Bobby and Neil wickedly injure Devyaani in Shastri Sisters



Well, Neil has gone completely insane as he is trying to harm his own love Devyaani. Devyaani gets angry on Neil after he made the MMS video play in her presentation. Devyaani tells Alka that this time she will punish Neil so that he does not repeat this again. Devyaani slaps Neil infront of everyone in their locality and scolds him for stooping so low that he wanted to end her career before it started, just to take revenge. Neil feels humiliated by her and she asks him to be away from her and her family. Anu gets stunned seeing their fight, and Alka tells her everything what Neil did in the fashion house. Anu gets proud of Devyaani to fight back and fail Neil’s evil plans. Neil tells Devyaani that he will break her ego and confidence, and does not end the enmity.

Later on, Neil goes to the bar to drink and recalls the insult faced infront of everyone. Bobby meets him at the bar and Neil shares Devyaani’s attitude. Bobby asks him to take revenge on Devyaani, and makes him more against Devyaani. Neil and Bobby hatch a plan to take revenge on Devyaani. Bobby follows Devyaani from her fashion house after her job ends, and finds a chance to stab her. Bobby misses the chance as someone comes around her. Devyaani goes to a studio for her fashion assignment, and talks to Alka standing alone, where Bobby attacks her and hits her face. Devyaani faints and the staff rushes her to the hospital. The security guard tries to catch Bobby, but he flees from there and informs Neil about Devyaani’s state. Will Neil be able to save himself from this heinous crime this time? Will Shastri Sisters forgive Neil for such wrong step? Keep reading.




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