Parmeet to re-enter and create troubles for Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



After Raman’s anger burst on Ishita, because of Rinki’s marriage breaking, Ishita goes to Iyer house with her self-respect. Raman gets angry on Mihika and asks Ishita to take her sister and move out of his house. Raman and Ishita’s relation again got lagging, and Ishita tells her parents that she will not spare Raman for this. She takes Romi’s help and punctures Raman’s car tryes. Raman gets ready and is in hurry to go office. He sees the tyres punctured and starts giving his irritating speech to everyone, bringing out his usual anger out. Ishita passes by and stops seeing hi,, and taunts him intentionally to show who is the boss between them. She offers lift to him and he sits in her car, while Romi drives. Raman and Ishita start their arguments, and makes Romi’s ears suffer.

Parmeet will be making a comeback in the show and the viewers will get to see the villain again. Parmeet will be creating more troubles for Ishita, and looks like all villains and vamps are working together against Ishita and Raman. Ashok calls Parmeet as he fails to take revenge on Raman, after losing his company to Raman. He asks Parmeet to get after Ishita and Mihika again, as the Iyer sisters have made his life hell. Let’s see what twist Parmeet brings with him. Keep reading.


  1. if there is no love and romance and always villains revenge in this serial we may stop watching this serial its becoming more and more boring

  2. I personally think this plot twist is silly and predictable. For once please have something original as I love yhm

  3. Ishita and Mihika are very hard and level-headed women and to prove their women power they both will handle Param well. By now, Simmi could join hands too with Ishita and Mihika and teach Param a lesson not to mess around with any women. But would like to see Raman and Ishita’s relation going to the next level may be before they start showing Ruhi and Adi as grown ups….lol

  4. everything is happening in YHM but not confession between ISHRA…
    i don’t understand ….
    and the writer… did he write the story during mahabharat or any war?? coz there are no ending fights and not all romance ….
    the title should be should be changes from YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN TO YEH HAI LADAIYAAN…


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