Subbu makes a comeback in Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ishita has found better ways now to trouble Shagun. She sends Muttu Swami with Ruhi to Shagun’s home and this breaks Shagun’s patience. Shagun asks Ishita to take Muttu back and Ruhi stops her. Shagun calls her to take the dog out. Ruhi says its not dog, but her baby. Shagun’s case is getting weak and her worry is increasing. Shagun scolds Ruhi and asks her to throw Muttu out. Ruhi opposes and Ishita enjoys seeing Shagun in tension. Ruhi keeps Muttu with her and makes him sleep on the bed, annoying Shagun. She apologizes to Shagun.


Back at Bhalla house, Raman and Ishita are always fighting for Ruhi. Ishita is unable to bear the few days separation from Ruhi. Bala meets Subbu at the icecream shop and is stunned to see him back. Subbu’s marriage will be shown with jitters, as his wife has left him, and thus he will be making an entry back in Ishita’s life, much to her shock. Ruhi will be soon brought back to Ishita, by none other his ex fiancé Subbu/Subramanium Balachandran (Bala’s younger brother). Subbu meets Ruhi as he is the boss of the advertising firm, and comes to know of Ruhi being Ishita Bhalla’s daughter. Subbu will be shown helping Ishita in getting Ruhi’s custody by his contacts. Will Raman and Ishita’s life face any changes by his entry? More troubles for Raman… or will Subbu create any difference in Mihika’s life by getting paired with her? Keep reading.


  1. serial is boring now..tired of seeing ishita on wheelchair and crying for ruhi/fighting with raman..after so much drama for adi, he has dissappeared for football..should have gone earlier only..mihika is doing good helping ruhis return..ashok is subbus entry will drift ishra..oh god..

  2. Plz ….yaar ..don’t create much more prblms btw ishu and Raman……can’t bear it..bring back sarika and do godhbarayiii fr hr..y r u making subbu as heroo…..Mani shld come back to ishu and marry mihika

  3. better the episode before becoming boring/streching for years be brought to a logical end by killing shagun in a road accident.


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