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Vivaan calls the vice principal Sharma and tells him about Chakor locked inside the school. The vice principal takes the matter into action and sends the police to rescue Chakor. Later on, Chakor is rescued and taken to haveli. She is determined to go to school even now and Suraj is worried that she may tell everyone that he locked her. Chakor does not name Suraj and he makes everyone humiliate her in the class. Chakor gets raged and decides to prove herself true. Roshni kicks her off her bench and Chakor is made to sit on last bench. Chakor thinks bearing injustice is wrong and she will stop it. Will Chakor be able to find her way to education crossing all the hurdles coming her way?

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Dream Girl:

Laxmi enters the Sareen house as a Jogan Maa and is respected by everyone. Everyone take her blessings and Ayesha too touches her feet. She is stunned seeing Laxmi’s face under the veil and gets tensed seeing Manav present there. Samar leaves from home to hide his identity as Laxmi has seen him. Ayesha tries to manage Laxmi out of her home. Laxmi tells her that she has come to give her ring and got to get the Jogan dressup to enter the Jagrata. Ayesha is stunned by Laxmi’s real to life performance and starts believing she is talented, but she will not be able to take her place. What will Ayesha do to send off Laxmi from their lives and Navrang studios?


Ahem is back in Modi house with high arrogance and annoyance with everyone. He says he has come there just for Kokila and he will not make any relation with anyone, not even Jigar and his family. He tells how Gopi has broken his trust and now he will not let her break his trust again. Ahem meets Jigar’s daughter Rashi and asks her not to come to him, as he is not related to her. Rashi finds him sweet as his anger is just a show and he is indeed loving and caring from heart. Rashi runs to Meera and Vidya. Meera does not like her and pushes her away. Gopi scolds Meera asking her to respect elders and love kids. Gopi says she will change Meera and Ahem. Kokila asks Gopi to give him some time, as he was away from home for 10 years and his loneliness has formed this annoyance in his heart. She says Ahem has been staying away to punish himself as his loved ones has broken his trust, and he will definitely need time to forgive them and relieve himself from this hatred. Will Gopi manage to win Ahem’s love and trust in Mansi’s presence?


When Shekhar’s mum calls Sumi characterless and says Sumi claims that he is Swara’s father. Shekhar admits that it’s a fact and Swara is indeed his daughter. His parents get angry and Shekhar sticks to truth. Lakshya hears everything and he is glad that he got chance to break the alliance. Shekhar and Swara have an emotional talk as she calls him Baba for the first time. The truth reaches Lakshya’s family and Lakshya’s dad breaks the alliance and calls off Ragini and Lakshya’s engagement. Ragini breaks down and blames Swara for this. Will this bring a big rift between the sisters?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

While Raman refuses the client for Ruhi’s ad modeling, Ashok agrees to him. Ashok offers a huge amount to Shagun knowing she needs it badly. Shagun asks Ruhi to do the ad and convinces her by her emotional talk. Ruhi does the ad to show to Ishita that she can be without her and will do what Shagun asks for. Raman gets a shock seeing Ruhi model for the ad and gets angry on Shagun. Shagun gets glad to maintain her luxurious lifestyle by Ruhi’s support. Ishita feels Ruhi is going on wrong way and blames herself for this.

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Shikhar bails out Ishaani with her luck playing its part and he thus succeeds in getting the opportunity to date judge’s daughter. He knows she is innocent and was going to sacrifice her life for someone else [RV]. Ishani wants to see RV happy and continues to blame herself and remains distraught. After getting bailed out in nick of time, she walks aimlessly into the waters and doesn’t want to live. Shikhar finds her in that condition and runs to protect her, and also reminds with care on what she is doing is madness. It has to be seen on how Shikhar navigates Ishani’s direction in love & life from now on. Will Ishani listen to Shikhar, and find him as a friend who brings vibrancy in her ? On another front, Falguni with her family are staying in Nitin’s house and agreed to do so after compromising with the situation.

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Tere Sheher Mein:

When Sneha faces the problem of arranging Pandit Bhoj, Amaya thinks how to arrange the food for 51 pandits. Sneha’s family residing in Chobey Nivaas gets to know about Sneha being their neighbor. While her dad Gajendra Chobey and his son hate Sneha for marrying Rishi against their will, Sneha’s mum gets supportive of her in this tough time. She becomes a guide for her and helps her out in difficulties, along with her daughter in law Dimple. Amaya uses his disaster management techniques to deal with tough situations and takes neighbor’s help in arranging the food. Will Sneha be able to unite with her dad and get his forgiveness post Rishi’s death?

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi has used her mind well and made Titu’s weakness – food become his driving spirit to go for the interview. While Manorama calls Panchi and asks her to come home and take care of Rachna, Panchi worries and leaves from home, leaving behind Titu’s preparations for the interview. Rekha is happy that Titu will fail in interview and Mukund will be going New Jersey. Nevertheless, Titu manages to pass the interview by his wits and pleasant talk. Titu bags the opportunity to go New Jersey and Panchi gets very glad. She starts making him do the petty works, which Surekha has been doing for him always. Surekha and Govind become sure that Panchi will bring a positive change in Titu and make him get rid of his laziness.


Nisha gets to know about Viraj and Kabir being step brothers and hides the truth from her family, as Kabir has given them a mistaken impression of his family by bringing the fake uncle and aunty. She tries to keep things in wrap and comes to know about Viraj’s hatred for Kabir. Viraj does not get known to this fact and Nisha feels he will be hurt knowing it. Viraj gets sad by Nisha and Kabir’s marriage and his hatred increases for Kabir. Nisha thinks she has to move in the royal family and does not know how will Viraj deal with her rejection seeing her around.


Soumya provokes Suhani to leave the house as her marriage is loveless and meaningless. Lata asks Suhani not to leave Birla house and talk to Yuvraaj to know his opinion. Suhani lost her self esteem by Pankaj’s doings and says talking to Yuvraaj will be like pressuring him again. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that he will not let Suhani bear this pain if she has not done any mistake. He shows his concern and Sharad happily shares this with Pratima. Yuvraaj goes to talk to Suhani and Soumya comes in between. He thinks of the main reason hurting Suhani, that’s Soumya’s presence in Birla House. Yuvraaj decides to give his marriage a chance, as Suhani is innocent and good hearted.

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Radha comes to know about LD and his family getting arrested and she runs leaving her marriage, driving the scooty. She goes to police station to free them, and leaves the mandap. Radha does not know what to do, and she leaves without waiting for anyone. She wants to know what happened. LD and his family wait for Radha in the marriage venue and Radha is mistaken getting the fake news. LD does not meet Radha, as its bad sign if groom and bride meet before marriage. LD waits for her anxiously. Will Radha comes back for her marriage in time?

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane:

Ram gets worried seeing Anu fall unconscious and knows about her Cancer Relapse. Anu feel her life is short and does not want to go for the therapy. Ram tells her that he can go to any extent to keep his love alive. He tries to convince Anu for her treatment. She asks him to accept the truth and he says he just wants to keep trying. A perfect father and a perfect husband, how will Ram manage to become the perfect support for his wife, to make her lead a normal life till she is alive. Ram gets a big support in his daughter Disha who becomes a guide for him to deal with Anu and her health disaster.

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