Sid and Roshni to face tough jitters in Jamai Raja


sid roshni jamai raja

Biji organized a party as Roshni won the cooking contest. Yash looks for Roshni and comes in her room. The darkness makes Yash falls over Roshni on the bed, and all guests see her. The huge misunderstanding spoils Roshni’s image. The ladies taunt Roshni and Simran. Roshni and Yash are found in compromising position, and this makes Simran angry. She scolds Roshmi and says this is her home and she will not let anyone ruin her house’s respect like this. She says Roshni should leave Sid forever. She says no court decision can make her support such a bad bahu, who is cheating her husband and having an affair with Yash. Simran says she will bear any punishment from court, but she will not let Roshni stay in their house.

Simran throws Roshni’s bag and asks Nani to take Roshni with her. Nani tells Simran that she does not deserve a bahu like Roshni and defends her. Roshni says she is sure when Sid comes, he will believe her. She says till Sid comes, she will not leave the house with the wrong blame. Sid comes home and asks whats going on. Sid stays silent after knowing everything and Roshni gets shattered. Simran kicks her out of home. The moment when Roshni is being kicked, Sid holds Roshni’s hand and says Roshni is my wife, she is my pride, she can’t do anything wrong. Roshni cries and he gets her inside the house again. Sid scolds everyone and says its true Roshni and he has many problems between them, but its too personal and no one can comment on them. He asks the ladies not to judge Roshni. Sid says if Roshni is asked to leave home, then he will also go along. Will growing misunderstandings break off Sid and Roshni? Keep reading.

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