Sher Singh to prove his true love for Shraddha in Piya Rangrezz



With Shradda agreeing to marry Sher Singh, he gets in a fix thinking she agreed from his mum’s warning and not by heart. Shraddha clears out to him that she is marrying him by her heart and lies to him. Sher gets glad and at the same time takes time to think about the marriage so that his ego does not get hurt infront of her. Sher and Shraddha’s families do the marriage talk and the mehendi-haldi ceremony starts. Shraddha looks gloomy seeing her mehendi and is tensed to become Sher’s wife. Sher is a gem at heart and his good side is not yet seen by Shraddha. A new entry will be happening soon in the show, as Sher’s brother, who happens to be linked with Shraddha’s past.

Later on, Sher and Shraddha get married by her acceptance. Shraddha sits tensed in her room and sees someone coming. Sher’s mum Bhanwari warns her again. Sher Singh comes to Shraddha and feels glad to get his love. He does not know about Shraddha’s compromise to marry him. He thanks her for accepting his love. He gets close to her and holds her, and gets a shocked reaction from her. She moves back and tells him that the marriage did not happen by her wish. Sher gets angry knowing his mum has forced Shraddha to marry him. He leaves from the bedroom and argues with his mum on her wrong step to make his love for Shraddha turn into fear in her heart. He takes it as a challenge to make Shraddha fall in love with him, by his love strength, which is over his mum’s influential powers. Bhanwari gets irked by Shraddha, for stepping in her house and making her son against her. Will Sher succeed to prove his love to Shraddha? Keep reading.


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  1. This show completely nails it.
    Set in the U.P against the backdrop of liquor trade, the ever evil politics and the sinister ways of liquor traders, it has started on a high.
    They’ve got amazing actors with such authentically thick rustic accents that it does for a while transports you to the dusty lands of U.P, the haunt of ferocious liquor barons, amidst the ruthless forces.
    The lead pair look so beautiful on screen, they set fire to it.
    Sher Singh as the typical steely roughneck son of a chieftain yet a soft hearted and emotional lover endears him to you.
    Shraddha as the innocent young belle charms her way into your hearts.
    Their moments together are so strikingly arresting, you can feel the unsaid yet easily expressed feelings of blossoming love between the two.
    You can’t help but admire the barbaric and formidable liquor baron yet an affectionate and doting mother, Bhanwari Devi. She sets high ideals for woman empowerment!
    Of boy, the woman is certainly vicious who can go to any lengths to protect her son. No one can touch her son and if you do, brace yourselves to bid adieu to your life.
    You definitely shan’t mess with her.
    The supporting actors are extremely lovable, gelling themselves so well, as if to fill the jigsaw puzzle.
    This is not a regular love story replete with it’s quota of kitchen politics and thus does complete justice to it’s theme and setting.
    This larger than life story surely promises tons of drama!


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