Swara’s identity truth effects Ragini in Swaragini



Swara’s entry in home with Lakshya lifting her in unconscious state alerts everyone against Lakshya’s character and also Swara gets in bad light. Sharmishta/Sumi feels Swara went on her own and she can’t get kidnapped. Lakshya tells everyone that Swara was kidnapped and he saved her. Sumi counters Lakshya and he admits that it was all his plan. Sumi and Ragini clear out about Swara being Shekhar’s daughter. Both the families are shattered by this truth.

When Shekhar’s mum calls Sumi characterless and says Sumi claims that he is Swara’s father. Shekhar admits that it’s a fact and Swara is indeed his daughter. His parents get angry and Shekhar sticks to truth. Lakshya hears everything and he is glad that he got chance to break the alliance. Shekhar and Swara have an emotional talk as she calls him Baba for the first time. The truth reaches Lakshya’s family and Lakshya’s dad breaks the alliance and calls off Ragini and Lakshya’s engagement. Ragini breaks down and blames Swara for this. Will this bring a big rift between the sisters?

[youtube id=https://youtu.be/S25UKlXuBS4]



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