Chakor swears to unite Bhagya and Tejaswini in Udaan



Arjun has explained the meaning of the word ‘Pita’ to Chakor, which Bhagya keeps on repeating infront of Chakor, whenever she sees Bhaiya ji. Chakor goes to get answers from Bhagya and asks her about her relation with Bhaiya ji. Bhagya tells about her parents and cries recalling her mother Tejaswini. Chakor consoles her and promises her that she will unite her with her mum. Bhagya thankfully gets a hope from Chakor. Arjun asks Chakor to rethink about her decision as this can make Bhaiya ji against her and her family. He says Bhaiya ji can put many hurdles for her, if she supports Bhagya. Chakor tells him that Bhagya has right to be stay in haveli with her family, and she will bring out Bhaiya ji’s secret in Tejaswini’s eyes.

Chakor runs well in the practice sessions and NRIs gets glad seeing her talent. Chakor goes to meet Dadi and tells her everything, which makes Dadi respond to her again. Chakor takes Dadi’s blessings before the race. She goes to meet Bhagya and Bhavani catches her. Chakor escapes and reaches the sports event venue to take part in the running race competition. Arjun’s sister Kangan comes to meet Chakor and gifts her new shoes, wishing her all the best to win the race and fulfill her dreams. Suraj and Ragini get some old toys and fight for them, which makes Tejaswini cry, recalling her first daughter. Chakor’s family comes to the venue to cheer for Chakor. Bhagya is taken away to be shifted to some other temple and spots Chakor. She shouts for help. Will Chakor be able to help Bhagya, by going against Bhaiya ji? Will this step of Chakor change Tejaswini’s perception towards bonded labor, after she realizes the 18 year long separation with her daughter? Keep reading.



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