Chakor rescues Bhagya; Ishwar enters with hidden motives in Udaan



Chakor runs after Bhagya’s car and takes tough short routes, getting hurt by the thorns. Bhavani gets relieved seeing Chakor not after them, and Bhagya starts crying to be getting away from her family. She recalls how Chakor promised her to unite with her mother Tejaswini. The car breaks down. Imli and Sheru help Chakor and makes Sheru run with Bhavani’s purse. Bhavani cries for the money and runs after Sheru to get her purse. Chakor comes to Bhagya and rescues her. Bhagya thanks her. Chakor brings Bhagya along with her and hides her from Bhaiya ji. She tells Bhagya that she will unite her with Tejaswini, once she wins the race.

Suraj also participates in the race and plans to trouble Chakor to make her lose the race and break her dreams. Bhagya sees her family and wishes to meet them at the earliest. Chakor asks Imli to take care of Bhagya and not let her come in anyone’s sight. Arjun asks Chakor to focus on the race and win it, as Kangan’s dreams are also associated with her victory. Chakor runs hard towards her dreams to spread education and also take up the task of ending Bhagya’s bonded temple life. With Ishwar’s entry again in Aazaagunj, is he destined to end Bhagya’s and Chakor’s tied lives? Ishwar has come with hidden motives and taken up the university job to keep an active eye on Bhaiya ji. Will Tejaswini believe Chakor on knowing about Bhagya? Keep reading.



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