Kokila proves Gopi’s innocence to Ahem in Saathiya



Kokila gets worried for Gopi seeing Ahem’s annoyance and Meera’s hatred towards Gopi. She thinks to justify Gopi by showing a mock demo to Ahem and Meera. Ahem gets beaten up by Kokila. Ahem does not resist and shows his good values by not saying a word against Kokila. She beats him by a wooden stick and is much angry on him. Meera, Vidya and Gopi come in between and try to stop Kokila. Meera asks Kokila what is she doing and holds her hand. She gets angry and pushes Kokila down.

Kokila wanted to know the truth from Ahem. This drama is planned by Kokila to know whats in Ahem’s heart. She explains Meera how she has pushed her to save her dad from beating and how Gopi has also did defense to save Rashi’s life and killed Radha, as she did not have any other way. She says Gopi has been a Yashoda Maiyya for Rashi. She wants the children to know the complete truth and not blame Gopi. She asks them to respect Gopi. Kokila thinks her last try till be successful and Gopi will get her Ahem and daughters back. Ahem thinks of Gopi’s step and forgives her. What will be Ahem and Meera’s reaction on this? Keep reading.



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