Bulbul recuperates and her accident truth reveals in KumKum Bhagya


bulbul kb

Bulbul has been hit by corporator and her accident led her in critical state. She is rushed to the hospital. Purab breaks down and blames himself for this, as he failed to protect Bulbul. Pragya cries and Abhi consoles her. She hugs Abhi and cries. Abhi and Pragya together pacify Purab and assure him that Bulbul will be fine. Purab begs to them to save his love Bulbul, as he can’t live without her. Abhi hugs him and gets moved by Purab’s feelings, and realizes how painful it is to see true love going away. Abhi tells Purab that he will not leave the corporator.


Mitali brings sweets in the hospital and sees the family fuming. Dadi scolds her. Mitali says its actually temple Prasad and manages her silliness. The police comes there and inspector tells Sarla and Abhi that Bulbul is herself responsible for the accident as she wanted to take revenge from corporator by putting blame on him. They get all upset by Bulbul’s stupidity. The doctor comes and informs them that Bulbul is out of danger, which relieves everyone. Pragya hugs Sarla and asks her to be strong and calm when they meet Bulbul. Abhi sends Purab to meet Bulbul first and Purab decides to call off his marriage. Will the family understand Bulbul’s step? Keep reading.


  1. Writers—- Please don’t say something STUPID like she allowed herself to be harmed so she could bring Pragya & Abhi closer together. And, don’t use this as an EXCUSE to bring Purab and Ayalia together – WE – the VIEWERS – have NOT forgotten that it was Ayalia that concocted the kidnapping scheme. She should be PUNISHED NOT Rewarded for her evil ways…. This does NOT make for good writing or entertainment.

  2. Wts Gng on guys
    Chal kya raha hai?
    V. Soon viewers will fade up with these stupidness
    It’s a love drama or smthng like Khatron k khiladi?????

  3. Pls for god’s sake allow police to think Abhi pls use ur brain & see CCTV footage chk corporator phone records that basic thing police can do rather believing corporator & pls we are fed up with hide & seek of mitali, aaliya & tanu. Its time Abhi knows truth


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