Adorable Ruhi swings between Shagun and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



While Raman refuses the client for Ruhi’s ad modeling, Ashok agrees to him. Ashok offers a huge amount to Shagun knowing she needs it badly. Shagun asks Ruhi to do the ad and convinces her by her emotional talk. Ruhi does the ad to show to Ishita that she can be without her and will do what Shagun asks for. Raman gets a shock seeing Ruhi model for the ad and gets angry on Shagun. Shagun gets glad to maintain her luxurious lifestyle by Ruhi’s support. Ishita feels Ruhi is going on wrong way and blames herself for this.

Shagun gets Ruhi for the audition and convinces her by using all her tricks. Ruhi still loves Ishita, but stays sad. Raman scolds Shagun for bringing Ruhi for the ad shoot and Shagun cares a damn as always. Ashok supports Shagun and asks Raman to back off, as modeling for an ad thing is not so bad as he is going hyper. Ruhi does the ad against her will and her innocence makes the ad audition and shoot hit. Shagun thinks its good idea to make Ruhi do ad modelling and there is nothing wrong in this. Raman talks to Ruhi and sees her unhappy. Ishita objects against this and Shagun does not listen to them. How will Raman and Ishita get Ruhi back? Keep reading.


  1. Plz
    Already a lot of complexities a person face in his/her life, and when sit to get some rest a child is seen without her parents. It is worst
    Make ishita ruhi some happy go lucky

  2. This drama is showing that you can do anything you want and no one will say anything . I am very upset with Ishita. I used to admire her a lot now I think i was wrong . A step mum is a step mum.she entered Bhalla family for Ruhi and now for staying for Raman , she betrayed Ruhi . Raman can insult her or kick her out anytime . Have a question, Ruhi was given to the custody of Ishitha but how could Shagun get Ruhi with Raman ‘s sign? The bhalla family can get both kids

    • Oh my god, that’s what I’m saying. The judge clearly said Ruhi belongs to Ishita so it shouldn’t matter if Raman signed the papers or not.b this is irritating. I am tired of this Shagun track, let’s get new faces

  3. I hate the drama now y can’t ekta just stop the drama if she has no story Cox she is just extending the drama and I don’t know you her drama has to be so long now all we see is evil shogun and more drama no story at all


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