Ranvi gets sued for lyrics patent issues in Veera



Veera and Baldev turn into estranged life partners. Manjeet and Bansuri make sure to dig valley between them using the sarpanch elections they are contesting. Veera and Baldev stop talking to each other and get busy in the 13 day election campaigns. The people favor Veera more and Baldev gets annoyed seeing Balwant’s trust on Veera. While Manjeet and Bansuri support Baldev, he gets hurt seeing Veera standing against him and a distance get formed between them. On the other hand, Ranvi is thankful to Gunjan for helping him in composing the song, which became a superhit track. They romantically unite as Gunjan tells him that she really wants to conceive a baby.


Later on, Ranvi gets a legal notice and comes to know he has been sued for using someone’s lyrics and gets worried falling in copyright issues. He asks Gunjan about the lyricist and she tells him that there was no one’s name written in magazine along the poetry. Ranvi meets Arora and tells him that about the lyrics used from some old magazine, but he has mentioned to him before. Arora gets angry for the bad name his company got into, because of Ranvi. Ranvi tells him that he worships music and he can never steal anyone’s work. Gunjan realizes her mistake and asks Ranvi to believe her intentions. Will this legal issues bring any problem between Ranvi and Gunjan again? Keep reading.



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