Everlastingly Tale of Annoyance, Tears and Tricks, yet Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ishita sees Ruhi on the way and crosses the road by much difficulty. She calls out Ruhi and Ruhi ignores her. Ishita falls because of her leg pain and Ruhi runs to hold her hand. Ishita holds her hand and cries happily seeing her. Vandu pacifies Ishita asking her to come with her. The relation between Ishita and Ruhi look changed. Ruhi misbehaves with Ishita and feels Ishita cheated her. She acts rude to her and says she is still angry on her. Ruhi changes towards her and asks Shagun to take her home. Ishita cries seeing her behavior. Raman looks on and Ishita explains Ruhi that she loves her a lot.

Shagun gets glad seeing Ruhi treat Ishita like strangers. Shagun goes to taunt Ishita and asks her not to create any problems in her life. Ishita scolds Shagun for using Ruhi for maintaining her standards. Shagun takes Ruhi and leaves. Ruhi gets upset leaving Ishita with tears. Shagun is glad that Ruhi has got against Raman and Ishita, and will take the revenge from her side. Shagun misses Adi to some extent as he always obeyed her, and now thinks Ruhi should also obey her and make her win against her enemies. How will Ishita end Ruhi’s annoyance? Keep reading.


  1. let this show go this way and one day u will see ur TRP down… Now wer has mani gone?? wat about sarika.. u people bring all these characters only when u have nothing to show!!! hell ya..

  2. Yaa, gud! Carry on wid ur nonsense.. Guess we r bettr stry writttr den u..! I dint find any base of dis fight.. Useless track.. I hav stoppd watchng it.. Congo, u lost 1 of ur fans :/

    • This track is getting very bad day by day!…the story is getting all messed up…it is loosing all its charm, firstly no coordination between Raman and Ishita, their relationship has not improved and now Ruhi? Where is Adi now? now no worry of his suicide attempts? Anita is doing well as Shagun….but for how long will the same track go on?!!


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