strained relationship since she left him 18 years ago to live with Ram after falling in love. Her dad was shattered and even cried to see her leaving him. Anu kept a  desire to meet her dad once ended on a sour note since he didn’t entertain her when she reached him at his home. Ram continued to be sober and remained silent when his dad-in law showed his displeasure and hate towards him.

Later, Ram understood Anu’s concerns and feelings and soon plans a family vacation to have some vibrant change and freshness in their life while Anu’s battling with cancer is not known to his children. At the vacation place, Ram again showed his caring and protective side of his personality towards his wife Anu and helps her when her life was in danger. Ram has so much care for his wife that earlier he had become a groundnut vendor just to bring smile on her face and ready to accept any challenge for her. Moreover, he also faces and counter society’s thinking on cancer patients, and sometimes they show indifference. While, Anu loves her children much but Ram wants to see them at ease so becomes one like them, and for instance – coming up with secrets like them; pointing out that relationships cannot be erased by giving analogy of pencil-eraser.

With cancer relapse and the doctor in their initial assessment informing that only God can help Anu in overcoming cancer around this time, a new journey begins for Ram, Anu and their family. It is true that anyone can go through bad times at some point in life or the other, and it has to be seen how Ram manages the intricacies of life. He needs to shoulder support to his ailing wife & also take care of his children. Will Ram manage to become the pillar of strength in testing times ahead ?

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