Arjun gets in revenge mode seeing Kangan’s helplessness in Udaan


udaan arjun

Tejaswini does not take Bhaiya ji’s warnings seriously that Bhagya is blessing for them if she stays in temple and can turn into a curse if she stays in haveli. She keeps a Maha puja for Bhagya to introduce her to her friends and village people. Bhagya is unable to get rid of the habit she has adapted for 18 years and sits as Devi near the Lord idol. Tejaswini asks her to meet people and make friends, so that she can get over the Devi mindset. She invites Arjun and Kangan in the puja. Kangan tells Arjun that she feels helpless by that accident which made her immobile. Tejaswini asks Chakor to make Bhagya well dressed and Bhagya wears her ancestral bangle.

They go in the puja and Kangan greets Bhagya. She is stunned seeing Bhagya wearing the same bangle and confides in Arjun the truth about Tejaswini being that woman responsible for her accident. Arjun gets angry and says he will not spare Tejaswini and take revenge. Arjun sees Tejaswini’s emotional bond with Bhagya after such a long time and changes his mind to take revenge and separate mother and daughter. Chakor informs Arjun about Bhaiya ji’s decision, that he is sending Bhagya back to temple. Arjun gets stunned and hears some people that Bhagya is indeed a Devi, who made Baa fine by touching her feet. He gets puzzled and tells Chakor that he will help Bhagya. How will Bhagya and Chakor’s bear the upcoming changes in their lives? Keep reading.



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