Nimboli makes Kamli and Gopal elope from Akhiraj’s clutches in Balika Vadhu



Kamli faints in the sangeet ceremony as part of Nimboli’s plan and is taken to her room, where she meets Gopal. They both hug and decide to elope. They try to feel through the window and Harki goes to see Kamli once. Nimboli manages the situation and keeps Harki away. Kamli looks at her family while she is leaving with Gopal. She succeeds to flee with Gopal. Harki is shocked to know that Kamli has run away with Gopal and scolds Nimboli. She snatches the sindoor from Nimboli and swears to break her marriage with Kundan. Akhiraj comes to know Kamli has escaped from his home and gets angry. He sends his goons to bring back Kamli. Gopal and Kamli manage to get away from Akhiraj and his goons. Gopal promises Kamli of a bright future and make a new start. Nimboli succeeds to stop a forced marriage of Kamli.


Sarita tells Pooja that Anandi has saved her from getting forcefully married and is thankful to Anandi. Nimboli has got her mother’s characteristics and is her total reflection. Jagya gets annoyed with Ganga, when he comes to know about Anandi leaving their haveli and going to stay in Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa goes to meet Anandi there and understands her decision. Jagya argues with Ganga on her insecurities with Anandi and Shivam. Jagya asks Ganga not to hold Anandi responsible for their differences. Will Nimboli be able to know the truth of Anandi being her mother? Keep reading.



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