Soumya’s growing tantrums irks Dadi in Suhani Si…


soumya and dadi ssel

Soumya and Rags have an argument. Soumya misbehaved with Rags and talks with disrespect, which makes Rags regret for helping Soumya. Rags teaches her a lesson and makes Dadi insist Soumya to change her western clothes. Soumya unwillingly agrees and wears the salwar suits, depicting Suhani. Soumya looks similar to Suhani, but does not have patience, goodness and honesty like her. She starts arguing with Rags and pushes her down. Everyone in the family get stunned seeing Soumya’s anger and how bad she could turn if things get against her. Soumya says she is the new head of the family, and Dadi gets stunned.

Meanwhile, Suhani finds out about Krishna not taking money from Dadi and asks Yuvraaj to find out who has encashed the cheque on his behalf. Krishna tells Suhani that his love was not so cheap that he sells his love and marriage for money. He tells how truly he loved Soumya and wanted to give her a good life, but Soumya could not adjust with him in his middle class home and fell for Birla House. Suhani understands that Soumya does not love Yuvraaj and just wants to rule in rich Birla family. She wants to make Dadi realize this, as Dadi stated she will not bear Soumya if she does not keep Yuvraaj happy.

Suhani and Yuvraaj make Soumya realize how Krishna kept her well and did not make her do any work at his home. Soumya thinks to talk to Krishna, and Dadi scolds her asking her not to recall her first marriage. Pratima asks Suhani to make Soumya realize what Dadi did with her and how she broke her marriage by creating misunderstandings between Soumya and Krishna. Will Suhani and Yuvraaj clear the false hopes of Soumya and make her realize her mistake? Keep reading.



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