Gangaur festival brings Akshara’s family together again; Naksh to create a bridge for his full family reunion


YRKKH - Naitik & Akshara with family

Akshara is mediating the uneasiness between father-son duo. Naksh misses his family in India and not so happy with stay there in South Africa with only his parents and sister Naira. Sanju gets a hindi project and a second chance from Akshara – her teacher, and isn’t aware of her to be Naksh’s mom. Moreover, Sanju bonds well with Naksh and plans to visit India with him. Whether she is going to realize her plan ? Next, there is Gangaur festival which gives an opportunity for have a happy family reunion and move on by sorting minor issues in family. Akshara wears a bridal dress and there is vibrancy at home. Akshara takes help of Naksh and Naira in making the idol and does Gauri Shankar prayers. She is compelled to sing during prayers and agrees for the same. There is also some dance sequences after prayers but she gets sad during dance after recollecting her extended family in India. It is hard for her to celebrate Gangaur festivities away from family and thus her dance moves showed her reluctancy. Naitik finds her sad and tries to uplift her mood by showering romance and also gives her emotional support.


Akshara waits to go back to her family in Udaipur and hopes the misundestanding to get resolved soon with Bhabhi maa doesn’t blame her anymore for Dada ji’s death after knowing the truth. On another front, the students are not happy with Akshara’s strict nature. This makes Akshara to take decision on leaving the college with her resignation. But it doesn’t realize since students and Sanju learn about Akshara to be Naksh’s mom and they convince her to stay back. Their hate got translated into love for her and thus Akshara continues to work at the university. In the track ahead, Naksh comes to India after 10 years and he lands in Maheshwari house being gift wrapped. Everyone get surprised. Naksh lied to his family – Akshara and Naitik by giving the pretext of going to London for his college trip. He does not know how will Naitik react to this. Rajshri gets emotional seeing Naksh back and fears of the truth coming infront of him, that Bhabhimaa has ended relations with Akshara blaming her for Dadda ji’s death.

Naksh does not know the real matter and blames Naitik to separate the kids from the families. Everyone get glad seeing Naksh. Naksh hugs his childhood buddies Ananya and Yash. In South Africa, Naitik and Akshara get worried seeing Naksh missing. Will Naksh create a bridge to realize a reunion of his families, and end their rift ?



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