Abhi and Pragya’s romance to flourish in KumKum Bhagya


kb abhi pragya

The happy days are back again in Abhi and Pragya’s lives. After Pragya’s love confession to him in her unique way, that love happened unintentionally as she could not stop herself from loving him because he is super good…… Abhi gets stunned for a while and thinks about her love proposal over and over again in mini flashbacks. Back home, Abhi shares happiness after a long time and producers of his concert wants to keep a welcome party for Abhi. Abhi agrees for it. Dadi says Abhi was shot and he needs time for his wound recovery. She calls off the idea and says he needs good rest.

Abhi convinces Dadi that its long time he has done concerts and he will get a nice change. Aaliya too asks Dadi to agree and acts sweet saying Abhi is back and party is definitely in. Dadi has seen Aaliya’s truth and slapped her in anger, and even then she has hidden this from her family. But Aaliya saved herself by framing Purvi in the crime. The family spend a quality time after the tension ended. Pragya gets shy as Abhi stares on. Tanu gets jealous seeing their eyelocks and romantic nuances. Abhi and Pragya have got tied by love and now that they are back home, Abhi feels to share his feelings with Pragya. The party track will be bringing more of Abhi and Pragya’s newly found love and romance. What will be Aaliya and Tanu’s next move to separate the lovers? Keep reading.



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