Yuvraaj to give his marriage a chance in Suhani Si…


suhani si

Suhani has shattered by her dad’s truth and feels Yuvraaj was bounded in the forced marriage for his family’s sake. She admits to Dadi that she understood she can’t join the shattered relation. She packs her bag and decides to go to her mum’s house. Lata talks to her and feels sorry about this. She tells Suhani that she did not know Pankaj has done this, else she would have definitely stopped her. Pankaj apologizes and cries on his mistake, stating he felt Yuvraaj will accept Suhani someday and everything will be fine, but things did not work in their favor. Soumya has been totally exposed in Suhani’s eyes, after she asks will she keep Yuvraaj against his will or give him to her. Suhani reminds her that Yuvraaj is not a thing and also says she will not bind Yuvraaj in marriage if he does not wish to keep it. The lack of communication between Suhani and Yuvraaj does not let them clear things.

Soumya provokes Suhani to leave the house as her marriage is loveless and meaningless. Lata asks Suhani not to leave Birla house and talk to Yuvraaj to know his opinion. Suhani lost her self esteem by Pankaj’s doings and says talking to Yuvraaj will be like pressuring him again. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that he will not let Suhani bear this pain if she has not done any mistake. He shows his concern and Sharad happily shares this with Pratima. Yuvraaj goes to talk to Suhani and Soumya comes in between. He thinks of the main reason hurting Suhani, that’s Soumya’s presence in Birla House. Yuvraaj decides to give his marriage a chance, as Suhani is innocent and good hearted. Will Suhani go away from Yuvraaj, or will he stop her to stay back? Keep reading.


  1. i like suhani and yuvraj and happy he suppoting her without her knowing on the other hand soumya is day dreaming that he still like her wake up somyma yuvraj and suhani good job i like your episode thanks for such unique story


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